Kenosha Perfection: 1965 AMC Rambler

The USA needs AMC now more than ever. Rugged, affordable, economical, made in America with a tiny bit of flair. The car made for every man and woman. Not sure who today makes cars like this? And there definitely isn’t an affordable family sized convertible on the market in 2017. This droptop beauty can be found here on craigslist for $16.5K in Houston, TX.

I prefer not to use words like perfect, but I’m having a real tough time coming up with flaws for this Rambler Classic 770. Is too pretty a flaw? White might not be the most exciting color from AMC’s 1965 palette, but the red interior really spruces up the place. This is the kind of vehicle that you buy and enjoy immediately or tuck it away for future appreciation. Sometimes you just want a vehicle that literally needs nothing but a turn of the key. Something that has all its unobtanium intact. A car that no one else has but everyone is excited to see.

Not a V8, but the AMC 232-6 should provide many years of quiet and frugal use in combination with the 3 on the tree. And loads of room under hood to tinker, though it looks like every crease and crevice has been detailed for gawking. Power steering should make navigating this small boat a breeze, giving you more time to watch the factory clock tick away. Car is stated to be all original, with the exception of a new power top and whitewalls. Did AMC make them this straight and true fifty years ago? Simply stunning.

Being a 770, this is a more upscale Classic Kenosha-mobile, but this one is still lacking a radio and a few accessories. Less to go wrong in my book! Trunk is ample and clean, scuff plates are shiny and not corroded, steering wheel isn’t faded or cracked, the driver’s seat doesn’t have derriere sag, and the floor mat looks like it was just pulled off the shelf.

The absolute only thing I would do is put a vintage style battery cover over the modern battery. I’ve never owned a car you could eat off of, but I wouldn’t say no to some Wisconsin cheese that has touched pretty much anywhere on this ragtop. And kudos to the seller for an ad with plenty of pictures and lots of details. I’d take this regal Rambler over its garage mate any day.


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  1. Sanity Factor

    Speachless for once…

    • john dump

      16k???? For a 6cyl??

  2. Tim

    She’s definitely a beaut !

  3. Nathan Avots-Smith Member

    My grandparents had a Rambler convertible, which I believe was a ’65 Classic like this. My grandmother hated it, but that was when it was just a used car (and even then it probably wasn’t as nice as this one)—this looks like a beautiful cruiser!

  4. glen

    He doesn’t have any kind of cover on the Vette, but he does on the Rambler!
    I would take this over so many other vehicles that have bigger engines and cost far more.

    • Pa Tina

      Maybe the Corvette gets driven daily.

      • glen

        could be

  5. Poptheclutch

    This person has a good camera as those are probably the clearest photos of a car I have ever seen.
    Even thoe intieror lights are super bright for the daytime.
    Nice car though!

  6. jdjonesdr

    Beautiful car. I’d be afraid to drive it anywhere.

  7. Milt(2)

    If memory serves, the fastest way to ruin a car’s paint job is to cover it with a “moisture trapping” plastic sheet. Perhaps the intent was only as a dust cover but given Houston’s humidity, the plastic sheeting will still trap the moisture.

    • RUSTY

      The garage is insulated and air conditioned.

  8. ROTAG999

    I would want a V-8 and a 4 speed but nice car !

  9. T. S.

    remember huricane Harvey , would ask time stamp on these photo’s and where car stored at time of Harvey and detailed inspection

  10. Adam T45 Staff

    I love it. I’ll help you out a little here Corey: If you’re loath to use the word “perfect”, substitute the word “pristine”!

  11. GP Member

    That car is pretty from top to bottom and front to back. I would be proud to be the owner.

  12. Loco Mikado

    A lovely car. I would prefer a V8 but no way would I modify this one. The 232 6 introduced the previous year would go on to live on in various displacements into the next century. I wish I was 20 years younger and able to afford to buy this car. I know the running gear on this car blindfolded.

  13. Mark

    Beautiful Car, photos look almost fake or brochure like!

    • RUSTY

      Photo are REAL. Taken recently with a very expensive Camera. They are not touched up in any way.

  14. Karl

    Man, that is absolutely gorgeous.

    Now, wait…these are the same people what give us the Matador?

    • Tom Justice

      Remember Roger Penske raced Matadors with great success.

