Living Room Find: 676-Mile 1997 Nissan 240SX

This car is really something special, and there is absolutely no arguing that. If you hate everything foreign-made and can’t open your mind to this beautiful and unique Nissan 240SX, I recommend you stop reading now! The saga surrounding this unbelievably low-mileage 240SX is really something else, and although the $100,000 asking price may seem ridiculous at first, if the story is true it is likely worth that much. There is no denying that this is a pristine, unmatched example. Find this one-of-a-kind unicorn here on Craigslist in New York. Thank to reader Sam K. for finding this beauty! 

I’m not a fan of the dimly lit, artsy photos. I will say that they are reminiscent of a car commercial, and since this is basically a new car it adds to the effect. However, it would be best to be able to see all of the interior as it should be like brand-new. Nice, clean, unmolested 240SXs of any era are nearly impossible to come by, and “brand-new” examples like this just simply don’t exist. I could sit here and praise this car all day, but I’m not going to. While I highly advise reading the entire ad, I’m going to summarize the situation.

The original owner ordered a new Nissan 200SX in 1997, and waited 2 months for its arrival. After the new 200SX proved to be a lemon, it was returned under the Lemon Law. Apparently, at this time Nissan was advertising that their cars had never been returned under said law and fought the claim hard in court. Nissan lost, had to change their commercials, and had to provide the original owner with another car. He opted for a 240SX in place of the 200SX, and received one. After taking delivery of the new 240SX, the seller decided to replace the oil with Mobil 1. After dropping the rock guard, he was covered in rocks and mud. As his luck would have it, the new 240SX was a flood vehicle that had not been reported and back to court he went. This time, Nissan sent five of their best lawyers to fight the case.

The presiding judge was the same judge that had handled the previous Lemon Law case. Apparently, the judge was not happy with Nissan and they were ordered to provide their customer with the nicest 240SX available at no extra cost. Because production of 1997 240SXs was winding down at this point, the only car available was a very special display car. It was to be put in a case for viewing and taken to auto shows. This car was crafted with higher quality than production 240SXs. This is the car he ultimately received, and the black car that is pictured above. Realizing this car was very special, the original owner stored this car in his sister’s living room to keep it climate-controlled and out of the elements. This car went outside a few times a year for cleaning, an oil change, registration, inspection, and an oil change. This Nissan is fully documented with the original paperwork (bill of sale, books, title). A shop manual is included, and this car is wearing its original wiper blades. The original wheels and tires are not on the car, but are included in the sale. This is one special car, and the only one of its kind. Almost certainly, this Nissan will find its way into a museum or the private collection of someone who appreciates it. With a history like that, if kept in the manner to which it is accustomed, this Nissan 240SX will always be unique and only increase in value. If you made it this far, you must have interest in this car and its story. I strongly encourage you to view the original listing, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Spridget

    My BS alarm is wailing.

  2. Martin Sparkes

    Sounds bogus so I went looking.

    Not conclusive but the story is pretty thin. Why would Nissan send corporate lawyers to defend crooked dealers?

    Mahogany case for an entry level sports car? He starts the story with a 200 sx(1988 or earlier) and finished it with a 1997 240sx. And the judge apparently found this special car himself and ordered it handed over. Can a judge even do that? Must have been a car nut.

    • Nathan Avots-Smith Member

      The 1995-98 200SX was a two-door Sentra. Not conclusive proof one way or the other on the veracity of the story, but there was such a car available at the time.

  3. Joe

    Where’s the living room pix? lol

  4. JimmyJ

    Looks like a normal 240sx even if the story was true, everybody u told it to would think its bs.
    Also even if true is the story worth 80k? The car looks like 20k on a good day

    • Chicaghost writer


  5. dyno dan

    this sounds like a “once upon a time” story!
    how big is his sisters house?

