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Hugger Orange 396: 1970 GMC Sierra Grande

I haven’t written up what I call an “honest truck” lately, so it was nice to see this 1970 GMC Sierra Grande cross my screen! It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is waiting for you to pick it up in Odessa, Texas. Current bidding is just over $2,000, but the reserve has understandingly not been met at that price. Read on to learn more about this big-block truck!

The Sierra Grande was the top of the line trim level for this classic pickup. While that may not be saying much compared to today’s $100k rolling living rooms with beds, it did mean body side moldings and what at the time was fancy trim and chrome. Of course, like many trucks of this era, rust can be an issue and you can see the rocker and door rust from this shot through what may be the original faded paint.

Being a truck in the 1970’s was a tough job, and the dents and general well-used look of this GMC prove that out. The good part about “honest trucks” like this one is that they aren’t covered up with loads of body filler and flashy paint jobs to hide things like that. Some of us don’t mind a few well-earned battle scars, ala Mater from the Cars movies.

The seller details problematic rust areas as being the passenger door, rocker panels and a spot above the blower motor on the firewall. It all depends on how nice a truck you are looking for, I suppose.

Even though the engine hasn’t been started in a while, the 396 big-block V8 is certainly some of the attraction here. While the odometer indicates 13628 miles, it’s safe to assume there is at least a 1 in front of that figure — plan on a lengthy recommission process for this big cast-iron lump! If this sounds like fun to you, be sure to bid soon — and let us know if you tow it home!


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice unit! I only saw two of these in my lifetime. I remember a local auctioneer leased a new truck every year. One time it was a loaded ‘69 Chevy with a 396, purple with a white roof. He turned it back in as soon as the ‘70 models came out. I understand that a local farmer bought it and put it in storage. Be nice to see it again. Of course, it would be nicer if it was stored at my place…

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  2. Howard A Member

    Finally, a truck with an honest 13K miles,,,(cough),why not? A Sierrrrra Grrrrrande, although, aside from the A/C, not much really all that “Grand” about it. Pickups were just turning a corner here, although, still quite plain. The “Kraco” 8 track, nice, and a trailer brake control indicates, this old gal been through the wringer. Great find, and like Moss with British cars, you’ll make aftermarket places like LMC and others VERY happy. Since it is already pretty cashed, a full restoration would be foolhardy. I say, lose the gas hog 396, unless saying it has one does something for your ego, like this, they are oily slugs, drop the 292, 6 banger in, like man intended, and you’d have a sweet ride. Today, we’re bamboolzed by Cal. and auctions, everything today has to be brand new right down to the lockwashers. Doesn’t have to be that way, heck, you don’t even have to paint it. Nice find, don’t wait too long on stuff like this.

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    • Robert Eddins

      I love 6 cylinder trucks. I wish they still made them so I could really work on them myself. Now I
      pay our truly excellent mechanic
      About a hundred bucks an hour and he has an arsenal
      of high tech stuff and still takes longer than that mechanic book says. I am truly blessed to have Kevin, he was a worker bee for my prior wonderful mechanic who retired to my dismay but Kevin bought the shop and all is well but my wallet when I need him. What would we do without really great mechanics like Kent and Kevin?

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  3. lc

    Wonder what happened to the OE gold bucket seats with armrest option shown on the service ID sticker in the glove box?

  4. Stangalang

    Now this is freaking weird! I drove a truck exactly the same year..color..engine as this in the early 80s. I delivered fuel oil on a rural route with a huge tank in the bed and even the hose rub marks on the front of the bed look the same. You wanna talk about a tough truck that was a tough truck. I’m talking about mud roads. Two mile long muddy driveways. Even being 2wd I never got stuck.

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    • Casey J

      did your truck have something mounted over the driver side roof? if you look at the ebay ad you can see that something was mounted there.

      • R.Lee

        Those look like bullet holes to me with tape covering it at one time.

  5. R.Lee

    First if it is the original engine it is a 350 horse 402. I owned a 3/4 70′ Chevrolet in 78′ with a 4 gear and 4.11 and that truck just plain hauled the mail. Firestone 16’s split rims on front and 14-35-16.5 Grownd Hogs on back. When them Hogs were worn down to slicks they could get a Bite. Used to get them Free from tire shops. ;)

    I called it the Baby Rat. And with Hookers, Crane, Tarantula, 800 QuadraJet that I modified drilled air bleeds, Jetted, tricked out, and open Corvette chrome side pipes. The stories I could tell. The truck hooked so hard that I could not keep stock 11inch clutch disk from exploding. Blew one, cut the starter nose off, destroyed the stock bellhousing and sent shrapnel through the floorboard. McLoed, Lakewood, Hays, kept me from having to much carnage in the steel bellhosing. Smoky was a bad influence.

    I Loved that Truck Dated my Wife of 40 years in the Baby Rat. The stories She can tell. The Proud Ones, Sgt Miller, Corporal Cuzcow, the poor Lieutenant that tried to keep the heat off me.

    The truck is gone, givin to my brother after the BB finally gave up the rings. I still have the 402 on the shelf and with 454’s in all my trucks cubic inches will leave the 350 PLUS horses on the shelf. I still have the stock car push bumper from it, another cop catcher.

    And now I have 3 maybe one more but this one is tired and they want to much. It is a good candidate for the Right person.

    And to neuter this special Truck with a six ;( I would rather see a rat rod.;(

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