Parked In ’62! 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible

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It would be interesting to be able to wind the clock back and to see exactly how this 1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible looked when it went into storage in 1962. Given its history in the intervening years, I suspect that it used to look quite attractive. Now, it is in need of a full restoration, but it does appear to be an essentially solid foundation from which to work. The Ford is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Convertible has reached $11,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met at this stage. There is also a BIN option, and this has been set at $35,000.

Even though it has been off the road since 1962, this Ford has managed to clock up some miles over the past 58-years. It initially went into covered storage in its home state of California, which would have been a pretty decent start. It then made its way to Arkansas where it was left out in the weather. Not so good. Now it is back undercover but is in Ohio. The time exposed to the elements has taken its toll, and the DeLuxe has its fair share of rust in the floors and tunnel area. However, whilst the frame has a solid coating of surface corrosion, the Ford does at least appear to be structurally sound. In fact, the owner points out that the doors, trunk, and the hood, all open and shut perfectly. This suggests that nothing has moved or twisted during the past 80-years. In reality, this car represents a full, frame-off restoration project, but it does at least appear to be complete. The Ford also didn’t start its life wearing its current Black paint. Originally, it was finished in Mandarin Maroon, which is a pretty attractive color. All of the external trim and chrome is present, although some of it will require restoration. Both sides of the windshield are very cloudy, and there will be no other option available than to replace both pieces of glass. The frame for the top is basically complete and works as it should, although it should be no real surprise to learn that the fabric disintegrated a long time ago.

Powering the Ford is the venerable 221ci flathead V8 motor, backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. With 85hp at its disposal, the DeLuxe was a pretty spritely performer. One advantage that cars like this Convertible have when compared to modern convertible derivatives is that there was no weight penalty when comparing a Convertible with a Coupe. One of the disadvantages of unibody construction is that the minute you cut the roof off a car, bracing needs to be added to return torsional rigidity. This can leave some modern convertibles weighing more than their coupe or sedan brethren, which hurts performance. It appears that the Ford hasn’t fired a shot in anger since 1962, but the engine is said to turn freely. To be honest, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was fitted with some fresh plugs, and if the fuel system was given a clean, this old girl might just kick back into life. The Ford flathead is a robust engine, and I have seen examples that have been sitting for longer that have been coaxed back to life with little work.

Let’s not beat about the bush here. With a shredded top and time exposed to the elements, the interior of the DeLuxe is pretty trashed. It appears that the seat frames and springs can be salvaged, but of the upholstery that remains, its ultimate destination will be the nearest rubbish skip. I would also be worried about the condition of the gauges and wiring because long-term exposure to moisture will have done plenty of damage there. If the next owner decides to undertake a full restoration, then I honestly think that a new wiring harness, along with a check and rebuild of the gauges, would all be money well spent.

As a restoration candidate, this really is a tough one. At the BIN price, this Ford DeLuxe Convertible could not be considered to be a cheap project car. Now, if it were to be the subject of a meticulous and faithful nut-and-bolt restoration, then there is the possibility that it could eventually be worth somewhere in the region of $80,000. However, it is possible to find some tidy older restorations for half that price in the market today. That means that whoever chooses to take on this car will need to have an absolute fixation on attention to detail. Otherwise, it has the potential to be a project on which they could find themselves losing money.

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  1. Classic Steel

    Show me the money 💵 💴 💰 as the usual request. I think the BIN is high..

    I like it and would keep it a flat head v8 and just put little things to boost power and keep original parts to allow putting back original.

    Wants to add
    Elderbrock intake
    HEI ignition and coil for flatheads
    Possibly custom heads later
    Multiple carbs
    Mini headers
    Dual exhaust 3” pipes

    Then drive it to see how she brakes to determine a conversion or not.
    It would be manual disc brakes add as vacuum on older cars is a pain to get just right…

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    • John Taylor

      Just fit a vacuum pump which is what I did to my car which was on propane and a tunnel ram, I am in the process of converting back to gasoline but used a vacuum pump just for th ebrakes which worked out very good.

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    • edward suchon

      Hey! Steve McQueen had a Mustang, but Lumpy on Leave it to beaver had a 39 or 40 convertible! you never know just maybe?

