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Iowa Farm Barn Find

While digging through the classifieds, we stumbled across this 1958 Impala and realized that we may have hit the mother lode. The seller claims that this is one of hundreds of automobiles that they acquired from their late Uncle’s estate. There are only a few of them listed here on eBay right now, but there could be some real gems lurking in this barn.

The seller is slowly pulling the cars out of storage and listing them on eBay as they have time. From the layer of dust on the hoods, it is apparent that these cars have been sitting for many years. We would love to get access to this building to see these treasures before anyone else lays hands on them. The Uncle was nighty-three when he passed away so he had plenty of time to build up a nice collection of vehicles and parts. Could that be a Nomad back there? Any other keepers you can name?

The building is crammed full of the original owner’s favorites. Obviously he preferred automobiles made in American and had a special place in his heart for 50’s Cadillacs. This one is a 1957 Cadillac that is believed to have ran when it was parked decades ago. It looks complete and includes a clear title.

There is also a 1958 Cadillac and a 1956 Packard Clipper currently listed for sale. The only problem is that these cars grew up in the rust belt and all are showing signs of some serious decay. We would want to inspect them in person before handing over any cash. It can be risky buying cars in this part of the country. The salt used on slick roads in the winter may have made driving less hazardous in the heartland, but it creates some major problems later down the road.

Besides the cars stored in the building there is also a field out back full of American iron. If the ones inside are rusty, we can only imagine what the tin worm has done to these. Still, there could be some good parts cars or potential lawn furniture in there. A few of the cars have already sold, including what appears to be the only import in the bunch, a 1959 Jaguar Mk 8. The good stuff will go quick so you had better hurry if you spotted anything that caught your eye. The seller is a dealer, so we are sure they know what they have and what it is worth, but it may still be fun to take a stroll through this Iowa farm.


  1. Avatar photo Terry

    I have died and found the barn find heaven.

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  2. Avatar photo MM

    I spy a few Malibus/Chevelles in those pics…

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  3. Avatar photo Wiley Robinson

    Lemme guess, they got the property and found the barn doors welded shut and found the cars when they opened it right? Oh, and didn’t you mean to say this barn is in Portugul?

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    • Avatar photo Michael J Amato

      love the comment and reference the that “magical find” a few years back!

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  4. Avatar photo RebRob

    It is great to see the details on these cars being untouched and original! What outlandish size and style, the rears of the ’63 Caddy and ’58 Impala look almost cartoonish in how big they are! I have only seen more common 4 door bodystyles, would love to see these 2 door models in person….

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  5. Avatar photo Lee

    How much for the 58 Impala? Really want one!

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  6. Avatar photo fred

    I think I see a black 57 Nomad in the second picture. Anyone else see it?

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      Yup I see it!! But you can bet I can’t afford it.

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    • Avatar photo Gary

      Yes I see the 57 nomad as well

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  7. Avatar photo jerry davis

    70 chevelle there too?

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  8. Avatar photo jerry davis

    AWWW the 58 1st ride to colorado

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  9. Avatar photo steve adams

    this guy hit the mother load im jealous really

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  10. Avatar photo Bill K

    Hold your horses everyone. I’m sure this guy was my mom’s long lost brother that we haven’t heard from since the 50’s. he must be. I’m sure of it. I’ll just get hold of the estate lawyer they woundn’t have any reason not to believe me. Wonder if I can get the guy to give back the Jag. Second option is after winning the big lotto this weekend…..

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  11. Avatar photo Alex Elkins

    looks like a nice 58 impala. it would look good next to my fully optioned one.

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  12. Avatar photo Utes

    Next to the ’58 Chev that’s a ’71 Malibu or El Camino w/those white rally stripes, not a ’70. Plus at least 5 ’62 Impalas + a ’67 Malibu rag-top. The Uncle’s left a gold mine here !

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  13. Avatar photo Chris

    There is a 70 Chevelle across the isle next to what looks like a 67 Malibu.

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  14. Avatar photo Luke

    Lying around deteriorating like the undead ..cared about just enough to store them..IMHO they should be sold to the highest bidder without reserve …bless the person that wants to save that awesome American metal …it really is living history when American made cars ruled the world….

