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X44 Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet’s Camaro would prove to be a worthy competitor to the Ford Mustang, quickly reaching second place in sales in the late 1960s, whittling away at Mustang production year after year. The 1969 edition of the Camaro was the first-generation’s best seller, but that was due in part to a 15-month assembly run waiting for kinks in the all-new 1970 Camaro to be worked out. This Garnet Red Chevy is a Plain Jane X44 coupe with a six-cylinder engine, which went into 1 of every 7 Camaros that year. While it looks good from a distance, the closer you get the more you realize that restoring this car will be a big effort. Located in Milford, Michigan, this project is available here on eBay where the bidding has already reached $22,600.

More than 34,500 buyers chose the 1969 Camaro with a 250 cubic inch inline-6. Everything else was purchased with a 307 to 396 V8 (and even a few 427s). With an automatic transmission (Powerglide), this auto might have been a “secretary’s car” when new as the options are few. The deeper you go into looking at the photos, the more you realize that someone paid little attention to detail when repainting this Camaro in Garnet Red (the original color per the cowl tag). Overspray is rampant, especially under the hood. Even the grille was painted red. At first. I thought there was a color change from black, but I was wrong.

No background information is provided on this Chevy, other than it’s 54 years old with maybe 75,000 miles. We’re told it runs, drives, and stops, but is not roadworthy, so don’t expect to drive it home. From the looks of things, this Camaro has been idle, perhaps for some time, especially given the condition of the interior, with torn seats and a droopy headliner. Rust could be an issue, but some of it may have been painted over, too. Particularly around the front windshield and back glass.

If you were to acquire this auto, would you restore it to original-like condition, which means sticking with the six-banger? Or will this car end up being an SS clone with a 350, 396, or Stroker V8 under the hood? The seller has provided an abundant number of photos plus a walkaround video as well. From the number of bids received so far, this Camaro has certainly attracted attention.


  1. Don Page Jr.

    The “kink” in the 1970 Camaro production was due to a 67 day UAW strike that targeted GM.

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    • CCFisher

      That was in September, 1970, and affected 1971 production.

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      • 59Poncho

        I know 1972 Camaro production was affected by a strike. Lowest numbers of the 2nd gen
        The Nova above is a much better bang for your buck

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    • Fox Owner

      Yeah how dare those workers ask for a raise when the CEO is making millions?

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      • Travis Johnson

        Can those workers do the CEO’s job? If not, they should shut up and do their job. I lost my job building gears for mainly GM cars and trucks in 2009, when they took the bailout. We had plant meetings almost daily at that time GM was losing $54000/min. At that time GM line workers averaged $76/hr after benefits. Vehicles today cost $50-$100k, thanks to the UAW. Detroit and surrounding area is a dump, thanks to UAW.

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    • Richard

      That was in the Fall of 1970, after the ’71 models had entered production.

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  2. TomP

    Let the boring “drop in a V8” comments commence..

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    • Shawn S

      As opposed to comments saying spend $$$ on the 6 banger? You do know this is a 1969 model and not a 1949 model? So yes…drop that 454 in there and make it squeal in all 4 gears!

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  3. Marc Struglia

    I like the ‘6’ and it’s going for big bucks.

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    • Marc Struglia

      You notice the seller NEVER states its a straight six! (there are pics though) Buyer be ware if you want a patina V8.

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      • The Truth

        Honestly if it was me I wouldn’t build a knock V8 car. I’d rather b
        Built the factory I6 into a turbo charged stroker simply be it’s not a common build especially a Camaro.

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    • Dave

      With all of the red overspray you think that they could have used more on the roof!

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  4. Build It Clone

    Lets build a COPO clone here please.

    427 rat engine with T5 trans please

    Then add hidden headlights and find a repo neoprene bumper.

    Put the hound tooth interior.

    Paint it black and add gold stripes .

    15 x 10 rear and 15×7 front black steel rims with chrome moon caps.

