Last Generation: 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

The very thought of a full size station wagon causes the thought of family vacations, cargo space, and Wally World to come to mind. General Motors longest lasting platform, the B-Body saw many changes in its 70 year time span. More recently, the the 1977-1990 generation, the “boxy” wagon, leading up to the last generation of B-Body wagons, the 1991-1996 line. More commonly associated with the Buick Roadmaster, and Chevrolet Caprice, but uncommonly known is the big hauler from Olds. Redesigned and introduced in 1991, the last Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, built in Ypsilanti, Michigan with just over 7,600 units for 1991. In 1992, its last year of production, the shortest run of a mass production chassis, only producing just over 4,300 units for 1992. Quite a rare bird, and found today in clean and running condition, now is the time to grab this 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser that’s here on craigslist for $2,500 up in Northern, Wisconsin.

Sold for only two years, and offered in limited color combinations, colors including, white, blue, tan, gray, and dark red. Two wheel choice, allows, or more traditional hubcaps, and interior colors including blue, dark red, and tan. Basically a very “what you see is what you get” kind of car. Very few options were available and unlike the Roadmaster, the Olds did not have any special packages, but the options of digital climate control, vinyl seating, and an upgraded radio.

As I personally own a Custom Cruiser, I find although cloth seating is more suitable during temperature changes, leather seating as this example includes is far more pleasing to the eye. And to look almost brand new, with very few wrinkles or wear, makes this so much more original and special. Most old GM steering wheel are covered in foam, and by now, the color flakes off on your hands if you grip the wheel too hard, but looking as new at as the seats, not to worry.

As the folding third row seating was standard, a majority of Custom Cruiser’s had a cloth rear facing seat, but sporting an optional vinyl draped seat makes this longroof that much more rare.

Powered by a 5.0 (LO3) V8 engine was standard, as a 5.7 (LO5) V8 was optional. As the 1990’s began, ditching old practices of carburetor powered motors and evolving into computer controls fuel systems, these motors were equipped with a TBI, (Throttle Body injection) system. Promoting better fuel management and fuel economy.

Seating for up to 8 and nearly 100 cubic feet of cargo space, aerodynamic and stylish. Now timeless and considered classics, nearly 30 years old, the 1990’s sure went by quick, leaving so many strange and interesting cars for us to remember, including the last generation Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.

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  1. gord

    FUNNY… no mention of the skyroof!… this was kind of a hybrid between the chev and buick
    have owned all 3… found the olds to be the best behaved on the road (better than the chev, not wallowing like the buick) and better seats (cloth .. they were cushier than chev but not a sink in the couch like the buick
    and grille is more roadmaster (you could interchange with buick as buick/olds grille cuts into the bumper, chev does not, so an impala ss grille would require at least a different bumper cover

    i actually like the cloth so you dont do a slide on the couch when turn a corner!
    and taking hilly hills at 100kmh… you can launch the kids in the way back!

    • Jetfire88

      ’92 production was 4347 cars, I own #4344. I have owned and currently own a multitude of the Mostly Olds, but also Buicks and Chevs. My favorite is my ’92 Hurst tribute with an injected Olds 455.

      The Chev/Olds grill is interchangeable, as well as the front bumper skin. Buick is by itself, with the dip in the middle. There are two bodies, Buick and Chev, the diff is in the dash, roof, rear doors, and rear quarter windows. Olds used the Buick shell in ’91, and the Chev (with Buick dash and roof) in ’92. ’91’s are vastly better cars, things fit tighter, quieter, better seats, etc.

      My 81k ’91 was crashed a couple of months ago and I just parted it out. I bought a ’91 from MI, which was not quite as advertised. I am currently cleaning that one up, otherwise I would be all over this, its only about 3 hours from me. If anyone needs a beater ’91 wagon, let me know.

      This is a deal, and the 305 is perfectly adequate for all normal driving, in spite of what the durn hotrodders say!

  2. Gary Member

    I swear, all the best deals are out there somewhere, out of reach by distance. Nice example of the ‘end of an era.’ I currently own this gem; comes with 3 .44 mag bullet holes too, one in the driver’s door, 2 in the tail gate.

    • Dovi65

      Gary.. I feel your pain. Each time a car I’m interested pops up in decent shape for a great price, the car is always located on the other side of the world, thus not financially practical.
      Sedans, & wagons are my achilles heel. This one checks off a lot of boxes for me … being a full-size wagon, AND an Olds among the top. The low price is killing me.

      • Gary Member

        Dovi65, you are 100% right about this – it’s always too far away seems to be the #1 problem, and talk about checking off all the right boxes?!

