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It’s An Edsel Wagon Two-Fer!

1959 Edsel Wagons

In the wilds of east central Kansas are not one, but two fine Edsel Villager station wagons. They’re located in a town called Williamsburg, and are offered for sale right here on craigslist in Kansas City. The asking price is $4,000 for both cars!

1959 Edsel Wagon

According to the seller, one is a parts car and the other is in need of restoration. That’s all the seller has to say about that, so we’re on our own from here on out.

1959 Edsel Wagon Project

Both appear to have fairly solid bodies, but the one with the orange accents has been hit fairly hard in the rear. A few more photos of interiors and engines would be great, and would be nicely complimented with a little more information about how complete they are, when the last time either of them ran, and so on. In several places on the all-white car, I see what appears to be orange paint peeking through, both on top of the driver’s door, and on top of the rear tail fin, above. It suggests that possibly this one was originally painted two-tone in a similar manner to the regular 1959 Ford cars. If that were correct, I think it would be far more attractive than all-white on this one.

1959 Edsel Wagon Parts Car

It’s not too often we see Edsel station wagons sold in a pair, but one recent notable exception comes to mind, that being David’s post back in September that featured one lot of, count ’em, six cars. But two is generally going to be plenty for most people. Will two be enough for you?


  1. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    He’s had them posted over a week and no sale, so he dropped the price by a nickel. Kansas doesn’t use salt and there’s no smog, and their die-cast is like new. Good place to buy cars!~

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    • Avatar photo DodgeFan

      I dont know who told you we dont use salt in Kansas. But by this afternoon when the sun dries all the streets and roads, it will look like someone spray painted them white with salt and brine.

      I like the look of these old cars, but you better check pans for rust if they spent their whole lives in Kansas.

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  2. Avatar photo Charles

    Nice find for an Edsel collector.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    My wife saw this and she stated her family had one when she was a child In Iowa. Her younger brother fell off the tailgate and smacked his head so bad he ended up getting epilepsy later in his childhood. She doesn’t ever want another one. YES I live near the Kansas state line in Missouri and Kansas does use salt.

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  4. Avatar photo Metalted

    Love those big body, wagons.
    Would love these. Getting them road worthy, and dd them. Edsels weren’t a bad car, just to different for the times.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      Actually, only the 1958 was different for its time, and that was due largely to less than adequate engineering. If you want an Edsel as a daily driver, you cannot beat a 1959. They’re not rare, they’re not expensive, they’re cheap and easy to fix and don’t have fragile ornaments, lenses, etc. like the others.

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