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Huge Stash of Cars in South Carolina


After posting the “good for nothing” Magnette earlier today, one of our commenters brought it to our attention that the seller has a huge stash of unique cars listed for sale on craigslist. They are all rough, but we thought they might be worth a look. We will list each one below and let you guys provide the analysis. Take note of all the cars in the backgrounds. Thanks goes to Mike B. for the tip.


First up we have this disassembled, but solid 1969 Jaguar E-Type for $9,750.


Next, we have this M151 Jeep for $1,995. The seller doesn’t even know the year, so we have our doubts that they are even the original owner.


Here is a 1979 MGB for $3,850. This is a rubber bumper car that doesn’t run, so we are starting to wonder if they just pulled the asking prices out of a hat…


Here’s one that actually runs. It’s a 1984 Corvette and it might be the best buy at $4,750.


Here’s a 1951 Hudson Hornet four-door with a two-door parts car, well sort of… $1,550 takes the pair.


This Jaguar 420 Saloon has been taken over by weeds and trees. Still, the seller is asking an optimistic $2,350.


Finally, there is this Triumph Mayflower Saloon for $2,200. Someone has obviously spent a lot of money and time collecting all these cars. It’s a shame they left all them all out to rot. Perhaps someone in the area could go take a look and report back about what is going on here…

UPDATE: One of our readers thinks these cars might be from Sports Car Salvage in Mt Holly, NC. Here is a map:

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  1. Rick

    The M151 could be anywhere1959 through 1982. It was finally replaced by the HUMV I believe.

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  2. David

    What a shame that this hoarder didn’t try to take better care of these cars. What a waste!

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  3. John

    I wonder if that Pontiac is a Firebird or Trans Am in the first picture.

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  4. cardog

    Huge stash of scrap metal, with maybe a few parts thrown in.

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  5. Mike the Bike

    Depressing. Leaving rare cars out to weather and deteroriate over the years is the same as leaving a pile of money outside to melt away. Who knew?

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  6. Steve

    All are junk in my opinion….
    What a waste.

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  7. Grizz

    Besides the ‘vette, I’d offer scrap weight for the rest. Maybe scrap +$200 for the T/A

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  8. A

    Is that a Karmann Ghia on the first pic, behind and to the right? Even as a parts car, even if its a later model, that should be worth a look?

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    • mike

      I think it’s a Volvo 1900. I don’t remember KGs with that crease line in the door and fender…

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    • K

      Definitely a Ghia, 70s model with c channel bumper. You can see more of it in the Craigslist ad.

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    • miami mike

      volvo’s had a higher deck in the rear, my humble opinion its a 68-69 karmen ghia

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  9. DrDrew

    That isn’t an MG-B, that’s a MG Midget 1500

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  10. 1965cuda

    Is that a Karman Ghia behind the firebird? The rest are scrap, except the vette, which is not a “must have” kind of car.

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  11. Bernie H.

    Normally I’d be critical of someone caring for vehicles like this,BUT obviously this is an older junkyard back when car values were next to ZERO. I’d love to roam thru this place, there’s more Jags than they’ve listed, and quite a few skeletons of British iron. Up here in Michigan, these would have been gone years ago!!. A hoarder NEVER sells any parts off of the cars, and junkyard does, so the decision is yours as to what this guy is.

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  12. Bernie H.

    I forgot something, the Jeep is a M-151, flat top front fenders, the 151A1 and 151A2 carried a large turn signal and “black-out” light in a ‘dished front lip’ of the fender. This one was probably built in the early 60’s, and by Ford. It sure looks like an IED hit this one. I spent 14 years in the motor pool with these things, and their actually killers with the independent rear suspension. They’ll roll over in a turn before one react, I witnessed solders killed driveing these, dangerous,dangerous vehicle.

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  13. Mike H

    If that Hornet 4dr is the one to be restored, I wonder what the parts car looks like.

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  14. rancho bella

    As much as I like old British………..stick a fork in this find.

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  15. Foxxy

    That Triumph Mayflower is pretty cool, Never saw one before, looks like a mini rolls. it would look better with a chevy LS in it tho. I wonder how many there were it’s left hand drive too.

