Indy 500 Replica: 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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General Motors would redesign its two pony cars – the Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro – for only the second time in 1982. It would be the third time (out of 8th overall so far) that the latter would be selected to pace the field at the Indianapolis 500. Chevrolet built 6,000 replicas for sale to the public as part of the celebration. This is one of them and has seen only 49,000 miles in nearly 50 years. Located in Lebanon/Nashville, Tennessee, this Chevy is available here on eBay where $10,000 is the magic number so far.

The third generation of the Camaro ran about as long as the second (1982 to 1992 vs. 1970 to 1981). The Z28 model was selected by the powers that be at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to handle pacing honors that year. These cars would benefit from fuel injection, 4-speed automatic transmissions vs. 5-speed manuals, and hatchback bodies. Motor Trend was equally impressed and bestowed “Car of the Year” recognition here for 1982. While the real pace cars had 5.7-liter V8s, the replicas were slightly downgraded with the 5.0 instead.

This Camaro wears the Indy 500 special two-tone paint treatment, silver/blue that came with special striping and a matching interior. The seller acquired the Z28 as part of a trade. Not being a Camaro fan, he/she desires to flip the car in place of a 1950s or 1960s Ford, though which one is not specified. The car is said to run and drive just fine with the only noted flows being an air conditioner that needs freon and a missing piece of headliner trim.

Pace car replicas sometimes fetch a premium over routine street examples, whereas others do not. An example of one that does is the white/orange 1969 Camaro convertible that seems to be in demand these days and we’ve seen a few of them here on Barn Finds. If you like the looks of the 3rd gen Camaro, this looks like a new example that should start a few conversations at Cars & Coffee.

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  1. Rank

    A recent Ferrari sale was over 30 million for just one car. So this Chevy has to bring at least that, right? An all American machine versus some wimpy little Italian scooter? There should be no contest here. Of course, some would lament that such money possessed by just one person and then spent for frivolity is immoral, but would a real American think like that? Real Yankees understand what made them great, unrestrained greed and selfishness. Come on kids, lets get trickling down!.

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    • John

      HhhhaaAa are you a car guy at all?? This plastic disco ball is on of the least powerful cars ever produced. This is not in the same class as any Ferrari … EVER. This is a basic USED CAR. Anything over 3k is crazy.

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      • Rank

        I’m an American to the core. Chevy is like Mom and apple pie. Ferrari comes from little men in tight black pants who talk funny. I know where I stand.

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      • John

        Yep I’m as USA as it gets too. But at least I can admit when I or the USA is wrong. Blinders don’t improve vision. I’ll never say something is right or better just because ‘Merica…

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      • Brad460Member

        I’d take this or my 83 z28 any day over a ferrari. Everyone has what they like and the only ferrari I’d be interested in is a 308

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    • Randy jones

      .1982s.3rd.gens camaros just not generating a lot of fans in these cars..for sure..the 88 iroc cars are the gems of these cars and.the 01 and 02 z28 cars are great motors..Ls1 motor cars

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  2. Robert Proulx

    Very nice example. Always fun to see the 1982’s have the vaunted conteur seat drivers side only. Base 5.0 litre will be a bit less strain on the thm- 200c. Unless you have to replace the whole compressor the a/c issues should be easy to fix and trim parts are readily available

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  3. RJ

    Nearly 50 years? This car is a little over 40 years old.

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    • Bick Banter

      They should have moved that pretty little model to the front of the car. So she could have distracted the eyes from the missing stripe and obviously repainted front end. Probably got smacked hard into something at some point.

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  4. John

    A gutless plastic disposable disco ball. Rides like 💩, performance like 💩, rattle trap. One of the absolute worst cars made by GM. Owned a few and every one was junk even the brand new one.
    I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Whoever buys it. Please contact me HhhhaaAa

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    • Lothar... of the Hill People

      Gripe, gripe, gripe… yet you owned “a few”.
      If you hated them so much, why did you buy more than one?

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  5. angliagt angliagtMember

    Maybe someone will buy your bridge,& the Typhoon
    to drive across it.

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    • John

      Indeed.. I just don’t get why people are paying crazy prices for a used car. Yeah some are collectable but not every Camero Chevelle or whatever is priceless.

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  6. Jeremy Gagnon

    I had one of these back in the 90s and it was Crossfire fuel injection with a functional cowl induction (when floored the 2 scoops on the hood would open “butterfly doors”to gulp air.However,this one’s underhood shot looks to be regular carburetion,and it was my understanding that all ’82 Z28 s(pace edition or otherwise)were Crossfire injection until ’83 when they went quadrajet,no?

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    • JD Scott

      Chevy didn’t produce a pace edition in 1983.

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  7. Jay

    What the…is it amateur hour in here today?

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    • Piper62j

      Amen my brother.!!!

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  8. CooterMember

    13: “I am the worst number.”

    666: No way, I am the worst number.”

    2020: “Haha, amateurs”

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  9. JWK

    While many lampoon the 82-92 F body there are some nice ones. I owned one of these, a 10K mile one owner car. It had the 305 carbureted V8 with the 4 speed manual transmission. Very rare, as most of these Pace Cars had the trouble prone Cross Fire Injection with the required automatic trans. I liked the car, its was very cool looking, and I made a nice profit on it. Was it a bad ass street machine? No, but it was what it was, even with the lack of build quality. Is this car cherry? No, obviously not. But it’s a fairly inexpensive entry way into the classic car hobby, and what is wrong with that?

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  10. Dan

    If you like these Camaros, the good thing about this one is that it has the regular V-8. It is slow-no doubt about it.The Dodge Charger ( a dodge Omni based 4 cylinder) was faster from 0-60 with a stick shift) But, the more powerful and optional Cross -Fire Injection V-8 was nothing but trouble. It was like trying to balance 2 carbs. GM had this set up available in the Trans -Am and a version of it in the Corvette. Remember also that this is the first year of this body style and regular Camaros actually came standard with the 2.5 iron duke 4 cylinder. The mid-level engine was a 2.8 V-6. GM tried to remedy this by adding a 5.0 high output just 18-24 months later in the Camaro and Firebird. The transmissions were troublesome as well. They didn’t stand up to any kind of pushing. This time period was nearing the end of malaise and starting to get faster again. In 86 Buick brought out the Grand National and in 87 ford put the 5.0 Mustang out. Eventually Pontiac had the TPI 305 and 350 in the Firebirds and Chevy put them in the Camaros as well. This is not a fast car, but it is a definite piece of automotive that you could buy for a reasonable price.

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  11. Piper62j

    I like it.. It represents a specific time in our automotive history. Fun to look at and an attention getter.. I’m in.

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    • John

      Yeah it represents the absolute worst quality of GM products

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  12. Neil R Norris

    When I invest in a car, I expect it to have enough power to pass when I want to pass ….. speaking of passing, I’d pass on one of these.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    There was a really nice one of these on here a little over a month ago. That one sold for $9,300.

    This seller should be happy if someone offers 8K. There just isn’t any value here.

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  14. Reid Hall

    It looks like it has HO High Output Air Filter,can on whatever carb,and or fuel/injection system 🤔, is currently installed on the car, no sticker present, either 🤔, on the lid,why did they not install the lid all the way down, probably to help vacuum, and ventilation, no telling, hmmmm, l thought that these were mostly HO,because the way l remember is crossfire injection didn’t come out in till 83,but not for sure,l’m pretty sure that in 81,carb,opinion only,still 10-20k,is a big gamble for the money.

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  15. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $10,100.

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