John M’s Roadside Sightings In Maine

It’s always exciting when you spot a classic along the side of the road, especially when it’s something you’d love to own! Well reader John M recently sent in a few roadside sightings, one of which he has been trying to buy for years. While I’d take any of these finds, that Challenger looks quite tempting. Sadly, that’s the one that John has been trying to buy without any success. Hopefully, one day the owner decides to let it go and that it isn’t too far gone by that point. Be sure to take the rest of his sightings below!

I want to thank John for sharing his sightings with us and wot wish him luck with getting that Challenger! If you have some interesting roadside sightings, we would love to see them, so attach your photos to an email and send them over to us!

Fast Finds


  1. sir mike

    What a waste…except for the Mustang…Cougar might already be to far gone…sad

  2. L.M.K. Member

    That Challenger reminds me of the detective series Mannix with Mike Connors . John M, get that owner to listen to reason before it’s too late….

    • wrockfish

      i’m thinkin he drove a drop-top dart.

      • RS

        Mannix drove a variety of Mopars – Dart convertible (I think it was a 383, ‘Cuda, and some others. The last year or two of the series he switched to GM products, ugh. By then the V8’s were down to 175 hp.


    Everything has a number, and John hasn’t offered the right number yet.

  4. glen

    That Mustang looks like it went for a swim. Early Cougars are my favourite, and trucks are always awesome. I’m also a big fan of Mopar, so these photos are a nice collection.

  5. gregwnc

    Sometimes there’s just no reasoning with people. A few years back I watched a 1969 GTO Judge go right into the ground because the lady that owned it wouldn’t even accept an offer. Go figure.

  6. newfieldscarnut

    It makes me crazy when I see a valuable car or truck left in the elements next to a garage full of worthless piles of junk and debris .

    • RS

      Especially when its sitting on dirt, rusting to bits from beneath, the owner thinks it’s worth a fortune and refuses to sell because ‘some day I’m gonna fix it up’. By which time it will only be rust for scrap.

  7. Don H

    I’m almost shour he is going to fixum up some day ,🍺

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    John M – leave the Maine cars to return to their constituent elements – go west my son

  9. Joe Nose

    That Moostang in ME…ran when sunk…

  10. mike d

    I watched a 58 Impala convert, just rot away under a tree… the owner put a big plywood sign NOT FOR SALE on it.. it was nothing but rust when it ” disappeared”

  11. Steven

    Where is Tony and Catfish along with duke as them guys always looking for a deal.. Uncle Henrys paper!


      Is that show still on? I have not seen it listed in the TV guide for quite some time. I did enjoy it when it was on though. There was some wheelin’ and dealin’ going on with those boys.

      • Steven

        Who needs Craigslist, when you have Uncle Henry’s in Down East Dickering what Tony Bennett says.. He doesn’t like punching a time clock, does his thing and makes a living at it.

    • Keith

      Good old Uncle Henry’s Swap it or Sell it Guide. A staple of Maine

      • Steven

        Well them guys are still wheelin and dealing, but I’m thinking that channel didn’t renew the show.. I did here that its coming back on A&E

  12. Rustytech Member

    There’s a 1955 Ford pick up sitting in a yard about 2 miles from me. The owner must have gotten plenty of offers as he painted NOT FOR SALE right on the door in large block letters for all to see.

  13. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck Foster

    There’s a 72 Challenger down here in NW FL for $3800, been for sale for a while, looks like primer over rust. I also saw a basket case Cuda in Mobile AL for $3,000, no pictures, it’s long gone, tempting but I have too many projects as it is.
    A funny ad…
    1983 1/2 dressed up pig – $225000 (Ya mommas house) hide this posting

    I have up for sale a 1974 piece of crap, that I believe has been rolled in pure gold. Its got 685,000 miles on thebbody, but the brand new crate motor was rebuilt 8 years ago, and it’s only got 347,000 miles on it. The transmission works great, but it sometimes won’t go into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th because the elves that live in the housing are jack asses and don’t do their job shifting the gears. The motor is all there except for the intake, the carb, and the aftermarket fuel rail that adds 6000 horsepower and makes it fly like the challenger shuttle. No worries though, because the body has been rolled down a mountainside, so there’s a small dent where your mom sat her butt on the hood. Oh yeah. None of the door handles work, and it has a genie that relocks the doors on command. Security! All of the speakers are busted because I’m a cool ass redneck that blasted lil yachty way too loud because I’m gangster too. So because of that, I snatched out my top of the line Dual radio. The a.c. blows about as cold as my ex wife does…. so most of y’all should know that means it’s frigid as hell in there, and the heater is as hot as my toothless strippers’ store bought boobs.
    Don’t call me lowballin any offers, because that’ll just piss me off. I’m trying to buy me a new doublewide. As a matter of fact, I don’t wanna sell it, because I know it’s worth it’s weight in gold. It’s super rare, so I’ll just keep it. Don’t call me or message me. I only like to reply to emails, but I won’t leave that info on here, because I’m stupid. I think ill just sit on it and let it rust into oblivion. ‘Merica.

    • St. Ramone de V8

      Dang! That was fun! Thanks, Chuck..

    • Yellowjax Member

      Thank you for your creativity.


    There is a possibility that the Cougar is an early 67 as it has the colored keyed wheels. Those were only an option for a short period of time during the first part of production. Josh, is there any way you can get the VIN?

  15. Peter Atherton

    Get the guys from Graveyard Cars onto this one!

  16. Jfa1177

    And I thought Mississippi had the worst car hoarders, sheesh. When we moved into our house I caught sight of a 69 Camaro parked at the far back of my neighbor’s yard.
    After getting to know them I inquired about the car. Turns out it was his brother in laws car. I asked if he was willing to part with it and was turned down saying he’d get to it one day.
    It’s a shame to see interesting old cars that probably had a story to go with it rot away to nothing.

  17. Steven

    Down East Dickering in Uncle Henry’s as I saw this on its facebook page..

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