Japanese Mustang: 1974 Toyota Celica Survivor

Despite the fact that the global collector car market is slowing down, it still makes sense to snatch up cars like this barn find 1974 Toyota Celica. That’s because enthusiasts of the Generation X persuasion finds cars like these very tempting, having grown up wishing they were behind the wheel when new. This one has just been discovered in a garage in Florida, and you can check out the full listing here on craigslist with a listed price of $8,900, firm.

I’ve noticed a fair amount of online chatter about these cars recently, as collectors have begun to appreciate the early days of Japanese sports cars more and more. Coupled with the fact that these are next to extinct today given how many were rendered to the scrap pile due to rust and it’s not surprising to see the seller of a good one holding to a firm asking price.

And really, aside from being equipped with a slushbox, there’s little to fault here as it relates to a barn find that’s been in storage for the last seven years. The seller notes that the Celica is rust-free with just 46,000 miles indicated, and that it’s an ideal investment car as you won’t have to sink untold sums into for metal repair. Even the underside is mint.

The Eibach springs sticker indicates this was either owned by someone who installed aftermarket suspension (it does sit low) or simply an enthusiast who liked dressing up the engine bay with adhesives. Whatever the story is, finding a Celica of this generation with such a sound body is a major score, and I can’t fault the seller for holding firm to his price.


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  1. Miguel

    I never thought I would see such a high number being attached to an early Celica, especially an automatic.

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    • Ron

      He has since raised the price to $9500 firm.

  2. JoeNYWF64

    How could this be a ’74? – those are not 5mph bumpers – unless this was exported to a left hand drive country other than the USA?
    I guess that is a JCW rear spoiler? Looks good.
    Would they sell a lot of these new today for $18000 as is?
    Nope – reasons?
    1. no video screen dash
    2. no factory connectivity
    3. no 4 door model
    4. too high to lift items in the trunk – the trunk lid does not extend down to the bumper
    5. no power windows or cruise ctrl
    6. wheels are not 18″
    7. no cup holders
    8. not front wheel drive
    9. door mirrors not big enough

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    • Howard A. Member

      I read, ’75 was the 1st year for “bumpers”. It’s funny, your whole list is everything I DON’T want in a car, and this Celica has none of that. I’ve become my old man.

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  3. Howard A. Member

    My favorite Celica, and like zillion other people too. These were so popular during the onset. They were fun, sporty, even the automatic, inexpensive, reliable, got super mileage, we had nothing like it. What, a Vega GT? The trouble was, one winter is all it took, the rust cycle began and 5 years MAX, they were gone. Which makes the price totally justified. Today, like then, we still have nothing like it. Great find.

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  4. GMoparman

    I know I am being “that guy” here, but the car is cool as hell, the automatic transmission kills it for me. I do like the green Mustang II, though!

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  5. K.Flowers

    This was the first car my father bought after returning from Viet Nam. Upsets me now knowing I cant find one for him to relive his “Glory” days haha.

  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    We rented a new Toyota Corolla a couple of months ago.
    If this is the way cars are (& are going to be),then I have NO desire
    to ever buy another new vehicle.
    The screen in the dash was fixed in place,& in the line-of-sight.
    You also had to operate a lot of the items via the screen.I couldn’t even
    figure out how to operate the cruise control,without looking in the owner’s
    WHY do they have to make it so difficult/distracting to operate?

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  7. jerry z

    I had a 75 & 76 Celica on the early 80’s. Needs a manual to be enjoyable to drive. Beat the heck out of mine.

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  8. JimmyJ

    My BIL just bought a rust free 71 4spd for 5k Canadian
    Sounds like he got a good deal
    Had a 74 and those are the right bumpers

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  9. Warren

    My wife owned a 74 with automatic, it was a gutless wonder, so underpowered. Other than that, it was very nice for that era.

  10. Philip Bregar

    I bought a used 74 back in the late 70’s or early 80’s, I can’t remember. But, I really liked it a lot. Mine was red with a white top and stick. Mine had the stupid black bumper guards on it when I bought it, but they were the first thing to come off. Sporty car, and I’d love to have another.

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  11. P Wentzell

    I bought a 1972 Celica GT from a friend in 1985 for $250.00 (18RC motor) air, 5 speed, and clock all worked. It even retained those fancy stripes as the illustrated car above. That illustrated car above certainly is not a ’74. These cars are a blast to drive and easy to work on – the asking price – well – good luck to the seller and the buyer.

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  12. Tricky

    The RA28 Celica is considered the ‘Japanese Mustang’……!!

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Price has now INCREASED to a non-negotiable $9500.

    What a great selling tactic – LOL.

  14. Gransedan

    Back at the time this car was new, a writer at Motor Trend magazine likened the styling to a scaled down ’70 Challenger.

  15. Tom

    Looks like there is only 5 of these for sale…… in the entire country currently? 2 of them are asking $18k?! Had no idea how rare these are until now.

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