Jeff in the Junkyard: Amish Country Part 2

Amish Country Part 2

I mentioned in last week’s Jeff in the Junkyard round-up that my trip to Amish Country offered more than enough fodder for a few weeks’ worth of posts. We’ll move onto new territory next week, but for now, I still have plenty of material to work with from this Pennsylvania forest. There are a few more unknowns thrown in, so make your answers known below! I fear my last few quizzes have been a bit too easy, so hopefully these will challenge even our most knowledgeable followers!


The distinctive fins reveal that this weathered wagon is most likely a Chevy Bel Air sedan delivery model, a sharp looker in the day and still desirable by modern standards. This one had long since given up its motor, but there was still good glass and body panels to be had by anyone looking to restore one of these vintage haulers.


My first inclination is to label this a Plymouth GTX, but I could be wrong. It bears strong resemblance to the model David Spade drove in the movie Tommy Boy, but that’s not exactly a qualified reference to go on! Either way, it was lacking an engine but much of the sheet metal appeared reasonably solid.


This round-tail light BMW 2002 had pretty much given up any and all usable parts, but my brother still scored some chrome bumpers for $30! That made his trip worthwhile so he can someday convert his square-tail light model to the slimmer bumpers. The wagon next to it I didn’t catch, but it appeared to be a Japanese make with wood-grain trim. Quite a combo!


Here’s one for Jesse: we’ve written about the Fiesta many times on Barn Finds, since it’s an affordable way to get into classic ownership and was a fun car to hustle back in the day. This yard had at least 10 Fiestas – maybe more – but the Fiesta Sport is the one that caught my eye. You didn’t get much more than some body-side graphics with the Sport package, and I was shocked to see they had survived on the long-idled example.


The Crosley is an absolute curiosity, and certainly synonymous with the micro car era that thrived both here and abroad in the 1950s. This Crosley Coupe has one of the best views in the yard and thankfully isn’t rotting into the ground – but its doors will still need work to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate any further.


Did someone say micro cars? This little Renault Le Car was an oddity when it appeared on American roads in the 1980s, but I like the French quirkiness it packed in spades. The canvas sunroof is certainly something you don’t see anymore, but it doesn’t look like the AMC Pacer parked behind it cares much for its European style!


Another stylish wagon in the woods: I believe this is a Nash Rambler Cross Country station wagon, but I could be wrong. That grill is hard to mistake, however, and the round headlights and abrupt dip in the beltline where it meets the rear glass is very distinctive.


Here’s your first mystery car: I didn’t get close enough to identify it, but I’m guessing those tail lights will clue some of you in. Log your guesses below! And if you don’t know what this one is, don’t fret: here’s another!


While I’m certain that raked rear glass and bullet-style tail lamps can only be from one model, I’d like to let the Barn Find faithful confirm for us its true identity. And if you’ve ever owned either of these cars above, be sure to share your favorite memories below – and watch out for next weeks’ Jeff in the Junkyard entry where I visit some forgotten classics in a Rhode Island forest!


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  1. Lewis Adams

    Shame about the Fiestas.

  2. Wayne

    The “GTX” is a 66 Coronet and the last one is a 61 Dodge Polara.

  3. SoCal Car Guy

    Next to last (first “mystery” hulk) is a 1966-67 Ford Falcon.

  4. Jeff Staff

    You guys are way too good. Or I make this way too easy.

  5. SoCal Car Guy

    The first mystery hulk is a 1966-67 Ford Falcon

    • falcon guy

      The side trim indicates that
      It’s a 67 falcon futura

  6. Dave H

    The ’57 Chev is a 210 wagon, not a Bel Air. It is not a delivery – Sedan deliveries were only produced in 150 trim level and (curiously) were considered to be (officially) trucks. SD’s had metal where the windows show on this car thus denoting a 2 door wagon, not an SD

    (Trim levels were 150, 210 and Bel Air.)

    • Jeff Staff

      Dave, I clearly made the obvious assumption (or the easy one) as opposed to digging a bit deeper. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. jimbosidecar

    That woodgrain Japanese wagon is a Toyota Cressida I believe

  8. jim s

    i think the fiesta sport had a rear anti roll bar and electric pump for the washer fluid that the base did not have. if they still have motors that would be at least 10 1600cc kents that need saved. this is fun.

    Like 1
  9. Eddy

    Ford Falcon

  10. Daymo

    The Renault 5 Le Car was a Limited Edition in Europe. The GTX had most toys. The Turbo edition was the choice of the boy racers and the Gordini put up a fight with many of the supercars at the time. All had excellent handling and really peppy engines.
    As did the Fiestas. Mk 1s like the one here are disappearing here in Europe. The S had 1100 and 1300cc engines but the ultimate was the XR2. Prices are on the up too!

    • Jeff Staff

      Daymo, I’d love to own an R5 Turbo someday. Actually, I’d just be happy to drive one! Looks like heaps of fun. And the Fiesta XR2 never made it to these shores, sadly, but also would be fun to own.

  11. claudio

    the LeCar is a regular version with front engine front wheel drive. The R5 Turbo had engine mounted in rear along with some real wide flared fenders. Amazing sound from the exhaust…the woodgrain Japanese car is a Toyota Corona station wagon.

  12. boxdin

    second mystery is 1961 Dodge Phoenix.

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