Kit Car Clean-Out: Air Cooled Collection

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The thought of relocation when you own a batch of project cars is a daunting one. The seller of a batch of Volkswagen-derived kit cars is heading south to Georgia but has a stash of cars, parts, and lifts in Connecticut that he needs to unload, and while there’s some of the usual kit car fare here, there’s also some intriguing projects. The whole lot is listed here on Facebook Marketplace near Bridgeport, CT.

Now, I get it: you’re already thinking great, another pathetic British car rip-off powered by a wheezy VW motor. And, well, it is. There’s not much more to say than that, but as far as tributes go, I always thought the Volkswagen-powered MG clone was one of the better examples out there in terms of proportions and for delivering performance that likely wasn’t all that far off from what the actual British-built roadster delivered in real life.

The red kit car in the background with what I presume to be a clamshell-style opening for the accessing the passenger compartment isn’t mentioned in the description, nor is this clean and color-matched Beetle convertible. This Bug has a bit of a “Cal look” going for it, and I can recall the West Coast air-cooleds always having eye-catching style and a far sportier stance than the original Beetle ever came with. If this was for sale, it’s the car I’d buy out of the collection.

It wouldn’t be a VW kit car collection without a Bradley GT, so here’s one to check that box. The condition of the cars all looks generally good for vehicles that have likely been sitting, and at least the drivetrains are cheap and easy to replace if any one of them turns out to be junk. The seller is also selling his lifts and assorted tools and parts, along with a second green Bradley GT. There’s quite literally something for everyone here – what are you taking home?

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  1. gippy

    I’m taking my money home.

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  2. JustPassinThru

    That convertible is a 1972 Super Beetle chassis. All Beetle converts were Supers after 1970.

    I wonder if he bought it, thinking a great platform…and found he couldn’t use the chassis/pan for a kit conversion. Because you can’t – the front MacPherson suspension doesn’t lend to any kit cars that I’d heard of.

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  3. Rick

    Looks like he’s holding onto the Bremen Sebring (the red car).

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  4. Al

    The top car elevated my expectations, but I don’t want it. The rest are too small for me. Overall a pass.

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  5. CeeOne

    My wife was interested in a Morgan one time saw one and said “Could we just go look at it?” The “Morgan” turned out to be one of those “MG”s with the VW engine in the back.

    I would take the VW convertible.

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  6. gary

    All cars for 4,500 that’s a deal.

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  7. Harold

    Big lug bolt pattern, pre super nettle

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    • Simcha B

      The red car with ” clamshell” entry is a ” Sterling”, mine was stolen in 1975.

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    • PairsNPaint

      The small 4 bolt lug pattern came in ’68. Long before the Super Beetle.

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  8. Al

    He doesn’t say how much he wants for the white Fiberfab car is.

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  9. Beauwayne5000

    Those are all.death traps – my pops owned 2 VW stores – we had a few on trades – Junk flimsy not like a vette w/it’s steel bird cage – your just on a VWpan that’s it & paper like fiberglass I wouldn’t use on a boat.

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  10. oscar

    i have an 1958 MG roasters need title any one have one for sale i need chassis etc.

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