In Storage Since 1973: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

It’s a 1959 Corvette! Did you ever C-1? That’s my attempt at humor for the day. I never cease to be dazzled by some of the cars people have stashed away, not just for years, but for decades at a time. I never cease to wonder why and how such a situation comes to pass, too. Nevertheless, whoever buys this one will be the benefactor of all those years of being out of service. It’s very well preserved for an unrestored car of this age. Fresh out of 45 years of storage, this little gem is listed here on Craigslist for $32,500. It is located near Gadsden, Alabama which is in the northeastern part of the state.

The seller speculates that the car might have been painted black originally. Note the black paint exposed by the missing moldings around the openings below the headlights. Determining the original color isn’t as simple as checking the code on the trim tag. Corvettes didn’t have trim tags until 1963. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a green light to paint it any 1959 Corvette color you like.

This little ‘Vette looks good from every angle. The paint is dull and it’s flaking in places, but I don’t see any body damage. Only a few pieces of trim are missing. No concerns about body rust here. That’s one good thing about a Corvette. It’s pictured here with the hardtop installed. Also included is the soft convertible top. A hood scoop like that was all the rage in the 1960’s. Not so much now. It would be a simple matter to remove it and repair the bolt holes. Fiberglass is very easy to work with.

The color mystery continues. If the exterior color of this car was changed from black to blue, someone went to a lot of effort to change the interior colors to match. I guess a black car could have come with a blue interior, but it’s not likely. Everything here looks like good original equipment to me, even the carpet. That’s a Powerglide shifter protruding from the floor. The radio is an original, signal-seeking Wonderbar unit.

At some point, the original 283 engine was replaced with this 327 cui small block. Currently it is not in running condition. Who knows why the engine was changed, but in the 1960’s and early 1970’s matching numbers and date codes weren’t a consideration. Back then, most guys thought nothing of doing an engine swap if the replacement was deemed an upgrade of some sort. I personally know of a case where the owner of a 1963 Corvette coupe tried to trade his original engine for a fresher one from a wrecked ’65. That was in 1977. (The trade didn’t happen.) Someone will make this car roadworthy again, but in what form? A case could be made for leaving in its current, driver quality condition for a while. One wouldn’t have to worry about someone touching it and little kids could be allowed to sit in it at car shows. On the other hand, these cars are stunning when restored to as-new condition. Which camp are you in?

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  1. Andre

    Steal at that price.. and looks like it’s already gone.

    First reaction (even as a Canuck) when reading this was to figure out when I could schedule in a flight to Alabama… someone beat me to it

  2. Classic Steel

    A real car at a real price !

    Gosh this was a good deal.
    To clear my mind of the steal err deal can we post a sand box Corvette in an out door garden with weeds growing in it or a 356 rust bucket for 60 grand again stating 25000 original miles and rare ? 😳🤠

  3. Cristian

    And it’s gone

  4. Vette

    Hell of a good price!

  5. Jimmy

    I like the color as is because you don’t see any painted this way. Would have made a nice weekend driver.

  6. ccrvtt

    Not a bad view from any angle on these cars – simply one of the most cohesive designs of all time. While I agree they are stunning when fully restored I wouldn’t go so far with this one. The lack of ‘numbers matching’ is a blessing of sorts since now it can be freshened up, painted the color of your choice (though I’m partial to baby blue), and driven for all to enjoy rather than being locked in a hermetically sealed container for another 43 years.

  7. Fred W

    Never wanted a Corvette in my life until two minutes ago. Realized the car is only two hours South of me and started getting a speech ready for my wife, a BF listing prepared for my El Camino, UHaul trailer plans… then scrolled down and found it was gone. Bubble popped.

  8. Max

    Everytime I see these Corvettes I remember the 60s Route 66 Tv Series only that was a convertible . I am No Corvette fan but for sure Route 66 series fan !


      Great minds must think alike. I was about to ask where Todd and Buzz had gotten to…😉😎

  9. Upchucked

    Line up all the Corvettes ever made from ’54 to ’18 (and counting), this year is the best and most desirable of them all (IMMHO). Saw the BF email, grabbed my checkbook and headed for the garage, was programming my GPS and trying to call the seller on my cell…. when my wife uttered those words I didn’t want to hear… “Too late, it’s already gone”

    Whoever bought it … a curse on you! No fair, beating out an old man trying to fill his bucket list!

  10. PL Windish

    The 59 looks good in that shade of blue.

  11. Sid Cannon Sid Member

    The color code is written with a wax stick behind the cardboard trunk panel (easy) and under the dash pad(not easy) as I recall

  12. scuderia

    Well, that was the deal of the day.. good on the buyer for snapping that one up.

  13. Joey Buzz

    wow !

  14. Upchucked

    Sorry, he’s cursed… and all the solid lifters GM ever made won’t save him now. I, however have a cure that is 100% effective. And it’s free. All he, or she, has to do is write their name, address and teltelephone phone on the back of the title, send it to me (along with an odometer statement), and I will make the incantations and the curse will be lifted… nothing to it.

  15. Tort Member

    Nice car and easy to understand why it is already gone. Hopefully an individual and not a dealer.

  16. chrlsful

    i like ANY ’56 – ’60 so this is there.
    Wish it wuz here.

    Is it true only 1 yr hada flip up panel to drop the top (1963?).

  17. LAB3

    I’m a big fan of driver condition cars, like the author said, let the kids sit in it! If I have to watch the weather like a hawk or be afraid to drive 1/4 mile up an unpaved road then a line has been crossed between a car and a statue with fancy casters on it.

  18. Wrong Way

    This is a real corvette! Any body style beyond this is so ugly! Just my opinion, this style is the only one that I would break my neck to look at!

    • LAB3

      I’m somewhat surprised that the folks in the styling dept haven’t gone to a retro look like they have with the Camaro and Mustang.

      • Wrong Way

        GM, is being controlled by the government very tightly! They can’t just do whatever they want because they accepted money from the tax payers to get their butts out of the jamb that they put their selves in! They squandered billions of dollars then begged our government the tax payers to bail them out! On the other hand Ford has always been smart and turned down money from the tax payers because they didn’t need it! Ford is smart because alot of GM fans are now driving Fords especially the farmers buying pickup trucks! Enough said!

  19. chrlsful

    “…this year is the best and most desirable of them all (IMMHO)…”
    gauged by price (1 measure) its the ’63 split window hrdtop:

  20. Upchucked

    “GM, is being controlled by the government very tightly! They can’t just do whatever they want because they accepted money from the tax payers to get their butts out of the jamb that they put their selves in!

    Whoa, conspiracy theorist on the loose, lock up your kids!

    • LAB3

      Yeah, I remember MY first joint…

  21. Steve A

    Fiberglass is EASY to work with???

  22. chrlsful

    “…glass is easy to work with???”
    when compaired to metal – lot less equp. needed

  23. DRV

    It was priced right if the frame was very good and the glass was original all of the way around with usable trim. It’s all about what’s underneath…..

  24. keith

    No joke about the engine swaps in the 60s and 70s. I knew a guy that put a nailhead buick 401 w/ dual quads into his daily driver 58 corvette. It was pretty fast for the day.

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