Jewel Blue Coves: 1961 Corvette Convertible

Not that early Corvettes are exactly common, but it’s not unusual either to see a red with white coves C1 ‘Vette pop up from time to time. And while still collectible, restored examples don’t always fly off the shelves. That being said, a survivor-grade car in an exceedingly rare color combo will always stand out, such as this 1961 example here on craigslist that wears a very rare shade of Jewel Blue in its iconic coves. 

The seller claims that in 1961, seventeen Corvettes were painted a “non-standard color.” According to him and the GM Heritage Center Report, this white-on-blue C1 is one of those 17. It is also claimed that this car has not been restored or re-painted, but rather “strategically re-conditioned.” The seller says it has been under the same ownership since 1984, and “…only essential components have been restored or replaced to ensure a healthy and safe performance.”

The blue leather interior is a bit jarring but presents well. Similarly, the drivetrain is in good cosmetic condition, and according to the listing it is “…1 of only 2,827 units ever built with the 283 CI, V8 engine, 2×4 BBL Carter Carburetors, and Special Factory Cam to peak at 270 HP.” Mileage is under 60,000 and the engine is said to remain numbers matching. Still, we’d want to confirm what had been replaced and what has been left unchanged.

If you’re hankering for a C1, it seems to make sense to buy one that isn’t like all the others. Plus, if the claims to original condition hold out, this one will likely only appreciate so long as it isn’t altered from its current condition. Given these early Corvettes are mostly used as garage art these days, that shouldn’t be a problem. Now, the question is – what do the other sixteen color combos look like?

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  1. jw454

    Very handsome looking ride. I wish my pockets were deep enough to afford one like this.

  2. Peter

    Obviously taste is subjective, however, personally I like the blue. Over the top isn’t my preference, but slightly different from everyone else is. Mind you, I’ll never be able to afford an iconic car like this in any color combination.

  3. Gary

    Just what I’ve always wanted! Now if only the lottery would come through it would be mine!

  4. flmikey

    The seller’s ad is one of the best I have seen on a Craigslist ad…well worth the read…you can tell he or she is a true car nut, and will miss his or her baby…that being said, I am interested and am contacting the seller…just recently sold my “baby” and the money is burning a hole in my pocket…

    • MFerrell

      Let us know if you get it!

    • moosie Craig

      Good Luck, I hope you get it. It’s beautiful.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Sometimes I think they put cars like this in BF just to tease and torment guys like me. My ultimate favorite Corvette! I would take this one if it had a single 4bbl. or F.I. Had I the cash this one would be on its way to my place….

  6. Moparman Member

    I didn’t really start to like Corvettes until the iconic ’63 came out, but this is (IMO) as beautiful as they come!! :-)

  7. Howard A Member

    No “Route 66” fans?

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      You beat me to the punch on that one. IIRC I read that the cars used in the show were either brown or blue, so that leaves this one out :-)
      If I could afford it, I’d find garage space somewhere.

    • Wayne

      Howard, you’re showing your age. Me too, loved the show.

  8. Tim S.

    there is 1 of these in the upcoming Leake auction in Tulsa in a few weeks

  9. Clay Byant

    The Shriners of Omaha used to special order about a dozen Corvettes every year with their color of choice and GM would paint them to suit down in St. Louis. In 62 the color was a Cadillac Pink and before you have any inclinations of upchuckin’, you should have seen them. Came out beautiful. Ran into one of them years ago when we had our NCRS Nationals at Breckenridge, Colorado. My 62 was within 12 cars of the build on the pink one, never thought of it but inside the door panel would have told me if mine was a red repaint of a pink one. An undertaker there from Wyoming also had one with a number within the twelve but I guess we were both caught up in the 100s of el primo Corvettes there to think of anything else. Wonder if the 17 special orders included Shriner cars in 61……….

  10. Roger

    I am just curious? Why would you advertise a car of this “pedigree” on Craigslist?

    • Clay Byant

      Roger…for 85K and no one taking a piece of the pie. (And to get it on Barnfinds)

    • tonylomb tonylomb Member

      Searching the VIN, it pop up on e-bay as well. Looks like it drew close to 62K but it was not enough to move it.

      • tonylomb tonylomb Member

        nice language, meant to say popped up

  11. Rolf Poncho 455

    O ye nice vette good luck

  12. Ric Parrish

    ‘Original paint’ kind of bothers me.

  13. RoselandPete

    Leather interior??

  14. Rocco

    I thought ’62 was the only year for the headlight rings to be painted. Did I remember wrong? Where is ccrvtt when you need him?

    • ruxvette

      ’61 were painted. You might be thinking of the cove trim…missing in ’62.

  15. Andrew

    I have been searching around for this color combo for a while. This is the only one I have found. My grandfather owns a ’61 corvette in the exact color combo and has owned it for 20 years. Cool to see how rare it is.

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