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It’s T-Time Again! 1927 Ford Model T


Here’s another fine car from the “Can’t Build It For That” department here at Barn Finds. This T-Model Ford is offered up for sale here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri. The asking price is $11,000.


We see plenty of one and two-owner cars, but it’s not too often we hear of a car as old as this Model T that comes with much information about how many people have owned it over the course of an 89-year existence! The seller says this car was purchased from its original owner in 1950.


He also says it’s never had any type of collision damage or rust repair, and that it has been garaged its entire life.


A quick look inside reveals what at first appears to be an older restoration, with some stains, probably caused by humidity over the years. Nope! The seller says that’s original upholstery!


If so, I’d almost be afraid to sit in it. But if it’s lasted for almost nine decades, maybe it’ll be good for a while longer.


The back seat and headliner look just as good. The interior is complete with the original floor mat.


Here’s a look under the hood. The transmission has been updated with new Kevlar bands. For those who don’t know, these are designed to last much longer than the originals which were made of softer materials. It also has a new battery, and new Firestone wide whitewall tires. I’m normally a little skeptical of these on a Model T, but I think they look great on this one.


This is an original instruction label that is still attached to the inside of the glass. How many cars of this vintage do you think exist anywhere in the world that still have something like this in place? What do you think of this final-year Model T with its high roof, wide whites and wooden wheels?


  1. Van

    Oh yeah
    Show me the car fax

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  2. Bill

    Looks like a fun car.. I’m a little bothered by an alternator though. if everything else is original…..

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  3. Van

    Oh, you ment original.
    Did the model-T even have a belt driven water pump?

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    • jeff

      It was an accessory. Some people feel it runs better without it.

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      • Van

        Thanks did not know that

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  4. Rick

    Seems like an authentic car and lot of value for only $11K – hard to resist (if I had an extra $11K that is)

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  5. Nessy

    It’s not original interior. It’s been redone close but not original. The car is 90 years old so how can the seller say for sure what is original at this point. That label is original but has been retaped to the window as no sticker is going to survive 90 years on a car in regular use. Think about it. Also, how can he say there has never been any rust repair or fender benders for sure over 90 years? Wide white wall tires look great on this car but 99% of the Model Ts had black tires. This 27 model was the last year of the T and the only Model T that had nickel plated lights and grill introduced late in 26. The best of the last and I like it. This is a 2 door coach, many were built. If it was only a rare center door model.

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    • Rick

      I actually have a 14 with a nickel plateing.

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    • Jim Kelsey

      Center Doors were not made for 1926-27: only Tudors, Fordors, Coupes, Tourings, and the pick-up.

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  6. Fred

    IMHO, that’s only an original interior if the car was kept in a temperature and humidity controlled, mice free environment for most of it’s life.

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  7. z1rider

    Yes, 1927 would be the last year for a T, but I’m not too sure about the wheels. IIRC they were offered as an option in 26 but made standard for 27. Also, it’s hard so see for sure, but I don’t think it has a water pump. The belt only drives the fan.

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    • z1rider

      I was referring to wire wheels as optional in 26, and standard in 27. Missed my 5 minute chance to edit before I caught that.

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  8. Charles

    Nice example even if there is some BS included from the seller.

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  9. Rex Rice

    I had 4 of these when I was a kid. I bought a Tudor in this condition with a bad differential for $145. Earlier, I bought a touring in original shape for $25, the maximum my father thought any T was worth. With 20 hp, 2 speeds, 2 wheel brakes and a hit & miss oiling system, these cars were rubbish.

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