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  15. Avatar photo Jim

    Judging by the bids and the reserves not met I would say that the seller has unreasonable expectations. If only he would have one of these rust buckets restored he might have a better appreciation of whate these cars are really worth in there current condition.
    Good Luck.

    Luke’s COMMENT IS RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Avatar photo ian

    as a classic car dealer, finding something like this could make you a lot of money real fast… or cost you… either way i know my shop would love to get some of these cars and have one hell of an inventory!

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  17. Avatar photo Seb

    Great barn-find here!! Cool stuff! Keep it coming!!!

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  18. Avatar photo junkman Member

    Maybe there are some there , but I don’t see a single 4dr anywhere this guy was paying attention

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  19. Avatar photo Al

    the 93 year old great uncle died and the family, who’s into metal crushing is left with the estate.
    First seller feedback on E-bay sums it up, Ka-ching, times 200 or ELSE……..

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  20. Avatar photo GORDO

    How much foe the 66chevy chevelle is it a stick or automaitc.

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  21. Avatar photo Terry

    Yes there is a 57 Nomad and 71-72 Chevelle SS Gold w/stripes. Wonder if its a 454 SS?

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  22. Avatar photo Pete

    Based on the pictures of the Cadillacs, I’m pretty sure the tan one is a ’58 Eldorado. The fins are a dead give away. If that’s the case, it is quite a rare bird (less than a thousand were made if memory serves) and would be well worth a look.

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  23. Avatar photo Pete

    Oh wow, I just noticed a ’56 Eldorado (kinda red) wayyy in the back next to the ’57 Caddy. Another rare one! I’m basing my guess on the hood ornament, though so who knows….

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  24. Avatar photo 60stude

    that cadillac coupe de ville on ebay is about 45 feet long it looks like!

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  25. Avatar photo Kenn Petty

    I see two 55’s, one is a ragtop, a 57 Nomad, 3 Chevelle’s, a 67, a 70, and a 72, I see a 55 Eldorado and also a 57 Eldorado. A 58 Impala and I believe the red car behind the two Caddies is a 57 Pontiac.

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  26. Avatar photo Tim Smith

    looks like the Uncle had a good taste in cars. I’m looking for a ’69 or ’70 Chevy Nova, that need some work.

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  27. Avatar photo Tim Smith

    I’m also looking for a chevelle 69 thru 70, that need some work. Also on the Novas and the Chevelles can be a 6’s…

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  28. Avatar photo Ed Kaler

    Interesting to note that the ’58 Impala is a 283 engined car (NOT 348). I would bet that makes it worth quite a bot MORE money ! ! ! NOBODY saved that model -:) ! ! !
    Damn, I wish I had some MONEY ! ! !


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  29. Avatar photo Doug

    Would like to know where these cars are at !! Need to save the cars of yesterday before their gone forever . Would love to my hands on the 70’s chevelle .

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  30. Avatar photo Larry

    All I can say is….OMG!!!

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  31. Avatar photo Larry

    I was there before the fellow passed away and bought a 57 Belair Convertible. After he passed away, his nephew took over the rest of the cars. I tried to sell a few of them, but he listed them on eBay with some out landish reserves. The black 57 Nomad, I had a cash buyer on it for $19,500. Instead of letting me handle the sale, he ended up selling it for $14,000. The 58 Impala 2dr HT had every available option including the vacuum ashtray.

    I took photos of every car in this outstanding collection. 63 Impala SS Convertible-22,000 original miles, 70 Chevelle SS 454-26,000 original miles. I could go on and on. Out back, he had a 53 Buick Skylark Convertible and a 53 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. He had over 1,000 cars in his collection.

    He was an amazing man and I talked to him several times at his home. Professionally, he was a geologilist-could never spell that word. But one of the most amazing things that he did his life was to go bear hunting in the mountains at 89 years of age. He would hire a tour guide in the Alaskan mountains and hunt for bears. He showed me the largest bear that he ever shot and killed. He had the bear stuffed and it was standing in his living room. Unbelievable!!!. I spent many enjoyable hours with him talking about old cars and everything under the sun. I sure do miss him.

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    • Avatar photo Jim j

      He sounds like he was an awesome guy , love his collection of cars awesome had a good eye for rides never met him like him though jim j in pa

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  32. Avatar photo tom a collins

    where can we make a cash offer? tommy rod in florida, thank you

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