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Hurricane Change: 1969 Olds Toronado


Mother Nature can wreck havoc with our plans at any time. The seller of this highly-original Oldsmobile Toronado found this out when Hurricane Hermine did some significant damage to his house in Florida, effectively changing his plans for carrying out a restoration. You can find the Toronado here on eBay with bidding just under $500 and the reserve unmet. 


The Olds is said to be a lifetime South Carolina car. The current owner is in SC for a work project, which explains why his Florida address is a point worth mentioning as to why he’s passing this project off. He snatched it up because it is a highly original car, although it doesn’t currently run. He did confirm that the motor will turn, however.


While it is very original, the interior will need some work. The body is said to be free of major rust, with only a few spots of surface-level corrosion. It was also packed with options when new, including power disc brakes, power trunk, signal-seeking radio with rear bi-phonic speaker, A/C, power windows, power seats and more. Quite the executive car, if you ask me.


I feel badly for the owner that his plans have changed, but can also understand completely about not wanting to take on yet another project at the moment. The seller also mentions that the original owner was a WWII veteran who just recently passed away and is said to be a bit of a local legend; for that reason alone, I hope this Toronado continues to be preserved in the future.


  1. Jay M

    This was posted a few weeks ago, too. October 05/2016

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  2. jcs

    I saw the same listing on eBay a couple of months ago. Reserve must be a little on he high side.

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  3. Blindmarc

    Hurricane deductible for my house is $4500…..

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  4. Jerry

    This is the seller. It was on ebay a couple weeks ago but now I’ve lowered reserve so the next bid will meet it (ebay wouldn’t let me remove it completely). As far as hurricane deductible… our damages were limited to flooding downstairs and destroyed boathouse/damaged boat. The house is a kind of a stilt except the lower level is completely enclosed. The rub is the previous owners finished out the bottom with some drywall, cabinets, and a sauna. Things that all got ruined but not covered by any insurance. Questionable is whether the boathouse/boat are covered at all (headed to arbitration on that) but insurance claims that point is moot since they say the boathouse and a large tree were toppled by rising waters, not wind. If we lose at arbitration I’m looking at about $35K out of pocket. Even if we win their liability for all only comes to around $7K.

    A bad deal all the way around but we did have 18 good years there. Ironically, we decided to put it on the market less than a month before the storm.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Jerry, thanks for posting and we wish you all the luck with the sale and the damage repair!

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    • Jack

      I love these Toronados, so much class!
      Sorry to hear about the new plans to sell the Toronado. I hope the sale of the house works out as well.
      Good Luck from this Barn Finds follower!

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  5. Bruce Best

    Not as nice as the earlier model but when you look into the mirror and see one of these behind you coming up fast you know it is a serious car. I just hate to think what the restoration of the interior would cost to get right. But if you are looking for something that need a total restoration this car and with this color could be perfect for many and would be something to see on the road again.

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    • Jerry

      My plan was to get the interior done correctly and try to semi-restore the existing paint with rubbing compound and wax. Was going to get it running (although my timing light and dwell meter were lost in the flood) and then tinker with the rest for years to come.

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  6. Tom Driscoll

    Prices are rising, so hopefully more of these destitute cars will receive the love and $$$, otherwise a good donor for that superb motor!

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  7. Prowler

    In high school a local doctor was selling his wife’s Toranode.
    My best friends dad bought it for him
    It had 90,000 miles on it
    But that thing was a screamer
    Reverse donuts were a blast
    And the roller speedometer was cool
    If I remember right it rolled back to zero at 140…..which we did more than a few times

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