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    • Patrick

      Unfortunately Triumph Mayflowers were no triumph in any way shape or form…They started rusting before they even left the factory, they were designed by a guy who wasn’t allowed to bring his guide dog into his office, and they failed in every way a car possibly could. Good luck in putting any engine bigger than a lawn mower motor in one!!! crushing this car would be a kindness!!!

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  16. Fiat128

    People always bash “hoarders” but the cars would have been scrapped years ago if this person didn’t save them. That one bit of trim that you need or that inpossible to find plastic part only comes up for sale because people do stuff like this instead of cashing in the metal. I wish more people did this so I’d have an easier time finding parts.

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    • Mike H

      But he didn’t “save” them. He bought a good car and allowed it rust away. I have tried to buy cars like these from hoarders only to be told “I’m going to restore that someday”–ten years later, nothing has been done and the car is unrestorable.

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      • Fiat128

        That’s an assumption you are making. I’ve bought dozens of cars like these when they are at the low end of their value. Local junkyards crush all cars they get earlier than the mid 90s regardless of condition because when a car is around 15-25 years old it’s only worth it’s weight in metal. No one wants the parts and the junkyards just want the space for something that’s going to generate good revenue. Case in point. I “saved” a 1976 Fiat 131 a few years back by buying it for $300. It had 51,000 miles on it and was in pretty decent shape. The junkyard had no interest in keeping it and had paid $100 for to crush. I kept it in my “hoarde” for about 5 years before I found a home for it with a Fiat enthusiast. Early 131s are very rare but interest in them has been pretty low. These guys save cars or at least parts regardless of what all the peeple too lazy to beat the bushes and find them say. I’ve bought cars from so called horders and they all let go of them in the end. In pretty much all cases, the cars were saved from the crusher.

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      • Fiat128

        Another case I can make. I currently have a 1962 Mercury Monterrey wagon. I paid $800 for it and it was three cars away from being shreaded (no joke, it was that close). The car last ran in 1982 and has 28,000 miles on it. I’ve had if for about 4 years now and “I’m gonna restore it someday” (I’ve redone the brakes and cleaned out the radiator so far) or maybe not. Maybe someone else will get to enjoy finishing it because I had the foresight to save it

        Guys who bash other guys who keep project cars seem mostly to me to be suffering from envy over something they were not allowed to buy the second they wanted it. Be patient guys and stay on top of those cars you want to buy and one day you’ll find out the owners have decided to sell. After all, how do you think those guys get all those cars in the first place?

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  17. rob

    Saw the E type and wanted to cry.

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  18. Larry

    Don’t all the prices seem HIGH !!! Have to agree with the majority, What a shame.

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    • Fiat128

      Yea, that’s the only thing I’d bash the owner over. Prices are very high.

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  19. Classiccarfan

    I live in SC and have seen many cars advertised by this person (i.e one that is selling the MG Magnette) over the years on Craigslist and in local Free ad papers.

    The sort of cars advertised are typically old British stuff and usually in very rough condition. They are typically a little over-priced for too-far-gone-to-be-a viable-restoration type cars. I don’t know whether $650 is reasonable for a MG magnette parts car?

    I find it hard to believe that they are a ‘hoarder’. I believe they are simply a dealer because they keep coming up with inventory over the years. If they were simply some eccentric hoarder selling off a private collection it must have started off as a VERY big collection. just saying….

    All a bit odd though…. after all, if you were a dealer, even a scrap-yard, wouldn’t you at least try and find a dry yard to park up the cars instead of a damp back-yard/woods ?

    caveat emptor.

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  20. Peter

    I know that mgb and the jags behind it. There is a britsh car junk yard in Columbia off i20/montecello rd/i20. Lots of rusted away cars including torn apart big healeys, jag sedans, triumphs, mg, and a bunch of odd stuff. I stop by every now and then but never have enough money for any of these projects. Place looks abandoned but the guy is nice. I think the deal is that if you buy something then you get the tour.

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  21. Justin

    What kind of car is that with the beautiful lines next to the building in the Triumph Mayflower Saloon picture?

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