      Like 6
    • Camaro guy

      Good ideas for mods I’d add an Isky cam to the mix, also 3″ pipes are way to big at most 2 1/4 ” think ii would repaint it in the original maroon color I always liked that color on a 40

      Like 3
  2. Carnut

    Another dreamer living in the past.. while I agree American classics are way under valued I also believe in doing the research.. I use the auction results to tell me what the highest sale is for the year and average and low sales.. right now 2020.. highest sale $55,000.. bottom line.. average sale $41,300 and low sales $26,800.. now back in 2006 was the highest sale ever $300,000.. never recovered.. will it?

    Like 7
  3. dirtyharry

    I think Carnut brings up a good point, most of the hysterical bidding is generational. I love 40 Fords and remember when prices went off the chart too, but my adult kid is likely scratching his head wondering why.

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    • TortMember

      Speaking of generational. While watching Barret Jackson a couple weeks ago I thought the prices on Corvettes from the fifties thru the sixties were much lower than past years at least until things as always go crazy on Friday and Saturday.

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  4. Will Fox

    If the seller’s BIN is $35K, I don’t even want to know what his reserve is. He’s way too high considering what this cvt. needs.Unless he/she gets realistic and lowers the price, I’m afraid they are stuck with this for a bit longer.

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    I’ll have to agree with Carnut that this ’40 Ford convertible is priced way too high. This old ragtop needs everything restored, there’s probably very little on this car that can be used as-is. Add what all of that will cost to the BIN and it just doesn’t make sense to take this project on. Judging by the vintage cars in the background, the Ford is in a shop that restores classics so my question is why doesn’t this shop take on the restoration if it’s such an “unbelievable piece.”

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    You guys have it right. Way overpriced. One would have to give it a good inspection to see how the inside is after being out side. This car is not a unibody, it has a full frame. The flatty might fire up- maybe some valves stuck but working it may free ’em up. One beautiful Ford– too bad its out of range for Joe Sixpack, who may have had one as a kid and would like to have another. Blame me-cum and BJ for the hype.

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  7. Joe Haska

    Its obvious the seller dosn’t know the market now, the BIN, is rediculous and the reserve must be insne. I love these cars as much as anybody, but get real the prices aren’t ,what they used to be !

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  8. Rustytech RustytechMember

    In its current condition it should sell where it’s at price wise.

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  9. Steve RM

    At the BIN price you get a lot of rough for the money.

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  10. Paul

    There are a lot of dreamers in this world.

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  11. Stillrunners

    Pete’s Classic Cars are often posted here. He had both a 19 39 and 1940 in great shape for around $25,000 ea that had been restored and parked for a few years inside.

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  12. jimmy the orphan

    Gee, I don’t know, maybe if he put it back in “storage” under the tree for 2 or 3 more years why I bet He could ask 50k for a BIN $. Hey Ed, I think I’ll call Lumpy, see what He would take for his. Later………………………..JIMMY

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  13. Jack Quantrill

    $35,000! He’s whistling Dixie!

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  14. Bob McK

    Years ago this was worth a lot of money. Unfortunately for the seller, those days have passed. He should have sold it then. Todays market is much lower. Hopefully he will learn and let it go to a new home.

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  15. Del

    Yes, I agree that in top condition these can reach over 80 grand.

    But look at this poor thing. Its very sad. Its needs everything but the Kitchen sink.

    Its at 11 grand now. He should take that and run. The BIN is ridiculous. If someone pays this they should at least ask for the dead Rats that ate the seats.😁😂🤣

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  16. skibum2

    Ahhh… another car that I would listen to the spiel and then just walk away…

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  17. Steffon

    Great car! I have 3 40s (non convertible) and would love to have this gem but 35k is pretty rich…it is however tough to find a true unmolested 40 cars especially conv.
    It will probably sell for the 35k the problem is depending on the sellers resources it will take another 35k to bring it up, at that point you can buy a really nice car complete without the time or brain damage of doing it for 70k…most don’t figure that out until they do it or it sits in some ones garage for another 10 years.
    Either way great car and hearing others ideas on what they would do with her is inspiring.

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