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Jeep Conversion: 1976 AMC Hornet 4X4

You see some of the most interesting finds on Facebook Marketplace. Like this 1976 AMC Hornet whose shell has been transferred to a Jeep 4-wheel-drive platform. While this looks like a do-it-yourself-project, it’s not a far-fetched pairing since AMC had acquired Jeep in 1970 and that would eventually lead to the development of AMC’s own 4WD car, the Eagle. Details on this vehicle are sketchy as it was taken in on trade, apparently by a dealer. But it’s available here on Facebook Marketplace and in Palmyra, New York. The listing price says $1,234 but that has to be a placeholder. The seller is interested in yet another trade.

Let’s start with what’s sitting up top. The Hornet was AMC’s compact car offering from 1970-77, including what we told is this body from a 1976 model. The Hornet was the successor to the Rambler American, which was the last car to wear the Rambler badge in the U.S. and Canada. The body of this Hornet looks pretty worn and there are traces of rust that could be starting in the rocker panels. At one time, the light blue car had a vinyl top, but it’s mostly peeled away from what we can see.

AMC decided to acquire Kaiser’s Jeep operation in 1970 and that would prove to be something of a boon for them and certainly Chrysler who purchased the whole enchilada in 1987. We don’t know much about the Jeep frame that was used for this project, but a 360 cubic inch V8 that does turn over was chosen to power the set-up. This mud truck sits on some gigantic wheels and tires, high enough that a short person could almost walk under it.

We’re told that the former owner was putting lift blocks on the rear to help level the “car” out when he sold it. The seller does not mention if that was satisfactorily completed and he plans to spend time working on it soon, so perhaps the listing will be updated later with more details. If you have your heart set on both the car and the trailer it sits on, the seller is willing to talk turkey. Thanks, AMXBrian for the tip on this unusual machine!


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    Can’t you just hear the keyboards warming up on this one, Russ? Looks like a mid-70’s Cherokee frame, living in “Off-road, USA”, I can say, without reservation, going off road is the biggest pain, I really don’t see the attraction climbing over boulders, and jagged rocks. There’s just no dirt left! What really rapes the land, are these “Razor 4×4’s” with like 9 yards of suspension. They do the most damage, but bring in a ton of revenue, so what the heck.
    This is another example of fun stuff with a bunch of buds in a garage in “Anytown, USA”, and nothing wrong with that, it’s just I wouldn’t drive this thing anywhere. And why don’t the wheel wells ever match the tires. Always looks corny. And the trailer doesn’t look none too safe either, a possible indication of the build?

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  2. Lyman

    AMC, we called it already made crappy, but this is what happens when you have long cold winters, and a backyard of rolled jeeps, cars that don’t run, a heated garage and a torch, welder, beer, and nothing to do during the winter

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Besides this being overall ridiculous, those front shackles are a death trap waiting to be sprung.

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  4. sir_mike


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  5. Jim

    Proof again that there are far too many Budweiser swilling rednecks in this country with too much time on their hands.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Jim, nothing wrong with Budweiser.
      Plenty wrong with rednecks.

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  6. MFerrell

    Just get an AMC Eagle?

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    • Jeepers Creepers & Blizzard Snow Services...

      WHY? Well, Because the Eagle had a Viscous coupling in the 4×4 unit. Great for an urban assault vehicle not so for serious off-roading. The Jeep SJ series of Cherokee/Wagoneer not only has the same wheelbase as the Hornet/Concord/ Eagle but also has the Original often imitated but never duplicated True “Quadratrac”. I used CJ’s, SJ’s and J series trucks to plow snow commercially. NOTHING worked as well as a Quadratrac. I could drive up the pile to pile it has high as and over the top of 8ft fences. This Hornet just needs a snowplow out front & out back. Would be a comfortable drive for those all weekend snow events….

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  7. JMB#7

    Why??? Well everyone who commented, “it made you look”.

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  8. Kenn

    What’s wrong with Rednecks? They are no worse nor better than Landed Gentry.

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