Just Add Drive Train: 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang

I’m afraid your fears that we’re an engine and transmission short are true. However, a lot of this 1970 Boss 302 that has been in storage for 30 years is pretty good–I’d sure like to see someone put it back together. It’s located in Fresno, California, and is advertised here on eBay with a buy it now of $25,000 but you can make a lower offer.

While it looks a little dingier from this view, if that really is the original paint and stripes this might be a really solid project to start from. I just wish that scoop were in the hood so that it looked a little more right! Unfortunately, that went along with the drive train into a race car many years ago, and someone installed a 428 V8 in its place. The seller tells us that damaged the under hood area, but did include pictures to show us what that damage is.

You can see some damage to the inner fender wells, and there’s some rust in those spots as well. However, the great thing about working on a Mustang is that everything is available. Well, almost everything. I came up completely blank looking for an original Boss 302 drive train to install. I’m sure a specialist can find something, but it’s going to be expensive for sure.

There, that’s better. Other than the nose in the air attitude, the car almost looks normal from this view!

As you can see, the interior is relatively complete, but you are going to have to replace pretty much everything to get the car up to snuff in here. Again, it’s all available.

I suppose this is one option; it’s a Ford Performance Parts crate Boss 302 V8, but it’s not the same (actually, from a technical point of view, it’s better, but that’s beside the point). What would you do with this Boss? Stock or restomod?

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  1. lenny

    This is not a BOSS 302 ! they NEVER had automatic !! so you can put in whatever you want, engine, trans

    • Bill

      The Boss 302 did not have the wood grain dash or passenger clock either.
      The front fender wells on a Boss are rolled under to accommodate the larger 15″ wheels. MACH1 had 14″ and the fender is sharp when reaching under along the top of the wheel well. I’m pretty sure AC was not an option also. NOT a Boss for sure

  2. Don

    Someone put an automatic in it ,all 302 bosses and all 429 bosses were 4 speeds

  3. Blyndgesser

    The automatic is also non-original. Boss 302s were four speed only. At this point you have a Boss 302 VIN attached to what might as well be a tired, engineless Mach I. It’ll never be original again, so stick the engine and transmission of your choice it it and make it a nice driver instead. I’m thinking a 302 stroked to 331, with an Inglese ITB setup and a T56, plus some suspension upgrades.

    • Blyndgesser

      I guess great minds think alike, huh?

  4. flmikey

    Hey, man….that’s not a Boss…it’s got an auto….oh, I see that’s been addressed….other than the VIN, is there any other way to make sure this is a real Boss….did the Boss have an oil cooler…etc…;

    • Bill

      the Boss front fenders were rolled over inside the wheel well to accommodate the 15″ wheels. MACH1 had 14″ and the inside of the fender well opening is sharp where the sheet metal ends. Boss would be rounded or smooth. Boss did NOT have the wood grain dash or passenger clock. I don’t think AC was an option on the Boss either. The Deluxe three spoke “rim blow” steering wheel was a MACH1 thing too and I see this car has one. The seats look correct and not MACH1 type. I’m guessing a plain old 70 “sports roof” (fast back) that someone put MACH1 interior parts in and painted up like a Boss years ago.

      • rdc

        The interior decor group was an option on the Boss 302 and it included a wood dash and console trim was available. However, air was not available.


    25 grand ughhhhh…..no

  6. Don

    Could still be a boss ,he said that the 302 and 4 speed have been took out and a 428 put in could have had an auto installed​ at that time

    • bog

      Don – yes, they mention that a 428 was put in to make a drag car, so an auto paired with that engine makes sense. Actually non-sense to destroy a BOSS, unless they “grenaded” the original BOSS engine drag racing and sold (or traded) it and the original tranny for the big-block. Shame on them. It appears that the drivers side shock tower was poorly “massaged” to get those Hedman headers to fit on the big-block installation. This year (or the ’69) BOSS is the one I wanted and had to “settle” for building a ’71 BOSS 351, as the Army didn’t release me in time to order one !

  7. Dave Member

    Anything’s possible. 25gs is a lot of scrilla – I’ll stick to my Galaxie, thank you.

  8. rdc

    Not sure, but I might restore everything to a Boss 302, assuming it is a real boss 302. Install a period 351c with period 4 speed and call it a day. I miss the 70 Mustang I had.

  9. al8apex

    This was already reviewed several months ago

    The interior cloth was rare and that triggered my memory

  10. Don Tennison

    Crazy. Why would anyone pay this price. You would have much more $$$ in it than a nice original would cost. This will never be a real Boss. It needs toooo much for this price.

