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Just 150 Made: 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Maratona

When it comes to rare cars, only 150 being made puts it in fairly elite company. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 Maratona edition was created to provide some new life to the GTV6 lineup in the USA, so a swoopy body kit and other enhancements were dialed up for the limited edition Maratona. Find one of the original 150 here on eBay with bidding up to $510 and the reserve unmet.

The Maratona didn’t do much to change the state of affairs under the hood, but the seller claims this example benefits from a completely rebuilt engine. What a shame if the motor was redone and then the bump to the nose took this car off the road. If it was driving around without collector car insurance, it would seem likely the car would be written off. The car runs and drives but can’t currently be used due to a fuel line leak.

Inside, the Maratona badge is still in place on the dash. The sport seats and wood-rimmed steering wheel look decent. Most of the changes for the Maratona were on the outside, with the addition of the fender flares, a rear window louver (missing here), an engine view port in the hood, fog lights and Speedline alloy wheels. The latter are also missing, likely due to the fact that the Alfa came equipped with TRX tires that are extremely costly to replace.

Overall, the car is a project but the expensive and rare parts seem to be accounted for, with the exception of the wheels and rear window louver. The fuel line will be the first order of business for any potential buyers, along with pulling out the damage to the nose. For the Alfa fan in your life, a sweet-running GTV6 is one of life’s simple joys, made all the more special with an extremely limited production car. Is this Maratona worth saving?


  1. Tim

    Oh, how I wish I wasn’t married! I always wanted a GTV, and a special edition one would fit very nicely. Shame about the missing parts and damaged nose, but I’m sure that’s small fry for a true officianado. So nice to see one not eaten up by rust.

    • Rick A. Loera Member

      Kind of a funny way if starting a paragraph. How could someone not want to be married. Ha, just kidding. Your comment made my day!

  2. Dan

    Seems like a lot of cars recently have been showing up with the door panels taken off.

    • Brakeservo

      Yeah well at least this site is still fairly well grounded where door panels are still door panels, unlike some Bring-A-Twit site where they have pretentiously become “door cards” haha.

      • Scott Tait

        A door card and a door panel are completley different
        A panel covers the entire bottom of the door up to the window …a door card only covers it partially
        (o Y o)

      • Martin Horrocks

        Door panel is replacement (or original, but probably not on an 80s Alfa) sheet metal where I come from. Door card would be interior trim fitting.

        There were only 150 examples because the market rejected these blow-out specials. Look for a nice GTV6 and don´t be fooled by the “special edition” spin which ruins the car´s look.

  3. Jubjub

    Needs door cards procured, nose panel refittment and a respray commissioned!

    Never liked this body kit. I’d eliminate it altogether. Cheapened the look of the design. However the clear panel on the hood was cool.

  4. Dolphin Member

    As an owner of a 1984 GTV6 without the special body doo-dads that are on this car I can say that everything other than the special body is more important.

    That goes especially for the body and drivetrain, as is usually the case, since those are what often suffer from neglect / abuse / moisture on these cars.

    Other than the bent nose, this car’s body looks like it might be OK, from what you can see in the few poor photos. The one wheel you can see looks like it might be non-TRX, but like everything else with this car you would need to go there and look up close.

    Start the engine, try to move the car, even just in the driveway, since that will tell you whether the transaxle-mounted clutch is OK. You would still need to drive it on the road to see whether there is any driveshaft / Guibo shake and whether the engine makes good power as it should after a claimed rebuild. The seller’s description is shaky, so I would want to see paperwork for the engine rebuild and have a test drive. The car is a GTV6, not a GTV, which had a 4-cylinder engine, not the V6 that this car has.

    If the body is good from living in sunny So Cal, that’s a big plus. If the engine was rebuilt, that’s another plus, especially with 125K miles. Then it will depend on the reserve, which hasn’t been hit yet.

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