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Identify This Mystery Scooter


Update 9/26/14 – Bruce would really like to get this scooter into the hands of someone who could use it. He would like to get $500 and can assist with shipping. You can email him here if interested.

From 9/17/14 – Amongst all the Triumphs in a certain collection, there’s a handful of scooters still for sale. There is one that stands out though because no one knows much about it. Bruce has figured out the make, but not much more so he thought we might be able to help him crack the case. What do you guys think? Can you identify this mystery scooter and shed some light on its past and current value?


Bruce would like to get it into the hands of someone who appreciates it and can restore it or use it for parts to save another scooter. There are a few spare parts included, but not enough to build a complete bike. That makes a full restoration unlikely unless someone has a bunch of parts stashed away somewhere. Bruce and I figure the chances were slim, but you never know.


When I said spares, I meant a pair of handlebars and a couple of axles. The pedal is also in place as well as the kickstand. There is a little rust in the back of the body, but other than that the structure seems solid. Bruce has a crate that it will all fit in and he is ready to ship it anywhere if someone is interested. We have featured a lot of mystery cars over the years, but this is the first scooter so it will be fun to see how many of you have knowledge of the two-wheeled variety. Good luck!


  1. Don Sicura

    My advice for this one would be to contact Matt at http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com in Maggie Valley, NC, he is about the only guy I would trust to give you an honest opinion & if purchased from you, he will tell you exactly what it is worth.

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  2. Somer
    • Steve

      That’s great! I really enjoy the Lane Museum. I’ll have to drop in next time I’m in Nashville

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  3. Perry

    yep, Salsbury, fairly common at the annual Vintage Motor Bike show in Portland, IN

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    • dbauer

      I would not say “common” but there was a very nice restored Salsbury in the show and one rusted hulk (to b e restored) in the swao area. COOL scoots tho. I would love to get one!

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  4. Will

    I like it. It includes the all important handle bars. I would probably gut a newer scooter and make it retro with a modern drive train. Maybe a 125cc motor. It could be very cool.

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  5. The Shoog

    Salsbury Model 85!
    I’ve got one currently under restoration and could use parts.
    I’m interested if it’s for sale. the_shoog@yahoo.com

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  6. S.S. McDonald

    Is it possibly a mid 50’s Lambretta?

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  7. Charles gpuld

    Great old Salisbury Scooter, model 85. Hey Shoog, is that you Jeff? If so, it is great to hear that you are restoring an old Salisbuty. Would love to see some photos of your project.

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  8. jim s

    surprised to learn they had a 4 stroke motor. love to see pictures of the one being restored.

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  9. John Walton

    Salsbury 1942 200cc made in England.

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  10. Robson

    Salsbury was about as American as can be. It was manufactured in California and even had its own purpose built motors. Easily, one of the first scooters to have a CVT type transmission.
    A friend has one, and it’s quite quick off the line, The problem with Salsbury scooters is that parts are pretty rare. If you have one, you’re always trying to buy parts, not sell them, so restoring this one would be difficult unless you have another. Complete perfectly restored ones have brought $10,000 at auction, and that was a couple years ago. There’s a great one in the Petersen Museum in LA.
    This one is a quandary. A great piece to pick up for parts, but probably a long and painful restoration if this is all you have to start with.

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  11. Gary Davis Gary Davis Member

    Useful Trivia for shipping under 150# × 94″ ×24″ × 48″: Go Greyhound; anywhere in Florida, 4 hours anywhere on the East Coast, next day, Florida to California 2 days 17 hours.
    Jericho Trans to Miami in 4 hours, I had it repaired and sent back 4 hours later; $32 each way. 9″ Ford housing to NC; next day; $38. 13# TransAm Camaro nose from Tampa>Jax in 4 hrs for $19. Hospitals send human body parts in Igloo coolers cuz its quickest way.
    Best kept secret in the shipping Industry.

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  12. Don Sicura

    The only problem with that is that Greyhound only delivers from terminal to terminal!

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    • Gary Davis Gary Davis Member

      Driving to my local Greyhound sure beats the alternative of Dim weights and outrageous shipping prices by FedEx & UPS as well as happier customers.

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  13. Harit Trivedi

    There is a Salsbury scooter in India, shown as an exhibit in the Heritage Transport Museum near New Delhi. Check http://www.heritagetransportmuseum.org/# , unfortunately it is not shown in their web site. A very interesting one-man collection.
    This scooter is restored, and probably came out from the US Embassy. The scooter was found in a scrapyard and saved.

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  14. robin thomas
  15. vaughn

    In the 50’s a childhood friend had a Salsbury (spelling) that looks very familiar. His was green and another friend had something different.

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  16. Mark E

    If you could get your hands on a complete one you could, in theory, duplicate all the missing parts by 3d printing and casting. VERY time/labor intensive though. We’re talking a labor of love here… :D

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  17. Phil

    I am restoring one of these and could use the parts. Is it still for sale? Thanks

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Sorry this sold not long after listing it here on the site. Thanks for your interest.

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  18. NickF

    Wow! I was going to guess Cushman. Nice to see there’s a healthy lot of restorers (who also seem to be following this site). Great stuff!

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  19. Colin Hancock

    Looks like a Desire electric scooter body.

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