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Little Woody Wagon: 1959 Morris Minor


I’ve always dreamed of owning a Woody Wagon, they are just so cool! I’m a bit of a woodworker and love the way wood and steel look together. The problem is, I can’t afford one of the big American Woodies, but this little Morris Minor Traveller has some of that look without costing an arm and a leg! Restoring it obviously won’t be cheap, but it will still be a lot cheaper than one of the big American wagons. You can find it here on eBay in Warwick, Rhode Island with a BIN of $3,750 and bidding starting at $1,500.


It’s already been disassembled, so be sure to factor that into the cost of transporting it. Also, that could make restoring it more difficult, as you won’t necessarily know how it goes back together. Thankfully, there is a lot of information and support out there for these little guys!


There’s also really great parts support for them! You can get everything for them now, including all new wood. While fitting new wood isn’t an easy task, these didn’t have the complicated joints and panels that some of the big wagons do. I really would love to have one these, I think this one would be kind of fun to take on! So would you enjoy having this Morris or would you rather save up for a Ford, Chevy or Dodge Woody?


  1. Dave Wright

    I have done several Minors, great cars with tons of upgrade parts available. I would have to change this to a left hand drive if I was going to use it. But super fun cars, inexpensive to operate and distinctive.

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  2. Neil

    If you look at the eBay ad, he states he sold the VIN and title off the car, so no way to legally register for road use. Bummer!!

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  3. Scot Douglas

    The guy states he sold the VIN and the title…how do you get around that?

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    • Dave Wright

      The world of VIN numbers and registration is a murky one. It makes no sense to me selling them seperatly from the vehicle. Airplanes maybe an exception, in my state, I know of several vehicles registered with the same VIN. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone. One is my 1958 Mercedes 220S. When I bought it ( with a title) I noticed that it had the wrong number. It was registered with the Mercedes model number, I asked the DMV about it, she looked it up and said there were 3 other cars in the state registered with the same number. Didn’t seem to be a problem. I would find the VIN on the Morris frame and Lein sale it. I bet it would go right through.

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  4. Righteous Bob

    I sold the ID Tag and Title, Smart Move Don’t you Think

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  5. angliagt

    Why would anyone do that? That can’t be good.

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  6. Ropey

    Is that even legal? Re-vinning cars is a murky process at best. At the very least, the value of this car just dropped to naff-all.

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  7. Mark S

    What a shark this seller is, he takes it apart so it’s scattered all over the place then he sells the title / vin tag. Then he says he’ll sell you the wood kit for extra. All this while asking top money. As cool as this car is, this deal is sketchy, I’d say stay away.

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  8. Winterhawk

    I’ve owned 10 Minors and most were Travelers. Kinda fun, but in reality a really bad car. Only hope to make them liveable for a driver is to put Spridget disc brakes on the front, and completely switch out the drivetrain. Why did I own that many and not learn my lesson? No one ever said breaking the British car habit was easy. I’m lòoking at a Rover 2000 TC now. When will it end!?

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  9. MikeH

    Here are all the plates you need. Find a parts car and register it or probably you can do it without a title.


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