    • Andy

      Hey! I had a Matador!!! Loved that car! Lots of power for the city streets, lots of room inside for friends and dates… Too bad it got nailed head on by a woman who lost control of her car on rain slicked roads…!

  15. Lindsey Johnstone

    I saw exactly like this at an auto dealer in ’68 or ’69. I wanted it then, wouldn’t mind it now. If I can recall correctly, it was $675.

  16. glen

    It’s a sad reminder of the year when the seller feels the need to tell us it’s a “flood free” car.

    • RUSTY

      You posted the ads but not the price. Why? If your going post. Post it all.

      • Davey

        Actually the word is “you’re”

  17. Trace

    My uncle sold Ramblers after Hudson ceased manufacturing in 57. He resided in California and every year he would show up in a new Rambler. Shortly after Rambler ceased manufacturing, he sold chevrolets until his passing.

  18. Dan

    What a sweet ride, and that straight six is the cherry on the top!

  19. Pa Tina

    Amazing condition. As stated many times by many contributors to this site, if you spend $16,000 what do you do with it? How can you not drive this gem? But if you do drive it you lose money with every mile. What a strange hobby.

    • Dick Johnson

      I test drove a classic car that a collector car dealer was advertising as an original low mileage vehicle. The speedometer was inoperative and a glance unger the dash revealed a disconnected cable.

      One of his employees said that the dealer used his GPS app in order to keep rhe mileage low.

      The car still sits. A nice early GTX though.

  20. Jerryl

    Back in the 50s and early 60s my great uncle bought one of these (4 door Classic 550) every year. He was a rural mail man and drove mostly unpaved country roads in southern Indiana.His cars were the dustiest ones I have very seen. He traded for a new one every year for $500. I believe that he won a Hudson or a Nash in the early 50s and that started him in these cars.

  21. Dick Johnson

    I test drove a classic car that a collector car dealer was advertising as an original low mileage vehicle. The speedometer was inoperative and a glance under the dash revealed a disconnected cable.

    One of his employees said that the dealer used his GPS app in order to keep the mileage low.

    The car still sits. A nice early GTX though.

  22. Don

    I have seen this car in person on a few occasions as it is owned by a fellow member of my car club. It truly is absolutely stunning. And it was just out to a rally in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago so it is hurricane Harvey damage free! I love the fact that it is simple with no options except maybe the power steering? It really does look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

  23. Charles

    It’s a sweet ride even if the mileage is not correct.

  24. Ron

    Great example of a nice everyman car. My dad was a Nash / Rambler fan as all his life, he would love this one.

  25. j0eg

    Sweet. Looks like a show car; would prefer more of a driver condition so as to cruise stress free…

  26. steve jesus

    Had one as a winter car once. Plugged Hester core meant I had to keep one foot on the gas revving the engine while making out with my girlfriend!

    • Pa Tina

      Harvey would envy your style.

  27. MGSteve

    OK, I’ll admit, this is a “pretty” car. For me to say that, I’ve had to come a long, long way, while eating extra large portions of crow. When I became of driving edge, and my father would not let me buy my own car, with my own hard-earned money, he further solidified his case by trading in his present car (which I liked, and had tried to buy from him) and purchasing a used 58 or 59 pink & gray 4 dr, Rambler (with obscene fins) with a black & red interior. Truly, the ugliest car on the planet — then or now. IF I ever cajolled a girl to go out w/me in that thing, at least I knew she was not accepting the date because I had a cool car. I am still repulsed at the thought of that car, but this one is OK–except for the word Rambler on the front.

  28. George

    I know the owner of this car well and have actually driven it. Never fails to get several thumbs up as it goes down the street. A lot of younger enthusiasts don’t even know what one of these are, much less seen one so it gets all types of comments. If your interested in it it’s worth the time to check this one out!

  29. Neil Nagle

    I have long had a distaste for anything AMC. This car really has me rethinking my bias. This thing is gorgeous.
    I love it, and it seems very reasonably priced.
    Whomever did the photo work: Thumbs up. Some of the best Iv’e ever seen, at any price point. Kudos.

  30. Dave

    Was not a Rambler fan in my youth but now at 66 years old I think they are the best thing since fish & chips. A true piece of American history. This is one beautiful vehicle!

