Jeff In The Junkyard: Woodland Treasures

Woodland Treasures

I had to find some new territory recently. It was bittersweet, in a way, because this latest yard represented the last of my “new” places on a list of six yards I identified over the winter. So, I’ll need to find some new stomping grounds to keep things fresh, but this particular yard has so much hidden in the woods that I’ll likely go back for multiple visits. The big score of the day: a set of very clean factory Recaro sport seats! Now, onto the finds!


First up is an Alfa Romeo (1750?) Boat-Tail Spider. Very rusty as you can see, but also pretty desirable among brand aficionados. The yard operator said he’s had lots of interest in it over the years, but he hasn’t done much with it yet. What other tail lights do you see in this picture?


Like every yard I visit, there tends to be at least one make and model where there’s multiple examples of a car I haven’t seen on the road in years. This yard’s star car was the Chevy Monza, since I counted at least 3 and can’t recall seeing a road-going example in 5 years or more.

Datsun 240z

A blue Datsun 240Z was resting comfortably atop an old van, still looking road-ready with those period-correct Wolfrace slotted mag wheels. I couldn’t get much closer than you see here, but aside from some surface rust, this Z-Car appeared ready to run.


Here’s a sad sight for Chevy fans: a Bel Air picked fairly clean of its most valuable parts. However, there appeared to be some decent sheetmetal and trim still up for grabs, along with good glass and hubcaps. Can anyone identify the year and any optional equipment this once-regal example may have been optioned with?


The vanity front license plate on this forlorn Mustang was about the only thing that gave any indication that this ‘Stang used to gallop. Stuck and disheveled, it clearly appeared down on its luck but still with some fair sheet metal left to give.


Of course, it wasn’t nearly as dilapidated as this pile of Corvette parts. When I see hulks like these, I can’t help but wonder if it was once equipped with some rare factory options or if it had a racing history; elements of a car’s past are sometimes easy to spot and other times impossible. This ‘Vette likely helped other cars live on in its lifetime, possibly explaining its ravaged appearance.

That’s it for this week but we’ll be back next week with more posts from this same yard. Check out last week’s edition here, and simply search ‘junkyard’ on our site for all of the previous entries.


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  1. Randy Forbes

    The Chevrolet Bel Aire looks to be either a ’53 or ’54; the taillights would confirm (earlier ones are upper/lower and round in the middle, and the later ones look like two half-soles for a shoe, end to end).

    Okay, so maybe my forte’ isn’t describing taillights…

    Oh, and in the other picture, looks like Mustang II & Duster/Demon taillights.

  2. Todd Zuercher

    I was hoping to see a picture of the Recaros! Since you’re a BMW guy, did you get them out of a 320is?

    • Jeff Staff

      Here you go, Todd! They are actually out of a early Jetta GLI 16V. Recaro Trophys. They will be retrimmed with blue leather and mounted on adapters in my E28 (eventually…)

      • Eric M.

        I’d love those for the Mk.III jetta I’m rebuilding right now! Lucky find!

      • Hervé Smagghe

        Hello from France !
        About RECARO:
        I’ve learn some months ago what is this brand.
        It’s not italian, but german: a mark from the body maker REUTTER, whose family was closely with the Porsche one, who finally bought the Reutter Cy in 1962.
        But after WWII, c1950, when Porsche let Austria for the Stuttgart aréa, they where welcome for years in a part of the Reutter plants family.
        Together, the family having anticipated than the hand made body will stop, Reutter créate REutterCARrO as spécial seats for cars.
        Please re-write this text in a good british language: I’m in shame !!!!!

  3. JW454

    I think the one piece windshield is a giveaway that the Bel Air is a 1954. As for options I’m going to say two tone paint and full disk hubcaps. Beyond that, I don’t see much.

  4. Jose

    Yes, I believe that Chev is a ’54. These finds always make me feel a bit sad to think that these were at one time someone’s shiny dream cars. Kind of a lost pet that sits wondering what happened.

    • Jeff Staff

      Jose, I have the same thought. And I wonder if those original owners ever sit wondering what happened to their pride and joy….

      • Jose

        What would those old cars say if they could speak the language of the day? Would they speak of joys gone by; of time spent chasing dreams beyond their vaulted sky; the torrid times the seats were left still warm to the human touch; or the time when the once proud owner had to say goodbye, and had to leave the car to someone else’s searching clutch. Wonder what they’d say.

  5. Doug M. (West) Member

    Jeff, Unfortunately I think a lot of these owners never give their past drivers much thought. I think back to about 1968 when my step-dad decided our 1956 Ford Victoria 2dr. hardtop was “finished!” It was Wimbledon white with a soft blue interior. Something was wrong with the motor. He priced out the repairs, shook his head in disgust, then sent it off to the crusher! I objected, and offered to adopt it, but I was just a kid…. He never regretted that, but all these years later I am still discussing the event with my therapist!! :)

    • Jeff Staff

      Ha! Yes, I know my dad disposed of cars I’d like to own today – but at the time, they were just used up old cars that weren’t worth much. Breaks my heart!

  6. Norm

    The Chevy IS a 1954 based on the hubcaps.

    I owned and drag raced one back in the early 1960s. Even held the K/S NHRA record for a while with it. My was Horizon Blue and White. Never did like that Green

  7. cliffyc

    That 240Z is very tempting. The guys, Mike and Edd on Wheeler Dealers have just done one in the US based version of their show. They went from auto to 5 speed manual and made one very nice classic. It should be on Youtube. Here in the UK,growing up we saw a lot of cars with those Wolfrace slot wheels too.

  8. Jose

    What’s the deal with that Alfa Romeo?

    • Jeff Staff

      Been there forever. Yard owner says he’s always had a lot of interest in it but as far as I can tell he has never done much with it. I believe it is supposed to have covered headlights but those are gone. Doors and sills are clearly rusty. Didn’t climb up to see the interior but he’ll let me.

  9. Randy

    wouldn’t mind the wheels off that z for mine but its not a 240 its a late 260z or early 75-76 280z by the bumpers

  10. Marcos

    Can you give details of where that green 54 belair is?…. I see parts i could use on my belair

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