It’s Twins! Pair of 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428-Cobra Jets

For performance enthusiasts, is there anything better than finding a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 project car in desirable Grabber Blue with a 428 Ram Air Cobra Jet V8 under the hood? Actually, there is. This owner has a pair of them, which leaves potential buyers with an intriguing choice to make. They could assess them and decide which they would prefer to restore. Alternatively, they could grab the pair and perform a “his-and-hers” project build. If that sounds too tempting to resist, you will find this pair in Buckeye, Arizona, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner asks $37,000 for each car, but a package deal could secure the pair for $70,000. Once again, Barn Finder rex m has demonstrated his ability to spot some great classics for us, so thank you so much for that, rex.

Splitting this pair of Mach 1s on overall condition is virtually impossible. It appears that someone has commenced restoring each of the Mustangs, but the process has stalled pretty early. This one seems to have a few new hanging panels, and the body’s overall condition appears to be marginally the better of the pair. Both have a few marks and dings, but there are fewer on this car. The photos are a bit inconclusive, but it appears that rust may not be an issue that the buyer will need to consider. The panels of this car look pretty clean, and the supplied underside shots reveal little more than the dry corrosion that you frequently see in cars from this region. We’re also flying blind on the question of trim and chrome because it isn’t clear what is present and what may be missing. However, the most positive piece of news to take away is that it seems that the buyer won’t be facing major rust repairs on this car.

This Mach 1 potentially makes a slightly better initial impression than its brother because it appears that the restoration had moved on a step or two further before it ground to a halt. That doesn’t mean this is a “bolt it back together and hit the road” proposition. The panels wear a few minor repairable dings, with the tally being slightly higher on this Mustang. Once again, there seems to be no rust beyond dry surface corrosion. However, considerably more small parts are missing from this body, and we don’t know whether they are stored somewhere or gone for good. That would be a question worth asking because if the buyer takes the pair for restoration, the tally for replacing items like bumpers in pairs will add up pretty quickly. It appears that the original owners of both Mach 1s ordered them with tinted glass that is intact and in decent condition.

While the owner doesn’t mention whether either of these Mach 1s is numbers-matching, both feature desirable drivetrains. In this case, the original owners ordered one of them with a 428-4V Ram Air Cobra Jet that pumped out 335hp when new. The other car offered something extra because that owner ticked the box beside the Super Cobra Jet Drag Pack that bumped the output to 360hp. The rest of the drivetrains include three-speed C6 automatic transmissions, Traction-Lok rear ends, power steering, and power front disc brakes. If a driver pointed the CJ-equipped Mach 1 at a ¼ mile in its prime, the journey would be over in 14.6 seconds. The second car could better that number by covering the same distance in 14.4 seconds. For potential buyers, it appears that both vehicles may have complete drivetrains. Both have had their engines pulled, and their health is unknown. However, desirable items like the factory Shaker air cleaners are present. This is good news for potential buyers striving for originality.

The interiors of both Mustangs are in a similar state of repair, and both will require a complete restoration. As well as soft trim, the buyer will be searching for items like a wheel for each car, along with radios and hard trim pieces like handles and knobs. While the external appearance of both cars has been similar, we’ve reached the point where each Mustang has the chance to express its individuality. The original owner of the CJ-equipped car ordered it with White Clarion Knit vinyl upholstery, while the Drag Pack vehicle was ordered with the same interior in Black vinyl. Trim kits for each vehicle will add around $2,000 per restoration, but when the hard trim items are added to the mix, both will have a factory-fresh appearance.

If potential buyers looked at these 1970 Mustang Mach 1s and chose one vehicle over the other, that wouldn’t surprise me. The overall condition of both seems comparable, but the Drag Pack option gives one a slight edge. However, if a buyer decided that both would look good in their workshop, I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to own a matched pair. Which one would you choose, or would you throw caution to the wind and take them both?


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  1. Bick Banter

    Drain your 401K twice as quickly!

    Like 12
  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Love those hi-rise valve covers.

    Like 7
  3. Gary

    If you could buy both for $60k it would be a decent deal.

    Like 10
    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      You probably could

      Like 10
  4. B302

    The SCJ 428 had no more HP than the 428 CJ, same cam, heads, valves,carb, etc. In fact, the 428 CJ engine was almost always quicker in the same car due to its lower internal rotating weight. The 428 SCJ came in cars with 3.91(Traction Lock) and 4:30 (Detroit Locker) rear gears. The 428 CJ came in lower NUMBERED rear geared cars. The main difference between the engines was the 428 SCJ had cap screwed connecting rods, sometimes called Lemans or 427 rods. I have owned, raced, and built many of these.

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  5. fran

    428 Mach’s are not going for that much these days. AZ cars? Must be they were from another State just like in 2020 for the “Choosing” that went on. I would think they would be in better shape.

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    • Rusty Trailer

      A 428 Mach 1 just sold on BAT for 120,000. How much is that much?

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  6. Timothy Phaff Member

    These prices are crazy gentlemen. If you have recently restored a classic Ford 428CJ Mustang it will cost a massive amount of money to do with a starting price of 37k just for the car. I don’t see a Farther & Son or Daughter project with these prices. It’s also getting harder finding a machine shop that can & will rebuild those FE engines the right way, knowing these 428CJ & SCJ engines have to be built by someone with the right experience.

    Like 7
    • Tony

      Holbrook Enterprise in
      Livonia Michigan is one of the best for engine work period. My uncle had a 68 Shelby 428 Cobra Jet KR and that’s where he went. Holbrook enterprise raced cars and was always winning because of their knowledge in performance cars and racing.

  7. Howie Mueler

    Way too much $$$ for the condition!!

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  8. JBD

    Both rare cars but needing a lot more to finish. SCJ cars were 3300/year for 69/70. Just because the parts are there doesn’t mean they are useable or restorable. My guess is both for $50k is more reasonable.

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  9. joenywf64

    Cheaper to make the better 1 of the above a daily driver –
    or a Dynacorn + a parts car?

  10. George Mattar

    Lemme guess. Life got in the way. Another dreamer from the state of Barrett Jackson.

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  11. rextreme Member

    Has several interesting Impalas in one photo…

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