Joe’s Alley Find: 1963 Ford Fairlane


We love hearing about the finds you guys make everyday. There’s nothing better than seeing an abandoned classic revived and put back on the road. So when we heard from reader Joe W out in Ohio and his most recent find, we were excited to hear what his plans are for it! I’ll let Joe tell you about his find and how it came to be in his possession. From Joe – Here are some pictures of my latest find. It’s a 1963 Ford Fairlane 500.


It’s fitted with the 260 cu. in. V8 and a three speed column shift. It was a one owner car from new and was garage kept until around 2007. At that point, a buyer bought it with plans to “restore” it, however, it has sat outside in an alley for the last nine years sinking into the ground.


The owner moved to Minnesota about a year ago and left the car behind. He contacted a friend of mine and informed him the house where it is sitting had been sold and asked my friend to “haul the car away to the scrap yard”.


My friend called and asked if I wanted it and I promptly said “I’ll take it”! Using a small tank under the hood, the car runs, drives, turns, and stops but, it will need tires, the gas tank cleaned out or replaced, and a few other things before it will be ready for the road. 


The car is now being kept inside out of the weather. The plan is to make it safe and reliable and use it as a summer time daily driver for awhile.


It’s great to hear that this Ford has been saved from the crusher! I’m also happy that Joe is going to make this his summer time daily driver. Cars like this Ford were built to be driven, so let’s get out there and enjoy our classics!


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  1. tje

    I had a 64 Fairlane 500 Sport Coupe – bought it for $500 in 72 with a 289 and a cheater slick as a spare.

    Fun car actually…

  2. Chebby

    Way too nice to scrap! Congratulations. Did you get it for free?

    • JW454

      Yes, I paid $12.00 to switch the title but, otherwise, free. My buddy has the rollback so the ride home was free too.

      • Rocco

        That’s great! It’s good to friends.

      • Chebby

        Nice one Joe! Does ‘JW454’ imply that you are a big-block Chevy guy?

      • JW454


        It did at one time but, it’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

  3. Blindmarc

    Cool find!

  4. JCW Jr.

    You were lucky your friend thought of you. Good friend nice find.


    Can someone tell me why some of the early fords had orange valve covers. Always thought those were Chevy colors. As old as I am I have known the answer to that or the story behind the different colors on different cars. Just always thought ford was blue , Chevy was orange, Pontiac light blue and so forth.

    • Rocco

      They were actually red. It seems the intermediates had red valve covers and air cleaner assembly on a black(I think) eng. Early ’60’s Fairlanes & Coments had red accents at least up through ’64, to the best of my knowledge. ’65 had gold on black eng., then in ’66 they went all blue. Someone can correct me if I’m off a little.

      • Fastlane

        Ford color coded their engines up through 1965. Valve cover and air cleaner color was based on displacement. Blocks were painted black. Colors didn’t necessarily stay the same year to year. For 1963 v8’s, Red was the 260, and the other ones are as follows, air cleaner / valve cover.
        1963 289 White White
        1963 352 Blue Blue
        1963 390 Gold Gold
        1963 406-4V Gold open-element Gold
        1963 406-6V Oval aluminum Gold
        1963 427-4V Chrome. Chrome

      • Rocco

        Very informative. I do remember seeing a 289 with white&white. I just thought some individual did it. It was ugly, and impractical.
        Thanks again for the info!

  6. Everett Lanier Member

    Some memories! My aunt gave me a 62 4dr in high school in 71. Good car until I tried to put a 8track in it! I didn’t know that the car was 6 volts and trying to put in a 12 volt 8 track! I almost burned it up! I remember that like yesterday. Good car!

    • Ralph Terhune

      The car you mentioned in your reply had a 12 volt system. Ford converted over from 6 volts to 12 volts across all car lines in 1955.

      • Marty Parker

        ’55 Fords were 6 volts Switched to 12 volts in ’56.

      • Rocco

        Marty Parker,
        My buddy in HS(’67) had a ’56 Ford Crown Vic, and it was still a 6 volt system.
        How about maybe ’57, Ford went to 12 volt?

      • Marty Parker

        Worked on cars 50 odd years. Never saw a 56 Ford with a 6 volt system. You can check this out online. Not saying your buddy didn’t have one, but I don’t think it came from the factory that way.

  7. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Congratulations Joe! I would bet she is pretty rare being a factory 260 V8 with 3-speed on the tree and 4 doors. I love it!

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Can’t be common with a stick – good work – buy your friend beer

    • Glen

      I think he should buy us all a round!

  9. the gezzer

    I had a 63 2 door fairlane. ..white with red interior. ..260 auto. Traded my wore out 69 road runner for it. Ah..those were the days.

  10. Rocco

    Did anyone notice the upgraded duel master cyl.? Someone took care of it before it just sat around.

    • JW454


      As I understand it, the owner that planned to restore it added the duel M/C while installing all new brakes shoes, wheel cylinders, lines, and drums. That was extent of the restoration work that was done. The drums will need a clean up on the brake lathe to knock the rust off but, otherwise, the brakes are done.

  11. Chris

    I have a 62 2 door 500 I saved like this. I drive it almost every day! Enjoy!

    • randy

      62 two door. My favorite!

  12. Rob S

    Congrats on the find and great work brining it back to the road. Best of of luck and enjoy!!

  13. AutoArcheologist

    Hear, Hear! Another one saved. Love the story.

  14. Eric Dashman

    My mom had a 4 door 64 Fairlane 500 in this teal color with the 260 and automatic. She bought it after her 59 powder blue Pontiac Catalina convertible died on the way to the Montreal Expo (and went to some salvage yard in Balston Spa, NY). What a come down, but it was a nice car and she drove it for quite a few years until she couldn’t stand not having a convertible (1967 fire engine red Pontiac Lemans automatic with bucket seats and console shifter). They also bought a 62 Fairlane 2 door for my pop to drive to the train station. Both the 64 and 62 were solid dependable cars that gave us good albeit basic service. The 64 was a better looking car than the 61-63 versions, losing the tailfins across the Ford lineup…IMO.

    Nice to have this 63 saved and driven, as it was meant to be. Saw a 56 Chevy wagon being driven around the other day in modest condition. It’s such a treat to see that instead of the jelly beans and ugly designs that predominate today (e.g. the popular Prius is today’s Citroen 2CV in design).

  15. Jesper

    To the scrap yard??
    Such a fool.
    Nice find. :-)

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