  11. Ty

    It has no transmission, just a automatic shifter probably left over from the 428 swap. It also has a A/C dash pad probably swapped in at some time. From what I can see its a legitimate Boss 302 body with minimal rust and original paint and several desirable options such as a shaker, tach, rear spoiler, deluxe interior. Those are not so easy to find. The stamped VIN on the shock towers and dash will verify for sure. has to have a G as the fifth digit. I would take this incomplete but solid body over a more complete but rusty car anytime. If you’ve ever restored a rusty car then you will appreciate how much easier it is to set behind a computer and search for missing engine than crawl around in your shop cutting and replacing body panels. and probably cheaper if you have to have it done. This was a high revving engine with weak piston skirts so engineless Boss 302s are not uncommon but parts are out there. Is it cheap? No, but not out of touch with reality. Anyone with a Boss drivetrain sitting in their shop and no car would be in good shape if they were to purchase this car. Believe it or not there are some people out there in just that situation. Good luck with the sale.

    • mark

      The add on ebay has a G as the fifth digit. The only hard thing to see is the pedals unless they were probably swapped back in the day when the engine and trans were changed. I also see other ford and Mustangs in the background.

  12. ATLjeff

    If I were in California and had time and money on my side, I’d pick this up and drop a 5.0 Coyote in it. Then assuming the body is as solid as it seems, I’d just throw some seat covers on and drive the hell out of it.

  13. Mike

    Perfect for a GM ls2 swap.

  14. MorganW Morgan Winter Member

    The Marti report says Boss 302. I’ll take his word on it, but at 25K, I’m out…

  15. Alan

    For $25,000, do something else

  16. Don H

    It wheel never be a original boss again ,so really mess with people and put a Chevy 302 Z28 in it 🐀

  17. Brakeservo

    I wonder if they put the original engine and trans into the Bentley/Rolls in the background? Hope not – those conversions hardly ever turn out well . . .

  18. Importer1980

    For 25k?! That’s completely ridiculous. As it sits, maybe 5k.

    • Shayne

      You’re a special kind of person

  19. Mercury Man

    Real Boss cars had a rolled lip on the front fenders. This cars looks to have them. I just happen to have a ’70 Boss engine that would be perfect for this project. But it’s a Mustang and I am just not into them, now if it was a Boss Cougar….. maybe.

  20. Kevin

    To much for just a roller. I have a 460 that I’m looking for a good roller to stuff it in but not for that kind of money. Maybe $10,000.00? I can appreciate that it may have been a boss but now it’s more of a supervisor. The Boss moved on to a different car.

  21. JR

    I have a complete 1970 Boss 302 service engine (no VIN #’s, used as a drop in warranty replacement engine by Ford back in the day) that would be perfect for this. Never installed in a car. I’ve had it sitting around for 30+ years now. This would be a good candidate for it if the price was closer to the car’s actual value sans engine and transmission.

  22. NMCarNut

    Someone in its past might have stuck an AC dash pad in this car (maybe the same time as automatic conversion?) but the absence of the side ducts or holes for AC lines in the firewall says this never was an AC car.

    JR, talk the seller to a price that reflects reality and buy it!

  23. Bob D

    Don’t know if this has been addressed in the comments, but a quick check of shock towers (reinforced) will tell you you if you need to keep digging. This does not look to have them so it would not be a Boss 02 or a 428cj car. Check for rolled fenders and verify the G code in then VIN and on several parts of then frame and the inner front panels. But looks like a decent car to build your own combo.

  24. Ty

    This car does have reinforced shock towers easily visible in the listing pictures. They look to be cut slightly wen the 428 was installed but certainly fixable. Also it has staggered shocks that are mandatory on a Boss 302. Looking at all factors this appears to be a legitimate Boss 302. As for the person wanting to put a 302 Chevy down in it might I remind them the Boss 302 won the Trans-am championship in 1970 competing against the Z28. But if you’re concerned with going to fast that would be a viable option.

  25. Donek

    Could anyone tell this European if that type of chromed steel RO-style road-wheel was ever available (Ford, GM, Chrysler etc.) in the combination 15 inch diameter, 6J or 6.5J rim-width and 5 on 5 PCD?

  26. Mark-A

    Remember that by the mid 80s it was JUST ANOTHER OLD car so don’t be too sore on the guy that did all the sacrilegious mods to a Boss302 as he was probably not thinking about what it’d be worth 35yrs later, hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it!!

    • bog

      Mark – I shudder to think what happened to MY old BOSS 351. I recently saw one very similar to mine, kept in pristine condition, go for over 150K at auction. Sad face. “Woulda, shoulda, coulda…”

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