Knows What He’s Got: Porsche 356 Shed Find

First off, there’s some rules associated with this listing for what is clearly a Porsche 356 covered in junk: “Don’t ask to come and look at it unless you agree to buy it, and place a large deposit.” Wow! I hope you enjoy gambling, because this is a $25K bet that there’s actually a car worth buying underneath all that debris. I’m not sure if the poster is being purposefully coy or he genuinely doesn’t know what he has, other than it’s German and a “funny-looking” sports car. Find it here on craigslist with the promise to add more photos if he feels like pulling it out.  Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ian for the find. 

Well, this confirms there’s rot-through on the body. Why is it that ads like these aren’t even clever enough to show the car in the best light possible? It’s pretty much a turn-off to be told you can’t even look at the thing that’s buried in a shed without committing to buy it, and then, by the way, this blob of a car is also rusty (which should make you want it more?) Anyways, if you’re looking for detailed information, keep looking: The body is in surprisingly good condition, but the floor pans will need to be replaced, and I don’t know what the undercarriage looks like. Can I hazard a guess?

And here is the grand finale, picture number three: well, perhaps this indicates a shop van is included with your essentially blind purchase. Now, I can understand a seller that’s tired of tire kickers listing a car like this just to draw out the serious buyers. And while I’ve been chastised for listing items from the large Georgia collection at somewhat high prices, there’s obviously some thought given to not pricing it so high a conversation isn’t possible. This seller seems to think he’s got enough gold in the barn that an upfront payment shouldn’t scare anyone off. What say you?

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  1. Classic Steel

    Nice car . The hood scoups and the flames down the side are super crazy. I do like the new purple leather interior with 70s sheep skins and the digital dash . The four speed shifter skull 💀 rocks too. The Kraco fm coneverter for the radio and the 8 track system with tape collection of Three Dog Night and Fog Hat on the back floor is wild.

    Okay enough sarcasm but if you want to sell a car pull off your junk and post pictures of it. This makes me chuckle and say anyone with 25 grand to spare looking at a possible real Porsche has real problems with trusting to much.

    • Fla finn

      I did that once, pulled off my junk and posted pictures of it. Didn’t end well.

      • Smokey Member

        Very Good and Very Funny. I got it

    • Steve

      Must be smoking some good stuff if he thinks someone is going to pay a deposit of $25k

  2. Vance

    I am not advocating anyone to do this, but I would be happy if this shed went up in flames and burned to the ground. And then the owner could take the remains and pound them like sand you know where. I don’t have anger issues, this is just ridiculous.

    • Chris L.

      I’m with you, pal! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! This guy is an…well you get my drift.

  3. Fordguy1972

    For $25 large I’d want everything in the shed. Maybe a garage sale will bail you out after you scrap this sorry looking piece of junk.

  4. Bob Hess Member

    Good thing that’s a coupe. That right front wheel well tells me the large logitudinals that make up the bulk of the unibody are gone. You can buy them but you also have to put them in. Even on the coupes you have to put them on a frame machine to insure the chassis is square with the world. Lot of work, lot of money to spend after purchase.

    • Scott Tait

      Chicken coupe lol

  5. Poncho

    I’d say this is a little more of a gamble than rolling the dice for 25k sight unseen. More effort went into listing the car for sale than prepping it. I wouldn’t mind having someone hand over a large deposit for something i can’t justify the worth of by at least presenting some decent pics. LPOS.

  6. Another Bob

    Maybe his wife is forcing the possible sale.
    “I told you to get rid of that thing.”
    “Sorry Hon, I’m trying, but nobody wants to buy it.”

  7. Dirk

    I have here an envelope containing an undisclosed sum of cash money. I will offer this envelope and its contents as full payment for your car but you may not ask how much money is in the envelope or see the contents before the deal is made. Okay?

    • Billy007

      Dirk, you are a wonder. If only our countries leadership was headed by you. You have called the sellers bluff and now it is up to him to show his hand.

      • Will Fox

        Dirk, please….consider running in 2020, Okay? PRETTY PLEASE?

  8. Billy007

    25K will buy you a good used replica, or better yet, a brand new car that will be all around better in all ways. Let this piece of trash seller alone to live the life of squalor he so obviously cherishes and deserves. See what the greed of the Porsche elites have caused? It also is not just Porsches, it is old muscle cars and assorted other types. The car hobby is in a sad state of disrepair. Does anyone think it is possible to get back to the blissful place we once were in the hobby, or have the money men ruined it forever?

  9. Dovi65

    I want to meet the buyer that shells out $25k for this without knowing what it really is. If I use this seller’s logic [??] my old 68 Buick, & 70 Cadillac are worth $100k each, and they’re not buried under a ton of sh.. err .. stuff
    Beyond ridiculous

    • Billy007

      If it has a clear title, I can see some foolish person buying it sight unseen, maybe not 25K, but half that. PT Barnum was right.

  10. Uncle Bob

    Nowhere on the entire page does the word Porsche appear…………now there’s advertising savvy.

  11. Peter

    As we say in Australia… what complete Wanker!

  12. Jimmy

    Sorry I have to disagree Blaster, I’m a boomer who likes Three Dog Night & Foghats music and even I wouldn’t post such a ad on Craigslist or any other marketplace for that matter. I don’t care for classical or country music but the people who do can’t be all bad. JMHO

  13. Dean

    Adam saves ’em all, but I’m not sure he’d want this one.

