Jeff in the Junkyard: Return to the Forest

Return to the forest junkyard

As I mentioned a few entries ago, my last junkyard visit provided more than enough fodder for a few weeks’ worth of posts. We’ll revisit this yard in Western Massachusetts for some additional diamonds in the rough, and, as always, there are a few I can’t quite identify so we’ll need your help in pinpointing years and models. I hope to return to this yard again soon and another one nearby as I need seat brackets for my Recaro seat project!


My gut tells me this is a Dodge Monaco station wagon, slowly losing the battle with foliage as the brush presses in. The wood trim is obviously faded but still all there, and I’m sure a Mopar wagon lover could use that vintage roof rack. Year-wise, I’d estimate 67-68.

This tough-looking Duster was caught in a picture from the first installment of my entries from this salvage yard. Up above you can see the boat-tail Alfa and the sad remains of a Plymouth Acclaim below. Those Cragar-style wheels would be nice to pillage!

My hunch is that this is a 70s-era Buick Lesabre, but I’m not 100% certain. The hood scoop definitely throws me off, as I don’t think that was standard equipment. So, let’s ask the readers: what year and model is this rust-colored Buick and where did that hood scoop come from?


These old-school rotary powered Mazda RX-7s were sold in decent quantities, so seeing them in salvage yards isn’t all that uncommon. Still, they’re a rare find on the roads today and this one looked very straight, so my guess is that high-strung motor went a rev too far. What’s parked in front of it?


Down on its luck? This baby-blue Jaguar sedan was in handsome condition despite its unfortunate position at the bottom of the pile. From the still-vibrant whitewall tires to an abundance of clean chrome, it’s unfortunate this British saloon will likely never ride again.

This looks like a Dodge Dart convertible to me, or possibly a hard-top with a vinyl roof. I didn’t get close enough to inspect more thoroughly as I was short on time and had to keep moving. My guess is it’s a hard top as it’s unlikely a soft-top would still fit that snugly after years of exposure to snow and, clearly, plenty of pine needles.


Despite the seemingly infinite climb in value of the original FJ Toyotas, these rust-prone workhorses can still be found scattered throughout junkyards around the northeast. Although fully-restored examples can fetch top dollar, when they rust, they rust badly. This FJ40’s plow attachment likely indicated many years of tough use going out in the worst weather Mother Nature could throw at it.

So, log your guesses (and of course, any corrections!) below and let us know if you have any junkyards in mind we should visit in the future! And be sure to check out our previous “Jeff in the Junkyard” entries here.


  1. booger

    Related to that Monaco wagon, rule of thumb for 60s era Mopar IDs: No side marker lights = 67 back. Round side marker lights = 68. Rectangular side marker lights = 69 up.

    Also, on that Buick 4-door, remember those are built on the same chassis as a Chevelle or Cutlass, so that looks to be a 66-67 model. Obviously the factory didn’t put that scoop on a 4-door. :-)

    Thanks for the photos, good stuff for certain.

  2. Anastos

    In the pic with the RX-7…looks like an early 70’s Cutlass.

  3. Fred

    • Fred

      ’67 Buick Skylark with inappropriate hood scoop.

  4. junkman Member

    Definitely a 67 LeSabre side marker lights started in 68. I bought one of these in a 2dr with a 340cu off a friend in ’75 for $3. that needed a driveshaft. Don’t remember where that one ended up.

  5. chris

    Is this in Southbridge Mass off 84? If it is, you should have seen it in the late 80s before they scrapped most of the stuff.

  6. J Jefferson

    The Dart is clearly a ’68 with a vinyl roof. The side marker year ID by Booger is quite correct, so applies here. Based on the hub caps, I’d say it is a ‘Custom’ trim level, which is very basic. More than 50% chance that it houses a slant 6.

    My first gut reaction to the car in front of the RX-7 was definately GM, probably Cutlass. Upon closer inspection you can see the Cutlass script on the fender, and the egg crate style grill leads me to believe it is a ’72.

