Identifying Eddy’s Back Yard Finds

Reader Eddy O needs your help! His Father-in-law has several cars parked in his yard in California. Unfortunately, he passed away last year and know his family is trying to figure out what all he had here. Since Eddy lives in the UK, it isn’t as simple as driving to the property to look at titles. Since he follows the site and has seen the combined knowledge of his fellow readers, he thought he’d see if we could help him identify these cars. He has some ideas as to what they are but wants to double check.

From Eddy – These are sitting in my late father-in-law’s yard in California. We live in the UK so did not know what was hiding in his ‘jungle’. I think one is a Plymouth, another is a Cougar and the third, one pictured below, is a VW Camper Van? It’s that orange/mustard colour… These are in California waiting to be dug out!

So, can you tell Eddy what the exact models and years of each of the cars are in late Father-in-laws back yard jungle? He hasn’t said what exactly they are going to be doing with them, but perhaps one of our readers in California can help dig them out! Our thanks to Eddy for sharing these with us. If you have an interesting sighting, please send your photos to!


  1. Ramone

    I think that Barracuda may be a 68 Formula S, the Cougar is 67 or 68, and the car on the right might be a Renault Encore, or …..? Sure hope the first two are salvageable.

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      I will second the Cougar being a 1967 or 1968. From the rear both years look the same. We would need to see a side view to help say which year. Or better yet post the VIN, the first number of the VIN will tell the year.

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      • E55

        The car in the foreground is an AMC Encore which was essentially a Renault that had been rebranded.

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      • Miguel

        E55, it is hard to see if it is the Alliance, which was a dean or the Encore, which was a hatchback.

  2. Mark

    1968 barracuda. /6 or 318 car hood louvers would note displacement if bigger. Badges on fenders would say v8 if a 318 car otherwise it is a /6

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    • Johnny Cuda

      I agree with Mark. I own an unrestored 68 Barracuda with the original 318 v8.

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      • stillrunners Stillrunners Member

        It’s a 68 Cuda by the grille and matching hood inserts….looks like a fast back looking thru the front windshield.

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      • PatrickM

        I don’t think that is a ‘Cuda. A Valiant, maybe…. There appears to be 4 doors on it. There is something wrong with folks that let cars get into this condition. I didn’t even read the story. Nothing here for me.

    • Fiete T.

      Patrick M.
      It’s a Barracuda. This 2nd generation Barracuda is an A-body, just like the Valiant

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  3. Ruben

    Where is this jungle. How can we view these vehicles

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  4. Chris

    What part of CA? I’m in southern and willing to check them out.

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  5. Danger Dan

    Eddy! I am up for digging these out! Dan
    Northern Cali

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  6. misterlou Member

    Standing by in Northern California Eddy.

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  7. E55

    I think the van is a full-size Dodge or Plymouth van.

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    • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

      What van? Me see no van!!!???

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  8. Tarzan Member

    Me live 4 trees away. Me can swing by to look at cars BUT Jane say me buy…me dead.

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    • Miguel

      It better ask for forgiveness than permission

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  9. Sal

    Being from upstate NY I realize the irony in my saying this (as everyone assumes we are a 5 min drive to NYC).. but I didn’t realize a car found in California could look that bad!

    I suppose a poorly stored car deteriorates no matter where you stash ’em… unless you are in the desert.

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    • schooner

      Hear that. Eastern LI here but traveling as a kid and others hearing NY everyone thought I was in a street gang and had the best drugs (not having any) and I wouldn’t share. Some touchy moments with others trying to prove something. Back on topic from a NYer perspective; that dry climate would blister to oblivion the surface finish, interior and and rubber. Cali / SW guys comment?

  10. michael streuly

    If these cars are near the san Fernando valley i can take a look at them maybe get better pictures. I can be reached at 818 798 8568.

  11. Dale Davis Member

    The guys at happy to help in so cal too. 949-234-6353

  12. misterlou Member

    Since Eddy has gone MIA, I’m gonna try some plant-based forensics and say that all the Eucalyptus trees and detritus could be Northern California.

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  13. OrangeKrate

    Are there three vans? It looks like the one on the passenger side of the Cougar is a very mossy VW. The orange and white van could be a fullsized van.

    If you look at the very right of the first picture, there’s the very back of what could be a green and white van with a chrome bumper. Could be anything.

  14. Tom

    I was expecting a link for better pictures. Maybe he can supply more pictures. until then, good luck.

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  15. Bill Ruby

    67 or 68 Cougar,
    68 is the first year the side markers were required

  16. Buckskin

    Here’s my guesses. The first photo bottom left corner looks like the brown quarter panel of a 85 vintage K car (Aries or Reliant). The right border side of the picture is a Econoline (75-90) check the moulding and the end of the bumper.
    The orange and white van is another Econoline based on the shadow of the vines on the concave body line (runs through the middle of the body. Also the window mouldings look appropriate for an Econoline.
    I agree with the Cougar, Barracuda and Reliance identifications of everyone else). I’m in Pa. so I’ll hang out here for more pictures (unless there’s a Cobra hidden in the weeds).

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    • Miguel

      Buckskin, did you mean to say Alliance in place of Reliance?

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    • Chebby Staff

      I think you’re right about the van.

  17. Wayne

    I might as well weigh in also.
    1967 Baracuda. ( there is enough side ( both front fender and left rear quarter) to not see round side markers.
    Renault Encore (Alliance in hatchback clothing)
    I can’t tell about the Cougar (’67 or ’68)
    The van is strange. The windows appear to me to bee too tall for a VW bus. But the little vent/scoop at the back of the glass says VW to me. But, did anyone else enlarge the picture to look at the “top” of the van? It looks to have little pop up doors on the top cover.
    Lastly, the undergrowth appears to me to be on the coast. Went to look at a VW bus in rural Santa Cruze that was hiding in a thicket just like this. The bottom of the bus was very nice with no rust. From the belt line up ( window sills ) it was thinner than tin foil. ( the areas were not already rusted through) I literally could have put my fist through any of the sheet metal including door posts or pillars. The salt air just kept incentivizing the tin worms. It will be interesting to see where these are and what they look like in the light of lawn or driveway.

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  18. Chebby Staff

    The only cars that might be worth real money are the Barracuda and the Cougar, depending on the condition of the bodies. Both look to have twisted bumpers so there may be crash damage as well as rust.

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  19. OhU8one2

    Jungle love is driving me mad,it’s making me crazy. Crazy.

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  20. Wayne

    Sal and schooner, I agree with people jumping to conclusions. (usually people that have never been anywhere but the the large metro area.) I live in Nevada and people always assume that I live in Las Vegas and I deal cards for a living.
    I actually live 450 miles north of LV in a farming community with green fields, tractors everywhere, cows mooing, mountain lions on the patrol and snow capped mountains all around our valley. (Very UN-Las Vegas style)
    I also agree with the Econolines right front and the one behind all the brush. Anyone figure out the roof treatment on the back van? You have to enlarge the picture to see it. It looks familiar, but can’t place it.

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  21. Del

    Sorry April Fools joke.

    Jay Leno bought all this crap 10 years ago for 50 bucks

  22. ChristianS.

    About the only thing that I can identify is the mid-1970’s Volkswagen Vanagon parked next to the Mercury and behind the stack of tires in the second picture.

  23. Hector Lopez

    How much for the Renault Encore? Will you be selling it? Keep us posted!

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