    • ROTAG999

      More like Marlin & Chips……lol

  31. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. I’ve always liked American Motors cars of the 60s and 70s. If only American cars were still made in North America. Until recently I’ve pretty much avoided anything had to do with American Motors.

  32. Jim B

    If the seams stay dry these can go on forever. I still have a few Ramblers older than this vintage and have no trouble finding parts. They remain one of the few brands of the era still affordable to humble collectors. If I didn’t already have a convertible in every indoor bay I’d be tempted to drive down and check this one out. But it would be a shame to leave this one outdoors. I picked up a clean 64 990 to flip a few years ago, but my teenagers thought it was the coolest thing ever. So we fixed it up and one of them still drives it daily. Maybe it’s a sign that the price of these is finally about to take off. I hope so. Sure took long enough.

  33. John

    Beautiful car all around. I had a
    ’66 Rambler Rebel Classic 2dr hard top with 327 -4 barrel 4 speed for from brother as interest for lending him $200. Car had everything but a/c and a vinyl top. Smoked them tires in every gear. Was restoring it when t it got stolen. Found a ’65 the local junk yard that was in a fender bender and guy said No, junk is junk and not for sale. Sure which I had both.

  34. W9BAG

    Why in the world wasn’t, at least, an AM radio ordered ? A beautiful car !!

  35. Loco Mikado

    The ’63-’66 interior trim was the same in Classics. My first ’63 Rambler classic I upgraded all the knobs and handles to the turned metal ones after I found a 770 in a wrecking yard. My car had black and silver interior which when I painted the door panels black and installed the 770 trim looked really sharp. I too wonder why no radio. It was a Motorola and actually sounded pretty decent for AM. I had various tape decks in the car. A 4 track tape player, a Tenna Ranger 8 track with FM, a Roberts cassette deck with record and a booster amp. The Craig speakers were installed in the C pillars. The C pillar panels were held in like the door panels, just pop them out, cut the holes and wire them and reinstall the panels. The wiring was routed into the trunk and then forward to the dash. There was a cutout in the metal in the C pillar that made this possible and made for good sound and stereo separation.

  36. z28th1s

    Wow! Very nice Rambler. I wouldn’t change a thing!

  37. Paul Gray

    I love my 64 Rambler American

  38. Al

    I think this car is far superior to any domestic drop top offered today and I have both a Mustang and Corvette. Look at the trunk space, the legroom for rear seat passengers and width. Too nice to be a daily driver but that’s what I would love to do with this beauty. Damn, I would trade either of my converts for this.

    • Mark

      You are 100% correct
      Room comfort and very unique car

  39. Mark

    AMC – only one car company in USA history who participated in the longest international rally from London To Sydney in 1968 or 69.
    Rambler – finished the race with pride.
    If you never own old American car / comfort and styling – please do not make any negative feedback or opinion .
    Old cars you can recognize from any distance, engine sound
    This car here for sale is example of American engineering and pride

    • Loco Mikado

      There was also a 199 cu in six(the 232’s little brother) that powered an Indy car for several years in the late ’60’s. Unfortunately it never qualified for one reason or another.

  40. chad

    770 & no radio? must have requested that at dealer (“I got a teen boy and girl…can U leave the radio out?”).
    My 440? (American, I think) ‘vert had a radio & 6 cyl. Quiet’st motor ever heard. Folks in town would laugh at me when pullin up to the only light in the county – so quiet they thought it died.
    The rebuilder is loosin some money (not a survivor – lookit the seam sealer/other handiwork).

  41. Pete in PA

    A good friend of mine had one of these in soft yellow with a black top and interior. He bought it around 1980 and it was in great shape. Had the 287 V8 and auto trans, AM radio and heater. Nice running/driving car. No rust, unusual for a PA car. When he bought a 66 Mustang convertible he pretty much stopped driving the Rambler. Everybody knows what a Mustang is; a Rambler not so much… Eventually my friend offered me the car for free if I wanted it. I declined. I had/have too many cars, too many projects and didn’t want another. Had it been in this white/red color combo I would have taken him up on the offer!

    • Mark

      I will take Rambler w/out questions
      Unique cat


    Never saw a Rambler I liked until the AMX…now I see another one. Absolutely stunning and rare. I suspect she’d be queen of the local car show.

  43. Kevin W

    Hard to believe, a 65 with vacuum wipers.

    • Mark

      Some older 60’s have a vacuum systems

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