  14. Fred W

    My envelope to the seller would contain $25,000…in Monopoly money. To be replaced with cash when the car is pulled out, can be examined, and is found to be restorable.

  15. Will Fox

    Is it just me, or has 2018 (so far, anyway) been the year of the Porsche 356-in-the-barn-discovered? This makes what–the third or fourth one publicized this year!

  16. rustylink

    He drives a hard bargin…He’s indeed shrewd in narrowing his market niche to only Craigslist millionaires with a severe head injuries in the hopes they will roll along with a pocketful of cash and no inkling about what it takes to restore a car like this that’s been sitting in a trash heap in a dilpated barn – disassembled. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  17. redwagon

    alright to be honest the seller does state …… “I will pull it out over the next week or so to get better photos.” So they do recognize that trying to sell it like this is less than optimal. my next thought is why not do that first and then sell the car with good pictures? in reality i doubt they will get to it in the next week or next month for that matter. folks will call – hey it’s a ’62 porsche 356 – but will offer much, much less than it could be worth bc they are taking a chance. the seller will be pissed and the cycle repeats ad nauseum.

  18. Ikey Heyman Member

    C’mon guys, the seller is just yanking your chain, he’s trying to be funny. The condition of the car is probably worse than you can imagine.

  19. Scott Tait

    So theres a car in there , wouldn’t have known… oh wait i see a wheel and lots of rust

  20. glen

    This guy’s a jerk, no one should respond to this ad.

  21. Gaspumpchas

    CL is still the wild west, IMHO- no rules, no one to complain to, no fees, so as a result you will encounter all forms of animal life, including know -it-alls, scammers, experts and occasionally an honest many times have folks agreed to stay home and show the items for sale and the caller is a no show. Not sure what this Bozos’ angle is-not mentioning the make, no particulars, arrogance? Wow this guy wins the trifecta. Wonder why he wasted his time?? If someone can wade thru the BS and get a deal, good luck!!


  22. JOE McMannis

    I would be extremely surprised to see anything worth $25,000 buried beneath that pile of garbage.If the poor little Porche was truly worth restoring I would hope the owner would have half a brain not to smother a classic in trash.

  23. Richard Ochoa

    I wouldn’t even WASTE a match to light the whole shibang on fire. Let the Rats Eat EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  24. Pmacrefer

    Another piece of Porsche JUNK! Scrap it and be happy.

  25. T.Novo

    This guy is Not a real “car guy” imho. Any real car guy who loves all cars would get all the junk off, move it out of there and into a well lit place, maybe into a car buddies shop, clean this up as best as he can,take real pictures of everything and take the time to talk about all aspect of this car that he knows about, then list it. Maybe even put it on a lift for undercarriage pics, if this poor rusty shell of a 356 will support even support itself on a lift! Just ignore this guy please. Not worth anyones time. We should’nt even be giving him the time of day! IGNORE HIM PLEASE.

  26. garry connors

    i have abarn find rambler that is been in storage for 41 years and never would show apic like that and demand 25k without uncovering it for full pics so you can get an idea of the work it needs sorry no more pig in apoke for me

  27. Carbuzzard Member

    This is amusing. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. And sad to say, he just may get that $25k. It just takes one.

  28. Wolfram

    things are getting more ridicilous every day, looks like it is enough to mention just the words Porsche and 356 to charge 25K

    f…. all who ruin our hobby

  29. Tiberius1701

    “In Philadelphia, it’s worth fifty bucks”

    • Donald G Lubbers

      “How much for the gun?” 😉

  30. Tracy

    I live about 45 minutes away on the southern side of Charlottesville. Having dealt with sellers like this I wouldn’t even dare go ask about the car. They are happy to offer scrap pricing if they are buying and then ask for gold pricing when selling as it makes them happy to think they are smarter than the future buyer.

  31. Billy007

    Agreed. Look up how they treated their “employees”. The whole family should have been brought up on charges of war crimes. Rich people drive these as a status symbol, do they know the horrid history? Do they care?

  32. Nessy

    I know and I agree, this hoarder/seller is pittyful with his dumb lazy demands and poor photos of a pile a junk, hardly showing just a small part of this Porsche, but ponder this for a minute.. What if he does not even know what the car is asides from an early Porsche…. Maybe he was hired to help clean up the place. What if there is a Speedster under that pile of crap? Then, 25k would be a gift no matter how rough the car is…. Someone local to him should go check it out. Just a thought.

    • Billy007

      Nah, this hillbilly routine is just an act. He bought this hulk from the back field of some old farmer for a song, then he puts it in his garage under a bunch of stuff like it has been there for years because he knows people like us get excited by the possibilities. He wants a quick flip and laughs all the way to the bank. I bet if you check, the dust and dirt inside the car doesn’t match what is around the inside of the garage. I bet he isn’t even old enough to have an old car sitting for decades, nah, a scam. These absurd prices bring out the charlatans.

  33. john c

    I am the seller of this classic… As you can see, I had the shop-vac out to clean up my over priced classic back in 1999 and then the phone rang…… OK just kidding. Lots of fun can be had here on BarnFinds !!!

  34. TouringFordor

    Sounds like Millennials, not Boomers.

  35. Jim Z Member

    “Shop Van?”
    Musta meant “Shop Vac”.
    Damn auto-correct!

  36. eric

    and if it were a 4 cam car everyone who posted here would be wrong.

  37. Jack Quantrill

    If you go to see this be careful. These people are armed, and dangerous!

  38. michael h streuly


  39. robert semrad

    Please don’t. We need you here.

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