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Less than $30! Buried Jeep J10 Pickup

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That’s right – at the moment, for less than $30, you could own a Jeep J10 pickup that is buried in the weeds and undergrowth of Rensselaer Falls, New York. As you’d expect, it’s going to be the purchaser’s problem to extract it from this rural parking spot, and it might require more muscle than a set of hedge clippers. There’s virtually nothing known about the Jeep’s mechanical health, but if you got it for $50, would you care? Check out this tangled Jeep here on eBay where there’s just over a day of bidding left. 

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The seller freely acknowledges that this is a parts truck, and he wanted to see if there was a buyer for it before calling the local scrap yard. For that, I commend him, as most owners of scrap vehicles never consider if there’s an enthusiast base out there that might find even a ratty parts truck useful. This one would be an ambitious restoration, if you were so inclined to bring it back to the roadways – but with so many running examples still available, it would be a labor of love.

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Here’s the stunner to me: that interior isn’t half-bad! The bench seat looks re-usable, as do the dash board and door panels. I would say the interior alone is worth the price of entry, especially if you’re restoring one of these trucks. Of course, it would work best in a blue or white truck, as it might look odd in a red or brown example. Heck, even the dash pad remains uncracked – I’ve seen worst interiors in cars that have been safely stored or even driven on occasion.

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There is some rust present but the chassis appears fairly solid. But I would treat any usable sections of sheet metal as pure “icing” if you were to drag this J10 home. Factor in any trim pieces, glass, grill and lighting that can be salvaged and this Jeep begins to appeal as a potential money maker – if the bidding stays low. So, to our readers: can any of you use this cheap Jeep as a parts truck or would you try and strip it for making a few bucks on the side? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Bingo

    Bidding is at $26.00 right now. I’m out at $25.00. Who has that kind of cash just lying around? You’ve stick with your maximum bid. That’s what dad always said.

  2. GTOJeff

    $26 is my max so if any of you want it bad enough, it’s yours.

  3. Chris in Nashville

    I would be all over it, if it were a little closer. The hundreds of dollars I would spend in gas makes it a non starter.

  4. Rob

    If I were closer I’d jump on it! Mostly rust free, mostly original paint slate blue 82-83 shortbed J10 Honcho, selecTrac 4wd with a nice plow frame! Hopefully someone will save this one, it’s actually quite good! Even in Colorado and Arizona, they have rust worse than this one. It definitely deserves a save!

  5. RicK

    I had the Mini Tonka version of this in red back around ’65 or ’66 when I was 8 or 9 y.o., anyhow was very well scaled and one of my favorite toy cars.

  6. The Chucker

    Budget for Calamine lotion.

  7. Fred W.

    Didn’t expect the interior to look anything near that good. Maybe the rest of the truck isn’t quite as bad as you might think?

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Here’s with the optimism. It doesn’t look all that far gone. It might not be worth a lot when completed but then, there aren’t all that many collector cars/trucks that will recoupe your investment. But that’s not what the hobby is all about.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi geomechs, I agree. It doesn’t look too bad, laying in the weeds, for heavens sake. Would it be too much to drag it out of the brush? I mean, just to have a halfway decent plow truck. That last photo of the big rust blotch on the frame, I’d watch out for that. My same era Cherokee’s frame rusted right by the rear spring hangers. Man, for $132 dollars, I’d get it going and make it a plow only truck.

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Not a Honcho. Looks like dealer-applied Chief graphics…trucks never got that striping from the factory. Also looks like a dealer optioned plow which could mean it has low-range for the Quadratrak. Optioned up seats and door panels, tripod mirrors, bed rails, sliding back window and cargo light…someone knew what they wanted when they ordered it.

    Limited pictures but looks to be minimal bed seam rust, bed corners look good and body appears straight…this is way way better than the description even if the engine was frozen.

    Check for snakes, spiders and rodents but I’d be there with cash in my hand, a chain saw, a winch and a trailer if I was in striking distance.

    • Rob

      youre right on the Honcho, I missed the steering wheel and chrome on the doors. It does have the Honcho interior for the age, same as my ’81 Stepside Honcho. I wonder if they pulled the honcho graphics and pit the Cherokee graphics on it from new? I have only ever seen that interior on Honchos or Cherokee Laredos. Great trucks, I have driven FSJs all of my life, currently own too many lol. Looking at it, I’d be surprised if it has that many miles, that fabric didn’t age all that well. A new passenger door and fender (again) and you’d have a pretty clean truck.

  10. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Funny. This is the same guy with that torn up GMC tow truck. I guess he likes the General more than he does a Jeep.

  11. BIG FISH

    I like this truck! It looks complete and not in to bad a shape. I have seen a lot worse running on the roads here in pa. what’s the worse part to fix the engine or transmission? At most 2k to do a stock rebuild on the motor and maybe 1500 on the tranny. Gee if I could find someone to haul it out of there and bring it to the Harrisburg pa. area id buy it.

  12. mark

    Just over a c note now! The plow parts are worth more than the bid?

  13. Curtis J Henshaw

    I would love to redo it, but it is too far away from Michigan. I’ll be watching it though.

  14. Scott

    Depending on your price I’m sure I could help…

    • BIG FISH

      Scott were you referring to my comment about shipping?

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