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Levi’s Edition: 1974 AMC Gremlin X

This is a Levi Edition 1974 AMC Gremlin X. AMC is not longer around but Levi jeans and apparel are. While rough, the car is still recognizable and is said to run and drive. AMC built this edition of the Gremlin with special decals and the upholstery on the seats and door panels looked like blue denim with orange stitching. This car is listed here on Barn Finds Classified for only $2,000. If you are looking for a rare project car, this Levi Edition might be something worth the effort. The Gremlin is located in Bradenton, Florida.

While the upholstery was actually a synthetic material and not real cotton denim, it did look the part. This was probably done because cotton is too flammable. I bet the copper rivets sewn into the seat backs got hot in the summer! These seats are worn through and long past their useful life. Gremlins were produced by AMC from 1970-1978 in the United States. Over 670,000 Gremlins were produced over its life span. It was replaced by the AMC Spirit in 1979 and competed against the Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega. The mention of the Gremlin, Pinto and Vega in one sentence probably brings backs some bad memories of less reliability and durability to many consumers. However, the Gremlin was the top rated vehicle by Consumer Reports out of 6 compacts that were rated in 1973.

As far as engine choices, a buyer could select from a 3.8 liter inline six cylinder engine or a 2.0 liter V8 engine. This car has the 232 cubic inch inline six cylinder engine which was later used to power Jeep Cherokees two decade later. Motor Trend times 0-60 in 12.6 seconds which was much faster than the Pinto or Beetle of this era. This car is equipped with an automatic transmission that is operated via a floor shifter. The odometer reads 59,831 miles.

This car has aftermarket Crager rims on all four corners which look pretty good. The car has received a recent tune up as well as a new starter, battery and brakes. The body has surface rust and/or rot on every body panel but the chassis rails are said to be in good shape. The seller states that the car will include two of the original wheels. So I like the lines and the looks of this car. Who thinks this one should be restored and put back on the road?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Does this car need upholstery, or just a set of baggy overalls?

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  2. Ramone Member

    A 2.0 litre V8 option?

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    • Terry

      He meant 5.0 liter, or the 304. Also there were two sixes, the 3.8 and 4.2 ( 232 and 258 respectfivrly).

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  3. Gary James Lehman

    304 V-8 was available,

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  4. Terry

    Just to put it to rest, the interior was not Levi’s denim. Too bad it wasn’t. It was synthetic cloth made to look like a new pair of jeans.

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    • Bamapoppy

      ‘While the upholstery was actually a synthetic material and not real cotton denim, it did look the part.’
      Yeah, I read that part. A former roommate had one like this, with the 6-cylinder. He kept it in immaculate condition. That was back in the late 70’s.

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  5. Merc Mike

    It would make a fun daily driver.

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  6. sir_mike

    I have a pair of Levis that look almost that bad.

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  7. Mr Exotherm

    “competed against the Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega” I think not! The Mustang II/Pinto/Vega/Monza were complete carp compared to the Gremmy.

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    • Jerry Sanders

      Oldsmobile Starfire (Monza clone) with a 231 V6 although it worked best with the Monza rear end. It was good for 40,000 miles between clutch cables. The clutch was like a right leg bench press but it would run like a train and good gas mileage for the day. the other benefit of the V6 was you could change the spark plugs with the engine in place and not requiring creative firewall modification.

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    Engine choices were a 3.8 (232 Six) 4.2 (258 Six) 5.0 (304 V8) The 70-73 small bumper Gremlin and or Hornet HB is really the choice.

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  9. JoeNYWF64

    Surprised the dash & steering wheel aren’t cracked!
    Poor man’s open element air cleaner?

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    • Bob19006

      The AMC 232, 258 and the newer 4.0 used in Jeeps after Chrysler bought AMC-Jeep around 1988 were all variations of the same AMC engine block. So I’ve heard that switching from one to another is a minor project.

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  10. Nah

    Jeep sixes were the 258 and the 242 “4.0”, come on now

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    • James Schwartz

      Well, you’re partly right.
      Jeep used the 232, 258, and later (starting in 1987) could have the “new” 242 or better known as the 4.0L.
      Not to mention numerous other engines used over the years.

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  11. Autoworker

    Along with the Vega, a lot of these wound up with small block Chevys in them.

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  12. James

    A 390 or 401 will drop in easy. Some paint and couple pairs of blue jeans and your done

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  13. Gary Raymond Member

    Party on, Garth! Neat car!

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  14. GCS Member

    The jeans interior were like “Sears Toughskins” that were a polyester/cotton blend we wore through the knees, when we were kids. You grew out of them before anything else wore out…They’d be great upholstery but ugly…
    I’d paint the wheels black.

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  15. Bruce Lacount

    I had a 1972 Gremlin X with the 304 with a 3 speed when that broke I put a 4 speed in it made it much better

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  16. Jay McCarthy

    The Jeep Cherokee never got the 232 engine they got a crappy Iron Duke 2.5 4cyl or the 258 in line 6

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  17. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I had a 74 Gremlin X. Mine had the 258 with 3 speed manual on the floor. It was green inside and out. No a/c but I did install power steering from a junk yard Hornet easy bolt on application. Put a lot of mikes on that car. I bought it in Seattle and drove through Washington, Oregon, California through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, then north through Oklahoma over into Colorado and finally to Provo, Utah where I drove another year before trading on a Hornet station wagon. That all took place from 1981-1984. Went through several girl friends during that time but the old Grammy just kept on going.
    God bless America

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  18. Denise

    Naw, the Mustang II was a great little car. I had a ’74 coupe and a few months later traded for a ’74 fastback/hatchback. Both were 4 spd. The coupe was a cutie and ran great but the hatchback was more my style, Never had a lick of trouble with it. Drove it across country twice and slept on the hood at rest areas. It handled well in snow and on rocky mountain roads. Plus I could haul all my stuff in it when I moved.

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  19. David Kann

    No weight on the rear. Really interesting handling, especially in wet and snow.

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  20. Mike

    Thank goodness Ripped Jeans and in style now!

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  21. Mark

    Roadkill bolted a 500 cubic in Caddy motor in a 74 Gremlin…. Huge tire burner.

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  22. Bob

    Had this exact same Gremlin. Too funny.

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  23. JoeNYWF64

    I bet these seats are more comfortable AS IS than some modern “car” seats i’ve sat in recently. lol

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