Limited Edition: 1976 Ford Torino

Every now and then, we see a classic that makes us stop and think “Wow, that looks AMAZING for what it is” and this car does just that for this author. It’s available here on eBay out of  Chester, New York and looks almost too good to be true!

The name “Torino” is derived from the Italian city of Turin, which coincidentally is known in some circles as “The Italian Detroit”, both of which are steeped in Automotive history. The Torino was introduced to the public in 1968 and was originally the top option/trim level for the Fairlane, but by 1970, it got its own line as Ford’s intermediate car of the time. Through its eight-year run, one could have a plethora of options, including at one point a 429 Cobra Jet or a 460 V8.

This particular car represents the third and final generation, which spanned 1972-1976. The seller tells us quite a bit about the car, but doesn’t answer my most prominent question: How on earth is that car THAT clean? We’re told that it wears its original paint, was always garage kept, and that it is in roadworthy condition with 93,000 miles on its 351-cubic-inch V8, but I want to know specifically how. I see the telltale Ziebart decal in the rear window, which tells me that it had a lot better chance against the elements than most other vehicles from back then, but still….wow!

I did some homework, as I always do when presenting information to you, and I believe that this car has the “Limited Edition Special Value Package” which included the opera window, special seat material, wheel covers, and vinyl half-roof that are present on this car. Factoring all of that in, I feel that this car would make an excellent entry-level classic for those on a tighter budget. That’s what I think, what do YOU think of this seemingly-well-preserved example? Is it legit or has it had restoration work? Ford Fanatics: Am I right about the “Limited Edition”?



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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Russell. This indeed is a very nice example of the “big intermediates” in the Ford line-up of the 1970’s. Two door coupe, red paint, red half vinyl roof, black and white checkered upholstery…. all very 1970’s, nothing like that available today.

    My favorite is the 1972 Gran Torino, in Sport trim please. Ford got lots of mileage out of these models, including the 1977-79 Thunderbird which must have been a big-time money maker.

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  2. TimM

    Great looking car that seems like really good condition!! I know it says it’s all original but I would have to tuck that rear bumper closer to the rear of the car!! It looks like it’s in New Jersey when your parked in New York!! I really forgot how ugly that looks till I saw the photo!!!

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  3. art

    The bumpers…yes, not pretty but they functioned as true 5 mph bumpers, protecting the body from expensive damage. If you look at today’s cars with nearly body-flush plastic and styrofoam bumpers, even a slight encounter will cost several thousand dollars in repair, all nicely factored into your auto insurance premiums. So, pluses and minuses with each. When the “Deluxe Bumper” packages were ordered back then with their black vinyl protective trims centered on the bumpers, that tended to soften the massive chrome look. Still, I like this car, big, bold bumpers and all.

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  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    Looks like if Starsky’s had a personal car, even though, he hated the “Striped Tomato” and claims he did everything he could to trash the car, a testament how well built they were. I think these were some of the last really nice Fords.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this BECOMES a Starsky & Hutch tribute car. Could then be worth lot more money – to some people.
      Wonder if Paul Glaser autographed any such cars. lol
      Maybe better luck gettin David Soul to sign?
      Wonder if Glaser would have prefered the ’72 fastback – same driving behavior tho.

  5. rpol35

    Agreed, fantastic condition for a rarely seen model; nevertheless, it still looks like a disco-duck machine.

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  6. Shannon Member

    Gunna say maybe not original paint? I don’t think the door striker in the one photo should be red and the emissions decal might not have been taped off well? Still a really cool car either way

  7. JCF

    Ugly rear bumper, almost like the designers said: “OOPS! We forgot the rear bumper, let’s just stick on this bumper left over from a F-150, nasty, but will pass the 5 mph restrictions!” Have the seats been recovered? Look out of place for the car. Also, rust bubbles beneath the vinyl on the rear window driver’s side, lower corner. Nice car, but would need to be inspected before purchase.

  8. Bruce

    I have this exact same car right down to the hand painted pinstripe except mine is a butter yellow (don’t know the Ford name) with brown vinyl on top and interior. Mine however has major rust which is why I parked it about 25 years ago as it became too unsightly. The only other difference is mine has the factory am/fm radio. Additions by previous are limited to aftermarket cruse control and the working 23 channel CB radio. It sits in my shop nearly covered in boxes of NOS and good used parts just waiting to return it to its glory days including a vintage set of bi-centenial plates. It was a lot of fun to drive even with the big engine with such low horse power per cubic inch. It will probably cost me way more than it’ll be worth in my lifetime to restore but that’s not why I would restore it. As for the Limited edition special value package, I don’t see anything on mine to indicate that. How would I find out?
    As for this listing, its cool to see something nearly identical to what I have in so much better shape for inspiration. However, as for the paint being original, highly skeptical. Way too many inconsistencies between the paint and other components. I guarantee you there is rust under the vinyl top around the glass and body joints. Any well experienced buyer could see this and then ask what else might not be true in consideration for what you’re willing to risk. Not saying its a bad car as it mostly looks great for its age.

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  9. Moparman Member

    If you look closely at the wheelwells, there appear to bescrew holes that once held on the chrome fenderwell trim, and the paint surface is not matching the rest of the body. It looks like (IMO) a repaint to me. Regardless, very nice looking car.
    GLWTS! :-)

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  10. gearjammer63

    I would LOVE to have this car! I would drive it and enjoy it.
    I had a ’77 LTD II S Brougham, which is the same car under the skin, from Dec. ’85 to May ’89, also with a 351 Windsor V8, and it was one of the best cars I ever owned, but hard on gas. I still miss it to this day!

  11. jimmy the orphan

    I had a girl friend who bought a new 72 gran torino GT 351C ENG. 4spd. It was a dark green color. I’m a bowtie guy but I would ride in it because it was a 4spd. No it was a cool car. She was cute and cool as well. Great days…………………JIMMY

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