Italian Classic: 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo is a company that has not only produced its fair share of extremely attractive cars, but cars that are rewarding to drive. The GTV6 is one of those cars that fills both of these criteria, and this 1984 model looks to be in fairly nice condition. It is located in Phoenix, Oregon, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. This beautiful little Italian classic could be yours for $12,500.

Finished in Charcoal Grey with matching alloy wheels and silver highlights on the rockers, the GTV6 appears to be in really nice condition. The owner supplies a number of photos of the underside of the car up on a lift, and it looks to be very clean and solid. The bulge in the hood and the cheeky little front spoiler add to the purposeful look of the car. The reputation for Alfas to be prone to rust is well known, but this one looks like it has been spared that fate. The wedge design of the GTV6 gives it really good aerodynamic characteristics and helps to explain how a car with a relatively small capacity, normally aspirated engine, can achieve a top speed of 135mph.

The beating heart of this GTV6 is the 2,492cc fuel-injected V6 engine, producing 154hp. Power is then sent to the rear wheels through the 5-speed manual transmission. In a bid to impart the GTV6 with outstanding road manners and handling, the transmission and differential are both located in the rear of the car, providing very favorable weight distribution and handling. Braking is handled by 4-wheel discs, and with an overall weight of a mere 2,822lbs, the car is blessed with nimble handling. This particular GTV6 has recently undergone its share of mechanical refurbishing and servicing and is said to be in really good health. A new stainless steel exhaust and catalytic converter are a good starting point, while the car has also received a full fluid flush, new fuel pump, new hoses, along with new rear brake calipers, pads, and rotors.

The black leather interior of the Alfa presents very nicely, but there are some issues to address. The speakers that have been fitted into the doors have caused some creasing of the upholstery, and this either needs to be fixed, or the upholstery on the door trims will need to be replaced. This is particularly bad on the passenger side door, where the speaker actually looks like it is about to fall out. Personally, I expected better in a car of this price. It also appears as though the vinyl might be lifting from the edge of the dash pad in a couple of spots, but hopefully, this can be fixed. The front seats have survived fairly well, but the driver’s seat is demonstrating the sort of wear on the outer edge of the bolster that can plague this type of seat. The rest of it looks quite good, with no real problems.

Prices on the Alfa Romeo GTV6 can vary quite wildly, and a really good one of this age can command a price of around $18,500. This one is a nice one, and it doesn’t look like it will need a lot of work to really make it stand out. If it is as solid and clean as the photos tend to indicate, then the asking price is probably in the ballpark, but I would definitely be trying to negotiate on that. However, as is the case with virtually every older Alfa, it would take a personal inspection to confirm just how solid it actually is.


  1. Dan

    Speakers in non-factory locations are just as bad as aftermarket head units…no matter how much better they may perform, they never look good. Otherwise, the car seems decent, though I’d be too worried about rust. Kudos to the seller for providing photos of the undercarriage!

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  2. Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

    We had these in South Africa fitted with either the 2.5 litre or a 3.0 litre V6 engine. I believe SA was the only country in the world fitted with the 3 litre and they became very popular here in UK as they slotted into the very competitive 3 L race events.

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  3. Johnny Gibson

    Very nice looking car. The body, chassis and wheels all still connected while up on the hoist is always a really promising start.

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  4. Derek

    These sing when you rev them hard…

  5. djjerme

    …yah. This one has been for sale for a while. There’s gobs of these cars up here in the PNW. A buddy of mine just grabbed one out of Seattle that he’s debating fixing or just unloading (he’s got a couple Alfa’s in the fleet).

    There’s one that I race with in ST that shows up occasionally, and yes, it sounds awesome at full tilt.

  6. Andy

    IMHO, that is one seriously butt ugly automobile!

  7. Carcrazy

    I had the 86 Milano Verde, which is the later version of this car. One of the most enjoyable “drivers” cars I’ve ever owned. The 3.0 Busso V6 absolutely sings under the hood. The sound is pure adrenaline to the point that I would “blip” the throttle between shifts. The rear suspension is very well suited to great handling, as the brakes are inboard. There is simply no way to upset the rear around corners. I also owned an m3 and Mercedes 190 16v at the time. The alfa was not the best quality, but certainly the most “emotional” of the three.

  8. H5mind

    I burned up a $1,000-dollar clutch getting mine unstuck from an unexpected blizzard, but otherwise enjoyed every minute with my “Is that a Datsun?”, hatchback.

  9. t-bone Bob


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