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Huge Crosley Stash: Super Sport, Pickup, And Parts!

Barn Finder Ikey H must feel that there are some entrepreneurs within our ranks because he has sent this “cluster of Crosleys” for us to consider. Thanks so much for that Ikey. You will find this package deal listed for sale here on Craigslist. The vehicles are located in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, and seller lists the title as clean, but this may require some clarification given the fact that there are at least two vehicles included in this deal. The seller has set a price of $3,000 for the lot, but they will entertain offers as long as it is for the whole package.

This has got to represent one of those amazing deals that come along so rarely. This is the Crosley Pickup which is the backbone of this deal. It’s a 1949 model, and from what we can see, it looks to be in pretty fair condition. We get no shots of the engine, the interior, or the underside of the vehicle, but on face value, it looks quite promising. The seller does indicate that the engine turns freely.

This is where things start to get interesting. In addition to the Pickup, this 1951 Super Sport Roadster comes as part of the package. Once again, we are lacking a few details about interior, engine or frame condition, but this still may not be a problem.

So, if a Pickup and a Roadster aren’t enough for you, would you like a Crosley-powered tractor to complete the set? By now you’re starting to think that between the three vehicles, you will have more than enough parts and components to get at least one of the vehicles mobile. As they say in the classics: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

This is a Crosley racing engine, complete with a twin-carb setup. That’s a nice little bonus to what you’ve seen so far. Even this isn’t the end of it. In addition to this engine, there are at least three more complete engines included in the deal, along with at least another four that have been dismantled.

What good is an engine without a transmission I hear you ask? Okay, we can fix that one in a jiffy. Here are five complete transmissions, and there are also at least another three there that have been partially dismantled. By now you must be thinking that we’ve reached the end of the road.

Nope, there are still more parts to go with this package. There are starters, clutches, flywheels, electrical components, trim components, seats, gas tanks, hubcaps, and master cylinders, just to name a few. It’s basically a case of if you can name a part, it’s probably there. While some of these parts are used, there also appears to be a fair few new components there as well.

If you have always wanted to own a Crosley, or if you already do and want to guarantee yourself a ready source of spares, then package deals don’t come much better than this. I look at this package and I look at the price, and I just ask myself how anyone could buy this lot and lose money on the deal.


  1. Michael

    I think they’re might be a miscommunication here. I think he’s asking $3K for the pickup truck and wants someone to make an offer on a “package deal.” $3,000 for the pickup itself is a fair deal, but I’m betting he wants ALOT more for the rest of his stuff.

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    • Dovi65

      I’m betting you’re right; $3k for the pickup, and make a reasonable offer on the Hot Shot, & collection of parts. Seller would be crazy to sell everything shown for $3k

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  2. JFH

    Seems like a bargain…if you’re into Crosleys.

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  3. Ken S

    3 grand for all just can’t be right !

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  4. Classic Steel

    Ever read up on their engines😮👀

    They are not Steel blocks but tin…

    Don’t run the dual carbs and keep me cool and with oil .😮😐
    They were tested strong but seems scary still!
    I love them though as their Cinci cars .. I wonder if they have Crosley radios 📻 too🤓

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    • Michael

      The early ones were the “tin” but the later ones had a cast iron block. I’m not sure about the radios. Powel Crosley sold off the radio & appliance business around 1946(?). Interesting little cars.

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      • Ikey Heyman

        Crosley changed over to a cast iron block in 1949 – these were tough little engines, used in the cars as well as some industrial applications.

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      • That AMC Guy

        Crosley adopted 4-wheel disc brakes in 1949. Unfortunately the brakes (adapted from aircraft) locked up tight when driven on salted winter roads and the company returned to drum brakes in 1950. Wonder if the pickup has the discs?

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  5. Peter Atherton

    As I recall, these engines were called “Cobra”,for copper-brazed!

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    • Michael

      And the later ones were CIBA for cast iron block assembly.

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  6. junkman Member

    See that I just learned something, well worth the price of membership.

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  7. Fhuket

    Imagine spending your whole life collecting this lot.
    Must have been really focused.
    Why though?

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  8. Wrong Way

    What a unbelievable deal! I wished that it was a little closer to me! Who in this world amongst us classic car nuts doesn’t love to look at a little Crosley directly in the face, and not get a happiness well up inside! Love these little cars!

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  9. oldman64

    Those tin blocks were awesome engines..they ran forever at 5k rpm. The military bought them by the boatload during ww2 to run generators, light units, all kinds of things. The drawback was the cooling system. At that time, the coolants were about 70 percent salt which broke down the linings of the water jackets. But the engines themselves were pretty much bulletproof. The later iron blocks and tin blocks all had the same 26.5 hp..

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