  3. fahrvergnugen

    Wistful Vista cruiser. I feel a road trip coming on…with a queen size sleeping bag in the back,

  4. Gary Member

    Here’s the driver’s door shot. It actually traveled thru and ended up piercing the inner front wheel well. The law enforcement removed that one as evidence in the attempted murder investigation. I only know this info because the individual I purchased it from was the victim. Neat story? Maybe.

  5. redwagon

    absolutely love

    epa estimated mileage is:

    15 city
    23 highway
    17 combined

    or 5.9 gals per 100 miles.

    I still want it. Just for the room and the 5000# towing capacity.

    • XMA0891

      Sigh… That is just about what my ‘04 Legacy wagon averages. Four less cylinders, so much less space.

  6. Alan (Michigan) Member

    I have way too many vehicles already.

    Why am I thinking so hard about grabbing this one?

  7. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice wagon; wish I had space for it.

    For you guys bemoaning distance from good buys, there is the possibility of getting a one-way airline ticket and driving the vehicle home. I did that when I bought the Low Sierra, eight years ago, and that trip included a ferry ride for car and new owner across the Cook Strait.

    This is the time to buy a car like this Olds, before it’s considered a collectable.

    • Roseland Pete

      I did just that — flew out and drove back. I always wanted to buy a long-distance car and drive it back which I finally did when I got my 84 Seville. Item crossed off my bucket list.

  8. grant

    GM built the same platform for 70 years? Had to look that one up. Wow.

  9. Rich

    I’m not usually a grammar fanatic but holy cow that was hard to read. Perhaps the editor let this one slide? Wow.

  10. Steve

    The c list ad is gone. It got snatched up pretty quickly. I own a 91 OCC. white. grey with blue velour interior. No rust car origianlly from California, but has a few dents. Unfortunately it was wrecked by the P.O. and now sports an entire Caprice front clip. It has a tick over 200k miles, and the 305 still ran. I paid $300 for it about 7 or 8 years ago. Drove it home 15 miles with 0 lbs. oil pressure indicated on gauge. I thought maybe it was a sending unit. Nope. She was done. Still ran and no noise though. It has a vortec 350 in it now that I picked up out of a wrecked van for $200. I used a Crusader marine intake for tbi for vortec heads with no egr. Also swapped in a ZZ4 take out cam and comp bee hive springs. Runs pretty good for a boat. I sold the stock alloys for $250 and came across a stock set of Impala SS 17s for $60 (yes, $60!) with no center caps. A little research found that Venture van caps fit and give a slicker look for a fraction of Impala SS price.

  11. Maestro1 Member

    Beatink, I’ve bought a few cars in my time for my collection and I know that driving a car you don’t know home across the Country is not a good idea unless you are mechanically inclined. I cannot wrench any more because of health reasons otherwise I’d jump in the Olds, never mind the the gas mileage and drive it to the Left Coast. It’s a good number to get it transported. At that price level and content it doesn’t make sense. Somebody jump on this car.


    Save the Whales!! Got mine!!!

  13. Eddie Nash

    Love these things!
    Recently drove my 95 Chevy Caprice 13,000 miles and got 30 mpg out of its 5.7 LT engine. Amazing machine. Cruses so quietly and effortlessly I “accidentally” took her to 130mph. And yes on that trip we took turns sleeping in the back as we cruised down the road. I grew up in a series of Chevy wagons Dads 1953-56-60-67 chevy wagons instilled that as what I needed to drive.

  14. Eddie Nash

    She will pull my trailer as well like it isn’t even there.

  15. r s

    This series of GM full sized models seems to me to be the most poorly built ever, or at least in many years. I’ve seen more of these cars with trim falling off, rust all over the place, they look like they can’t wait to turn to junk.

    • Eddie Nash

      Even if these cars are beaten and abused and misused they still keep on running and driving. How they can be considered poor quality when up to 26 years after they came on the market many with multi-hundred thousand miles on them they keep on running. After being used as family haulers then used as trucks they still show good paint and very few parts failures. Unless they are crashed(they had great crash test results by the way) they just do not give up. Ask the man who owns one.

  16. Daved

    r s, you must be from up north- all the cars up there look like you have described!

  17. BMW4RunninTundra Member

    Mine………….called “The Blue Goose”. Under 100K. nothing but normal maintenance. Used as …….. well you name it, the Goose has done it! AC still will freeze you out! Oh, the speakers are blown. kinda makes the Drive in Theater an adventure……..

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