Incredibly Low Mile Survivor: 1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

This 1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe is in very condition and has survived a number of decades now only managing to rack up 4,000 original miles on the odometer. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the asking price is a strong $11,900. While it is low mile example, the seller does not list a VIN to do a check on it, but they do claim to have a clear title. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

The 318 cubic inch V8 engine looks incredibly clean, which would make sense considering the amount of miles on the vehicle. One can only wonder if it is truly amazing, or slightly sad that a beautiful car like this has not been driven. An automatic transmission gets the wheels moving. At the age this car is, one should start to inspect the hoses and other parts that can decay over time when not in use.

1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

While it seems a little unbelievable, the seller claims that the interior still smells new. Many people like the smell of a new car. I’m not sure if new 1977 car is something that might attract buyers, but I won’t lie, I’m curious about that smell. As you can see, the interior does look brand new and almost looks like it just came right off the show room floor. In the passenger seat, you can see there is some original literature to go with the car.

1977 Plymouth Fury Coupe

Everything is original, right down to the tires. A photo of the trunk shows soft, original carpet and spare tire. According to the listing, the car runs and drives. While the price might be slightly on the optimistic side, the car itself is in wonderful condition and should warrant a fair negotiation. Hopefully, if you are the next owner, or whomever that ends up being, they will drive and enjoy this car. That is why they are built, aren’t they?


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  1. Chebby Staff

    The critical word here is “documented” although it looks highly possible. How do you land at a price though.

    As is, it’s a curiosity: a boring car in freakishly good shape. The real value of this car would be to the person who wants to rock an old Mopar, but doesn’t want to deal with rusty junk, or pay the huge tariff for a model from the “cool years”, aka pre-1972. In CA, ’77 is still a smog year which dampens its appeal.

    While it’s homely, it will look much better sitting on factory rally wheels with BFGs, and it will accept all the Hotchkis suspension parts and engine upgrades you want to throw at it. So what’s it worth to start your project with a rust-free base vehicle? Probably not 12k, but something. Be interesting to see what it sells for.

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  2. 36Packard

    Wonder what the story behind this is? Not exactly the kind of car bought and stored away as an investment, not even sure if it has air. Speaking of air, how does a tire that is 42 years old hold it?

  3. Stevieg

    I would not want to own it because I would end up driving it.
    I had one similar to this, but a 4 door sedan, even the same colors. That upholstery wore out quick, so I believe the miles. Nice car!

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  4. art

    Very nice car in amazing condition but with no A/C, $11,900 is over priced.

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  5. Solarman

    I think that the mileage is most likely correct. Everything appears freakishly new and consistently so across the board. The engine looked unused. I liked the interior option with the southwestern Native American patterned upholstery. I had a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and drove a few of these and though that they were better built and more balanced handling chassis. My Olds always felt like it was driving on ice. I also replaced the TH350 once which something that almost never needed to be done with an TF727.
    Later in the mid ‘90s I finally had my chance to have a perfect 1978 New Yorker Brougham with button tufted velour interior as an extra special occasion car for a few years.
    Somebody is going to appreciate this car.

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Looking at the spare, they still offered bias ply tires in ’77?!

  7. Chris M.

    It’s more of a curiosity with no miles. I think the pricing is aggressive for a base model for an ‘ undesirable’ model year. Buy it cheaper and source a 6.4 Hemi with appropriate suspension upgrades and viola! Sleeper!

  8. George Mattar

    Nice. But drive it one winter and good bye sheet metal. Truth be told, these cars were poorly built. So bad that two years later Iacocca got government loans to save Chrysler. Way overpriced.

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  9. Will Fox

    My dad had a `75 Fury “Road Runner” coupe; same basic model but his was loaded with power everything plus the sunroof and a 360. This one doesn’t even have the bucket/console option, and couldn’t have stickered for more than about $6200. new. If that. Nice and clean as one would expect, but it’s nothing ‘collectible’ or even desirable to most. I would change ALL belts, hoses, and fluids after 42 years of just sitting. Those can’t be original tires; they would have severe flat-spots after this amount of time. This is nothing to park and admire; it’s one you would drive, perhaps a little sparingly. More of a novelty than anything else.

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  10. David G

    Great car, but the deal breaker for most will be lack of A/C. This car is priced too high. If lucky, the seller may see 7 to 7.5K. Police package sedans, along with the ’75 Road Runner bring top values of the ’75-’78 Dodge and Plymouth B body Coronet/Fury /Monaco series cars.

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  11. Del

    This should not have a bias spare ?

    Chrysler converted to radials in 75 ?

  12. Keith D.

    After 1973 the Fury brand went waaaaay down hill quick fast! Chrysler didn’t know what to do with the Fury after 1974…my father owned a 73 4 door Fury bought it used in 1974 and he loved that car until carburetor issues forced him to sell in 1981. I taught myself how to drive in that Fury, unknown to my father..(stealing the keys when he was asleep) Attrition wore out the Fury model and ultimately the Plymouth division period.

  13. Del

    I drove one of these new.

    The 318 had lots of go and was a gas mizer.

    These were very nice cars

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  14. Moparman Member

    My mother had this EXACT car. Apparently, it served her well, as I can’t remember anything outstanding about it. Traded it for a four door Grand Am (easier to use w/ the grandkids) which she drove for years after that. I agree w/ Chebby, some Magnums would liven it up, and were it mine, I’d ty to find the items to make it a Road Runner clone. High altitude price, and on the wrong coast for me!! :-)

  15. Navi318

    Personally i think the fury to be unattractive in all ways. It’s in good shape, ok…. but does nothing in the form of being “attractive”. Very nice car, in great shape, but i’ll pass

  16. Glenn

    I had the twin to this beautiful Fury Sport back in 1988. the 318 did fine pulling my 67 Hills camper! Last I saw her it was heading up to northern Wi. to a new home in about 2010, Hope its still going strong!

  17. Joel Orlando

    Is this car still available? I had a 1975 Fury Custom in The 80’s and I’m looking for another one.

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