Six, Count’em, Six 1959 Edsels!

Six 1959 Edsels

Robert R does it again! Look at this row of Edsels he found for sale here on craigslist to make room for a pole barn. Thanks Robert! There are 4 ’59 Ranger sedans, and 2 ’59 Villager wagons. The sale also includes a bunch of parts as well. The seller says they are all parts cars and he’s open to offers. They’re in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. I hope someone buys these before they get crushed! I’m sure they’re all rusted, but you’d think at least one would be salvageable. Is there an Edsel lover out there somewhere with the facilities to use these?


  1. ClassicCarFan

    This could be a really great deal for some hard-core Edsel fan with space to store them (or specialist restoration shop or salvage yard). Rough those these cars are – there’s still got to be a lot of great usable parts in there. Though, I guess the seller hasn’t specified a price? so you don’t really know how much of a deal it is.

    Kudos to the seller for openly describing them as “parts cars” instead of the usual CL B-S about them being “easy restorations” or “just needs finishing to sell for $$$$ at Barrett-Jackson”.

    Last line of the listing warning “no w***ers.” funny. That’s a curiously British term to use ! (speaking as an ex-pat )

  2. Rich

    With that amount of parts, I would think you could make at least 1 wagon and 1 sedan from them. From the one pic they don’t look that bad.

  3. Evan Allen

    “non-restorable” that sounds like a challenge…

  4. jim s

    if seller needs them gone soon then post a lot more photos. could be a great deal in either whole cars or just parts but can not tell from 1 photo. interesting find.

  5. jaygryph

    I owned a 59 sedan. It was actually a rather nice driving car since it was mostly just a 59 Ford with different trim and sheet metal. It rode nice. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have traded that one off. It holds the record for the longest tow I’ve ever used with AAA at 102 miles. I was on the way to a car show and the fuel system plugged up and after several times pulling the carb apart to clean it and false starts that only made it another few miles I finally gave up and made the call. 102 miles in the cab of a tow truck without air conditioning in the middle of summer is a rather unpleasant ride.

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    • warren

      I also had a 59 Sedan and had the honor of changing the fuel pump in the parking lot of the diner we were eating at. Part of the fun! Was my late Dad’s car and am happy it went to a good home.

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  6. Joe Gotts

    Wondering if a Wanker is a Spanker?


  7. Howard A Member

    An Edsel buff or collector would be foolish to pass this up. Edsel story: Years ago, (early ’80’s) I drove a tractor-trailer dump, and I hauled a load of fertilizer to a farm in central ILL. When I finally found it, middle of nowhere, I turned into the yard, noticed a few older cars around, but was more concerned with doing my job. A young girl came out to meet me, and said, her dad wasn’t there, but I should dump the load ’round back on a big tarp. When I went behind the farm to dump the load, there were a TON of older cars, and it dawned on me, they were all Edsels. Must have been 30 or more, in all models and conditions. I couldn’t believe it and asked the daughter, wow, someone likes Edsels. She said, yeah, that’s my dad. Matter of fact, here’s out somewhere right now, buying 2 more. I wonder what ever happened to that collection?

    • PaulieB

      There was a rather huge collection of them in Southern NH about 8 or 10 years ago. The owner lost his storage space and all of them had to be sent to a wrecking yard… BUT not just any wrecking yard.. Brandy Brow’s in Plaistow NH The owner of the yard is a car collector and knew the value of having all of the Edsels. I followed a “Ranchero” converted station wagon all the way to the yard and asked the owner of a vintage car garage up the street what the deal was.. he told me the above story. They aren’t there any more.. I looked.. I think they were gone shortly after they had arrived.

  8. Fred

    I wish these sellers that have “parts cars” and threaten to haul ’em all the the scrapper would take a couple of days to at least pull all the good parts. Would end up being very lucrative for them and take up very little storage space.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Fred, those cars aren’t going anywhere near a crusher. They’ve had them this long. I believe, that’s a marketing ploy. “Get ’em while they’re hot”.

  9. MikeW

    Hopefully they will go to a parts yard and not a metal yard. I know some that do good parting them out on ebay. Others do mail order business,

    I forwarded it to my Edsel group at

  10. Dolphin Member

    From this deal and Howard A’s story I’m guessing that putting a collection of Edsels together might be the contrarian’s approach to car collecting—–or maybe car accumulating would be more accurate.

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