    But alas I had a 69 Rally Z28 in HS & college and like some ponies with Camaros 😜

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    • John

      We did a COPO clone a few years ago. And it was well over $70,000. So today it would probably be closer to 85. Would you ever get your money back? Hell no. So unless you have a spare bundle of hundreds…..
      Maybe be nice and throw some a me. I’m in dire need

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  5. CCFisher

    There were two six cylinder engines offered in 1969 – the 230 was standard, the 250 was optional. The 250 had a callout on the front fender, so either that emblem has been removed, or this car has a 230.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      You could also get the RS hidden headlite option with either 6 – they are/were possibly rarer than ZL1s! But they would hardly be desirable.
      Seen on this car, i would say console & auto floor shifter were not too common when one ordered either 6 cyl.
      Not crazy about all that extra red under the hood & in the trunk.
      Yes, it has staggered rear shocks.

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  6. steve

    I wouldn’t touch this car, especially at the direction the price seems to going. To do a nice restoration on this car, you’ll end up being well under water. But that’s up to whoever should buy it.

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    • 59Poncho

      the damn water level keeps rising though!!

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      • TomP

        The car hobby is all about money.

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  7. PL

    We’d just make it road worthy, and enjoy it as-is for a while. Take it to a few big car shows, someone’s bound to offer you more than you paid.

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  8. Dan H

    With the 1233 vin, it will always be known as an original 6 cyl car. So does the X44 really add any value? Also if you media blast that car, what do you have remaining?

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  9. $ where mouth is

    Drop a decent running 350, sandy the rust off with a moderate paing job, replace the two front seats and you have a decent driver…as long as the sellers friends stop fake bidding to up the price.

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  10. George Morrison

    Well hummmm, looks like ole Earl Schibe has struck once again $29.95 later this old wannabe hot rod has gone thru the spray can paint booth and this is what they got…. I don’t think I could contain myself

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  11. Maggy

    Bondo popping thru all over.Doors , fenders and quarters.Look at the rear of the lr quarter panel wheel well .No body line left it’s straight.Somebody slapped sheet metal on it and bondoed it.Hey if he can get his price why not good for the seller.Not worth over 5k imo.

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    • Confused

      It amazes me how many people on a site like this just aren’t car guys at all and are totally clueless about what these cars are all worth now. Why are you even here?

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      • joe bru

        To “Confused”; berating people who complain about high prices is not going to chase them away from a website they like. You are obviously a seller who has a lot to gain by these high prices.

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      • $ where mouth is

        Probably one of the seller buddies fake bidding to drive the prices up.

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  12. Mike Clayton

    Put a turbo 4 out of a new Camaro in it. Different, unique, fast, and fun.

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  13. Chris In Australia

    If a built 292 six would fit, I’d go that way. Keep it stock looking and surprise a few people.

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    • Elbert Diggs III

      I have a 5.3 ls laying around in my garage that’ll be perfect for the build. And I have a neighbor with a 2012 Camaro SS I could use as donor as far for the suspension. Other than that I would stay as close to original as possible. Wouldn’t want to over do it with a 69 Camaro.

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    I bet the six would/will not be retained even if this was an ultra rare 6 cyl RS, & even if the 6 was the original 6. Meet the next future Z28 or SS or LS. Yawn.
    The 292 L6 is taller than the 250 & smaller 6’s. You would need a very tall & big hood scoop to clear the motor.

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  15. Ffred

    Travis Johnson
    Sep 18, 2023 at 6:02pm

    Can those workers do the CEO’s job? If not, they should shut up and do their job. I lost my job building gears for mainly GM cars and trucks in 2009, when they took the bailout. We had plant meetings almost daily at that time GM was losing $54000/min. At that time GM line workers averaged $76/hr after benefits. Vehicles today cost $50-$100k, thanks to the UAW. Detroit and surrounding area is a dump, thanks to UAW.
    Travis you can’t blame this on working people when the wealth of the top 2% goes up by 6 Billion every day.

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