K-Code Field Find: 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

When it was new, this 1966 Mustang Coupe would have been a great car. It has since fallen on hard times, having spent many years sitting in this field. There is no reason why it couldn’t be returned to its best once again. It will take some work, but when you look at it, the Mustang seems to remain surprisingly solid. It is located in Joplin, Missouri, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The listing has been set to open at $4,500 in a No Reserve auction, but there have been no bids up to this point.

The Mustang started its life finished in very attractive Ivy Green with a Black vinyl top. There is little evidence of this paint on the car now, while the vinyl top has been gone for many years. The photos that the owner supplies are a bit inconclusive, but there is no doubt that the vehicle has the usual rust in the floors and trunk pan, along with the common rust issues in the lower rear quarter panels that you find in Mustang project cars of this era. Surprisingly, the photos seem to indicate that the frame might be quite solid, including areas such as the torque box region. It will certainly take plenty of work to bring it back from the dead, but when you compare its condition with some of the similarly-priced examples that we have seen here at Barn Finds over the years, it does seem to compare quite favorably.

Sadly, the Mustang isn’t a numbers-matching car. This is hugely disappointing because what originally occupied the engine bay was a K-Code 289ci V8. This beauty pumped out 271hp, allowing the vehicle to easily cover the ¼ mile in 14.7 seconds. It isn’t clear when the original engine disappeared, but the owner is candid about the fact that when that one went, what replaced it wasn’t a K-code. I get the impression that it has been quite a few years since the Mustang last fired a shot in anger, and it isn’t even clear whether the engine turns freely. As the owner rightly points out, locating a replacement K-Code is definitely possible, and while the buyer might choose to follow that particular path, they might also choose to try something a bit different. If the Mustang is as solid as the photos would seem to indicate, they might choose to pursue a Restomod project. Personally, even though it wouldn’t be numbers-matching, I really would love to see another K-code under the hood.

Given the external state of the vehicle, the interior of the Mustang holds no real surprises. The original black vinyl upholstery looks pretty shredded, although the door trims look like they might be able to be salvaged. One positive aspect is that at least the interior looks to be complete, and it doesn’t look like anyone has loaded it up with aftermarket parts. Having to source a new interior trim kit is a pretty common occurrence with Mustang restorations, and undertaking this work can be one of the least expensive and most satisfying aspects of a restoration project. This car will need a complete kit, including seat foam. High-quality kits, including carpet, headliner, dash pad, seat foam, and every other component required to return the interior to “as-new” condition can be found for around $1,600. Of course, if you want something a bit special and aren’t fussed about returning the interior of the Mustang to a completely original state, you might choose to fit the car with a Pony interior. These are available with all hardware and trim pieces for around $1,800.

I won’t shy away from the fact that it is going to take some work to return this Mustang to a roadworthy state, but it does show some promise. I’d love to get a look at the car just to confirm how solid it actually is. If it is structurally sound and could be secured for a price somewhere around the opening bid region on the listing, then it could potentially be a pretty reasonable sort of buy when compared to other Mustang project cars in a similar state. Of course, it would be a whole lot better if the original engine was still in residence, but I guess that we can’t have everything, can we?

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  1. SMDA

    Just buy a replica body, equip as you want, and enjoy for a fraction of the cost. You still have the thrill of assembling it yourself, but everything is brand new and it will last a lifetime.

  2. Tucker Callan

    There used to be arrow heads in my back yard too??

  3. Sam61

    The seller could make more money selling prints of the first picture…very artsy.

    No reason you can’t restore it…$4,500 for the firewall/vin and buy everything else.

  4. whmracer99

    Often the hard part is knowing the difference between what you can fix, and what you should fix. Agree with SMDA that this is a VIN crying out for an aftermarket body only because of the K code motor. If the rear quarters are any indication, the rest of the chassis that’s sitting in the dirt is going to be junk. Always a bad sign when the seller’s most positive comments on the body is “has a good roof”.

    • Steve R

      Who makes/sells an aftermarket body for the 65-66 mustang coupe?

      Steve R

      • Johnny R


  5. chillywind

    I love seeing a pony out to pasture.

    It is a cool first picture. Back in the late 80s these things were in everyones backyards and fields wasting away. Brings back memories

  6. grant

    Not sure if Josh or Jessie read these but if so, have you considered a calendar? Might be copyright issues with Craigslist and eBay picsbut since they are in “the public domain” I think it would be ok. I’d be a buyer for sure.

  7. Tim

    A “K” code Mustang without a “K” code motor, in this shape, is just a parts car to see, at best. Otherwise it’s a money pit of epic proportions.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like the GTX this Stang was just an old car when it was put out to pasture. The Vin will show uo some where….

    • SMDA

      I am surprised the VINS don’t get pilfered before the car is even for sale. You know, off goes the VIN and in goes a few gallons of gasoline. Throw a match and no one is the wiser. Gosh, I could go into the flipping business! Gather around boys! Lots of nice original cars here for your inspection! Better grab them up quick, sure to be gone tomorrow!

  9. Bruce Fischer

    Flood car.

  10. Bob C.

    Ack phhhht!

    • Andrew

      Bloom county?

  11. Bob C.

    Bill the cat.

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