Legendary C1: 1957 Corvette Latham Supercharged


We all love a good story with a great car, and this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette has it all. This Corvette was purchased new in 1956, and in 1957 a Latham Supercharger was installed, and the hood modified to allow space for the supercharger. Claimed to be one of the fastest cars in West Michigan, the history on this Corvette is almost more interesting than the car itself. Almost. After this car was rediscovered in 2013, the current owner restored this Corvette with its original engine and is in its 1957 spec with the supercharger. With no listed amount, we are sure this amazing Corvette will command a high price. Find it here on craigslist out of Boca Raton, Florida.


The “Money Maker” or the Latham supercharger is certainly an interesting sight on this C1 Corvette. Although this Corvette had a different heart in its life time, it now sports its original 283 V8 engine that is numbers matching. The seller claims that with the Latham Supercharger, that the 283 was capable of putting out an estimated 410 horsepower. If that’s the case, we can certainly see where this Corvette could have been the fasted car in all of West Michigan in its time.


The interior is phenomenal, and listed as being original aside from the carpet. We think the seats may have been done as well, but that is really of no issue. A pressure gauge for the supercharger is present, and all of the gauges are functional as well. We can only imagine sitting in this car, making the ‘50s era tires of long ago howl for mercy upon developing pressure from the supercharger.


The modified hood is very subtle, and to many it would likely go unnoticed, unless you are a C1 Corvette fan. The Black and Silver Cove color way is wonderful with the red interior. Arguably one of the best color combinations. This Corvette was certainly a “sleeper” in its day, and still very much is now. I think many of us would be surprised to hear the magnificent sounds of a supercharger coming from this car.


This Corvette has lived an awesome life with an interesting past. This car was owned by the same family up until 2015. Cars like this are what we as car enthusiast love to see and read about. You can bet there are some folks in West Michigan somewhere that experienced this car in its hay day, and remember it as a local legend. We all have stories about local legends, but this one Corvette was thankfully well preserved with its story. What do you all think of this corvette? It obviously must be a blast to drive. Tell us about some of your local legends, and why they were legendary.


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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    I think Hemmings would have been my first choice for advertising it’s sale or trade….CL would be my last option.

    • Dolphin Member

      He bought the car last year, restored it, and now looks like he is testing the market with a free ad. He is asking a sky-high price for a nice but not otherwise special ’57 that the original owner happened to install a supercharger on.

  2. Rick

    Pretty sure you mean in its “hey” day, unless of course it was used in the field to tow a combine, which is possible I guess before it was restored.

  3. Francisco

    According to the craigslist ad, the asking price for this vehicle is $179,000. It might be a bargain at that.

  4. Jon

    Deep pockets. …

  5. Dolphin Member

    It looks like this restored, blown 57 Corvette is probably the same one that was featured on BF last year, here:

    It was unrestored and apparently sold on Ebay with a starting price of $45K. The Ebay listing is long gone, so it’s not known what it sold for. From the current CL ad it looks like the car has had a restoration, and a price increase to $179K.

    From the photos in the CL listing it looks like it’s in pretty nice restored condition. I like the clean, curvy look of these ’57s but I don’t think I would pay the premium the seller wants for the supercharger and the story about this car. These non-FI ’57s have been selling at auction for a median price of about $77-$80K, and the seller wants a $100K premium over that.

    Sounds pricey for a ’57 with a supercharger and a hood bulge. I don’t see it, NCRS judges value estimates or not, but he might just be testing the waters with this CL listing.

  6. Mike

    Looks like a nice car. A person can ask what they want having someone step up to the post and pay it is another.

  7. Bob Baird

    Maybe I’m missing it, but is there either a phone number or email address in the CL listing?? I have a Latham Supercharger that will go on my 1960 Corvette once the four Carter YH carbs are rebuilt and I’m curious where you add oil and where the thermostat is since the front part of the Latham eliminates both. This car was at Carlisle in 2013 and did not have the oil filler on the valve cover. I wonder where the original owner put in oil?

    • Dolphin Member

      Bob, click on the little ‘reply’ button in the upper left hand corner of the ad and a panel with the seller’s contact information will pop up.

    • nxpress62

      Looking at the pics, they’ve drilled and added a fill tube on the driver’s side valve cover.

    • Oliver Trieb

      Hello Bob,
      can you post more pics of the fuel lines? I have bought this C1 and your fuel-lines looks more original.


  8. 68 custom

    I think Pontiac built a concept convert or a show car that had one of those blowers and 4 carbs on a 389, they are really loud from what I understand. the Vette looks nice but I think the asking price is outrageous. now maybe if Duntov had something to do with it…

  9. Rocco

    Cool looking car. Don;t know about the price. Sounds a little high.

  10. Jon

    Yeah, outrageously high… come on..really?

    Love the car… put not that much….

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