Lap of Luxury: 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine

When the 1950s styling trend of automotive fins was at its peak, no car exemplified what was the height of fashion better than the 1959 Cadillac Series 75. Those massive fins and twin bullet tail-lights were not subtle, and they certainly make a statement. While fashion has moved onwards over the years, the Cadillac has remained a car that many people still aspire to own, as they make a statement and have a presence which is impossible to ignore. Barn Finder Ikey H spotted this particular ’59 model, so thank you for that Ikey. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, you will find the Cadillac listed for sale here on eBay.

I really do like this car. Today’s cars have a nasty tendency of blending into the background, although there are a few manufacturers who remain quite daring with styling and colors. The ’59 Cadillac was never made to blend in. It is a car that is made to make a visual statement, and it does it exceptionally well. This particular car is a great example, and being an Arizona car, rust is not an issue. The body and trim look good, and the Dove White paint seems to be close to perfect.

The interior presentation of the Cadillac is just as impressive as the panels and paint. The trim upholstery isn’t original, and it does appear that the person who re-trimmed the seats has attempted to convey an even more luxurious image than Cadillac tried to originally achieve by making the buttoning on the seats noticeably deeper than standard. When it comes to comfort and luxury, power windows, power seats, and air conditioning come to the party, as does a pair of jump seats in the rear, making this Cadillac a 7-seater.

With a 390ci V8 and Hydramatic transmission, the Fleetwood was designed to be whisper-quiet, smooth, and luxurious, and Cadillac achieved these goals admirably. This Fleetwood presents exceptionally well under the hood, and it is no surprise that it also features power steering and power brakes. The car has recently undergone a full service and check, and the entire drive-train is factory spec, including the exhaust system. The owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives smoothly and quietly, which is in keeping with a limousine.

The word “iconic” has become overused when it comes to describing certain cars, and although it is difficult to avoid, I will try to. This Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood is a product very much of its time, and it is a car that will remain recognizable for many generations to come. This car is a nice example of the ’59 model, and at the time of writing, bidding has reached $8,988, but the reserve has not been met. Something tells me that there is a way to go before that happens.


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Drive this car, Make a Statement!

    Get off of my lawn?

    Maybe just Get Out of My Way!

    Certainly, cruise in comfort and style.

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  2. Coventrycat


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  3. jw454

    If I had this I’d have to hire a driver so I could relax during my travels. LOL
    This one is nice but, I’d rather have the seller’s other Cadillac even more.

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  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice car – someone could have a lot of fun with this Caddy Limo. I’m digging the divider window between the passenger compartment and the chauffeur.

    Back in the mid-1950s, GM’s Top Brass were worried that they were getting ‘out-finned’ by Chrysler, hence the creation of the OTT ’59 Caddy tail fins. At the time, Joe Public thought they were a bit of a joke, but then the ’58-60 Lincolns and Continentals were also pretty outrageous looking.

    Ah, them wuz the daze…

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    My kid brother had a ’63 similar to this
    one. His, though, was rough as a cob and needed everything. He traded a waterbed, a fish tank, and $250 cash for
    the privelige of owning that broken down
    wreck. Had I been home at the time, I
    would’ve told the seller to take a hike after having inspected the car. If ever a
    car needed attention, that was it. I can
    still recall riding with my brother as he
    took me for a drive in his “wonderful”
    new car. That drive was cut short when
    the tranny started slipping badly and the
    car lost power. Not long after, the Hydra-
    Matic puked its guts all over the street
    in front of my house. I can still see that
    lost puppy look on my brother’s face when he asked “You can fix it…can’t you?”
    Luckily for him, a friend of mine let him
    trade it in for a Pinto wagon to get him
    back and forth to work. This car makes
    me think of the one that Elvis had. I think
    the roof raised and all of his gold records
    were attatched to the headliner. I’d use
    it as a prom and wedding car or rent it to
    a movie studio as a rolling prop and..
    there’s always Uber!

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    The interior is hideous. Way too many Velours were killed for it.I wonder if the car was white from the factory. I’m sure the front seat was once leather. Perhaps it was custom ordered by a funeral home. Still its in nice condition. Pretty rich price reflects it’s appearance to some I guess.

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  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Jeez, that is amazing! As if the 59 Cadillac wasn’t iconic enough…a 59 limo!

    This is what Santa should deliver toys with. And Rudolph can be the driver!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  8. edselbill

    I was once told that the difference between standard limos and funeral limos were that for funeral cars, both sets of back seats faced forward (as customary so that you are not looking into the face of the grieving), and standard limos the jump seats faced backwards – toward the other passengers.

    Might be a fallacy, but I’ve never forgotten that explanation and have always found it to be true whenever I spot an older limo.

    Given that — I have to assume this was originally a funeral car, and was most likely black on black, or at least versions of grey.

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    • Miguel

      edselbill, I have never seen a formal limo, or a 9 passenger sedan of these years with the jump seats facing the rear seat. As far as I have seen, they always face the front and fold into the front seat when not in use.

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  9. cyclemikey

    I have to agree with Mountainwoodie, the interior lets this car down a bit. You can see this under the hood as well – things painted blue that shouldn’t be, etc.

    It’s a nice enough car, and that first photo is definitely the money shot, but all in all, the restoration work here is just a wee little bit on the ‘ersatz’ side. If you’re going to do it up, do it correctly.

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  10. Wayne

    In 1966 my father bought a 1959 Caddy limo like this one. It was black and did not have the glass divider. (I was always told the difference between a “regular limo”and a funeral car was the absence of the glass on the funeral car.) It, in fact had been a funeral car. Ours was factory original with the cloth interior. (I was disappointed to see the seats in this car.) I don’t see the passenger count being correct in this listing. Easily 3 in front, 3 in back and 2 or 3 in the middle. My father purchased the car for $200 from a used car dealer that could not sell it. (We had no qualms about a funeral car as my uncle was an undertaker and many family gatherings happened at the funeral home because of the size of the rooms.) We installed new tires, gave it a tune up and repaired the leaking mufflers. It was then the vacation car. 70 MPH all day long at 16 MPG with the A/C going. (8 mpg in town driving however) I remember playing around with the power windows (even the little vent window was power) and breaking my little finger when it got caught in the opening at the wrong time. Great car, great times! Thanks for the memories. (I can now here Bob Hope singing in the background!)

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  11. david monroe

    had a 59 black limo from new York no air full of rust only front wheel brakes brake lines rusted out, ran great nice interor use it for moving back in 74 in pkx, a lot of room

  12. Bob Member

    I bought one of these in the mid 80’s. My friends and I took turns being the driver as the rest of us partied in the back seat. It was tons of fun and I would love to buy this one, even though it is missing the horn ring and the interior is not correct. LOVE IT!!!

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  13. bob

    To me this car screams I want to be used, often. I would work with an after market company to update suspension and and brakes, plug in a late model silverado LS and trany, make safety upgrades and let it roll. This is the type of limo people want to be seen in instead of a late model limo that blends into the back ground.

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  14. Roseland Pete

    I found what I want for Christmas.

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  15. Steve

    Had a ’65 Caddie at one time, had the best heater and A/C. Would love to have this one; would make a great wedding car.

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