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Jigsaw Puzzle: 1963 Porsche 356B

Jigsaw Puzzle Porsche

The seller’s use of the phrase “jigsaw puzzle” in their auction listing seems fitting here. Multiple 356s were cut up and thrown together to form this car. Well, sort of a car. There is no engine, transaxle, doors, interior, etc., etc. Still, considering the outrageous levels that 356 values have reached lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually buys this. It’s listed here on eBay for $7,700 buy-it-now with the option to make an offer. I’m not seeing much value here, but perhaps real Porsche enthusiasts have more vision than I? Thanks goes to Robert R. for sending this in. I’d like to end this with a statement from the seller, “if you’ve wanted a 356 Porsche in the worst way… this is the worst way!”


  1. Dan

    You would buy this one just for the title paper

    • jim s

      yes i think that is what the seller hopes will happen.

  2. grant

    Wow…. I looked at the picture before I read the header. I thought it was the remains of a Beetle at first.

  3. MikeW

    I hope he doesn’t get any offers. Looks like $50 worth of scrap to me.

  4. joeinthousandoaks

    At least he has a sense of humor about it….not sure what a VIN is worth but not 7700 to me.

  5. MH

    It’s junk. Crush it.

  6. SoCal Car guy

    The unusable leftovers after parting out two or three 356s to finish one decent car. Ridiculous and almost insulting to the car hobby for someone to try to pass off and sell that pile of scrap metal as a car.

    • Woodie Man

      Not almost. Is.

    • Woodie Man

      Not almost. Is.

  7. Dolphin Member

    This guy has been selling lots of Porsche, M-B and VW parts.
    These pieces are just the worthless bits that are left over after the useful parts have been picked.

  8. francisco

    Is this the Porsche James Dean got killed in?

    • Jason

      Not even close.

  9. taxijohn

    I hate to say it but the id could well be bought to change the id of a stolen one. It happens over here in the uk.

  10. Bryan Cohn

    To think that 356 prices have gotten so out of hand that someone, even someone with no scruples would try to pass this off as a car and sell it says a lot about how inflated 356 prices are and possibly how desperate some people are to cash in on the 356 lottery.

    This happened in 89-90 when XKE prices when through the roof. The shop I worked in did several XKE warmed over resto jobs (I managed the body shop, I wasn’t buying/selling cars or screwing people thankfully) and we did one that I swear had been pulled from the bottom of a lake! The corrosion was the worst I’ve seen on any car ever that was brought back to life.

    That market collapsed just as the 356 market will one day soon. The entire high end desirable car market is due for a “market adjustment”. A lot of people are going to be stuck with cars they paid way too much for and others will lose their shirts when they sell.

    The cool stuff we all seem to like, the old, less perfect, driver cars won’t see much hurt if any.

  11. Rb Ward

    I’ve seen some beat up cars on this site but I think this one is the top. It would be fun to go back thru the achieves and compare a bunch of real disasters and vote on the ultimate. This one might win just because of the asking price.

  12. B and A

    Look at the bright side. It has a rust free (wood) floor.

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