  7. Sparkster

    I have an old friend that has over 60 cars and trucks from the 50’s , 60’s & 70’s in Pixley , California. One of which is a 1964 Impala SS 409. They refuse to sell any of the their cars and trucks. Dry climate in that area. Let me know if anyone wants to make the trip to Pixley

  8. Sammy

    I’m interested in the Wagoneer behind that Monaco wagon.

  9. Gary Lindel

    I learned to drive in a similar LeSabre. But no hood scoop on the one I learned in. Probably mid 60s but I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the exact year.

  10. Jay

    Hood scoop on the LeSabre is from an early 80s Mustang.

  11. moosie Craig

    ’67 Skylark, “A” body with a Ford Mustang Boss 429 hood scoop

  12. Jonny

    Isn’t Pixley near Petticoat Junction?

  13. racer417

    Take it from an ex Buick dealer, that is definitely a ’67 Skylark as Fred said.

  14. Jonny

    The Wheeler Dealer

  15. Olaf E

    Best idea was putting the Alfa on top. Also, here in Europe boatail is called ‘Duetto’.

    • Tirefriar

      Olaf, I have to agree that if I was to choose from the least evils, having the Series 1 on top is a good idea. However, this car has no place in the junk yard in the first place. these were some of the most reliable euro cars of the time.

      Series 1 Spiders were called Duetto for 1966-1967 m.y. only. The name “Duetto” was trade marked by a biscuit company in Italy and it went away in 1968. Mistakenly, Series 1 Spiders are all called Duetto.

  16. Mark 'cuda man

    Would love to see some interior shots of some of these cars. Although the 2-door cars pictured such as the Cutlass, Dart, and Duster are generally common, it would be cool to see if they’re bucket seat/console/4-speed cars.

  17. Mike_B_SVT

    Hmm… could be a Boss 429 scoop, or maybe a ’69 / 70 Cougar Eliminator, or ’71-’73(?) Comet hood scoop. Any of those would be worth the time it takes to pull it off and check the numbers (embossed on the underside).

  18. Jeepster

    The Toyota is a FJ25 type 1 !! get the hubcaps, turn signals, mirrors, etc next time you are there … and post them over at ih8mud and watch what happens.

  19. Tirefriar

    Surprised that no one is choosing the Series 1 Alfa Romeo Spider. Looks to have stock wheel caps, this is the most valuable car out of this entire bunch

    • Doug M. (West) Member

      @tirefriar: Great Find!! I had not even seen that. I think it is the value car of the day…and to top it off: It’s on the TOP of the pile, not the bottom!! :)

      • Jeff Staff

        Hey guys. We profiled this car in the first installment of this yard visit:

      • Tirefriar

        Looks like a 66-67 car. Recessed headlights indicate that it was originally equipped with Carello headlight covers. U.S. Market cars had the headlight buckets placed forward of the opening on the fenders and were trimmed with a thick chrome bezel. The factory did include the headlamp covers with every car sold in US but left the installation (and dealing with local lighting regulations) up to the owners. I can’t see if this has the “peak” on the nose panel over the center grille emblem. If so, it may never has been “kissed” in the front, a rarity among the series 1 Spiders. With the earlier a Series 1 fetching serious 5 figures, this car could easily be worth $5k or more depending on the extent of the rust and the level of completeness.

  20. Rob K

    The scoop on the buick isn’t a Boss 429 item, not tall enough. I was thinking 69 or 70 Cougar Eliminator scoop, but they had more of a “vee” shape in the middle at the front. I think the 70 cyclone spoiler had a similar scoop too. Would be worth saving anyway

  21. Jay

    Does anyone know the name and address of this junkyard. I have a 67 Skylark and always in search of parts.

  22. '59FORDfan

    In the Mazda RX7 picture, to the right-i.e., in front, of the Mazda, ‘looks like a Ford Mustang II headlight, peeking out.

  23. '59FORDfan

    -a ’67 Monaco; in ’68, had a recessed grille. To the Jeep’s left, under I’m not sure what, looks to be a Mercury Capri.

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