  6. Sparkster

    If the owner saved this car from being driven he sure as hell still has the legal paperwork from his court appearances. SHOW ME THE PAPERWORK. I’m glad it’s an automatic, that way I don’t lose any sleep not having an extra $100,000 lying around. Back in the day I was very serious about one these with a stick. Great balance

    • David Frank David Frank Member

      The Jaguar badge on the trunk is a nice touch. Now… meanwhile, back to barnfinds.

  7. BMW4RunninTundra

    Back in 02 I purchased a F150 XLT. After 16 (roughly) trips to the dealer to try to repair an engine and rear end problem, I retained an Attorney and successfully Lemon Law’ed the truck. No “courtroom drama”. No “replacement vehicle”. No “car loving Judge”. Nothing more than taking the truck back to the dealership, signing paperwork, and walking out with a check for the full purchase price. (minus a small charge for the miles driven)
    I then went and bought my Tundra. Still loving/driving it!!

  8. 408interceptor

    That car is worth maybe $6,000, have these people lost their minds? Now if it was a 77 or earlier Celica……….

    • Mike

      $6,000?!? Don’t get me wrong. I love these and even if this was a stick there’s no way this is worth six figures. But considering cars like sub 30K mile CRX’s in good shape can go for over $10K this is worth a hell of a lot more than that. If, IF, this is genuine I don’t think we’ll ever see a 240SX in this condition again. Most of these have been either heavily modified or beaten into the ground.

      Even though it’s worth nothing near what he’s asking it wouldn’t surprise me if it goes for way more than the Blue book value. I’m sure people would pay $40-50 all day long. While it wouldn’t be worth it, I bet someone with disposable income pays the $125K just based on the rarity. Though there’s quite a few red flags to clear up first.

      • 408interceptor

        You actually think someone would pay $40 to $50,000 for that? And who pays over 10 grand for a CRX? Low mileage C6 corvettes sell for mid 20’s and a 2018 Mustang GT is around 40K, and who really believes this car was made from some special Nissan “Dura Steel”.

  9. alan

    Is a good story worth $100k?

  10. George

    O.K., I could see paying up to the full MSRP for this car. But no way, no how could I ever see myself shelling out $100k for this. I’d rather buy a Hellcat and save the remainder on tires that I would shred instead of this car. And I like Nissans…

  11. J Paul Member

    None of this makes any sense whatsoever. A 240sx would have been in it’s second-to-last year in 1997—The idea of Nissan building a unique one-off show car WITH SPECIAL STEEL (!) and a mahogany display case for an aging and nearly-discontinued model is just ridiculous.

    (Also note the 4-lug wheels, indicating a base 240 and not the fancier/sportier SE model…if Nissan were to build a 240sx show car, why would it start with the cheapest version?)

    I mean, seeing any 20 year old car with less than a thousand miles is interesting, but this fairy tale story isn’t ever going to make it worth $100,000.

    • J Paul Member

      ALSO, the owner says that this car was built to be displayed at “all US and foreign auto shows.” However, the 240SX was a North America-only model designation, and other markets got either a 200SX or a Silvia. So showing a 240 internationally makes no sense.

      Yet another data point on what looks like a graph of bullshit.

  12. Rustytech Member


  13. michael streuly

    Not worth anywhere close to 100k.
    Even if that bulls**t story is true.

  14. Miguel

    Nissan wishes any car they have ever made would be worth $100,000.

  15. Joe Haska

    I don’t know what I like the most, the story, I was hooked, and then I read the comments, and I was like Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that, so I guess my final thought, is with the comments- TOTAL BS. Plus, the pictures are just too art-sey, fart-sey. What does it really look like?

  16. angliagt

    I think that this seller will end up in court – IF he finds a buyer.
    Hopefully the buyer will download this ad for future courtroom –

  17. Greg

    If he wasn’t going to drive it and instead put it in someone’s living room then why would he have changed out the OEM wheels and tires for aftermarket? Maybe the guy’s son bought this car and right after faced an untimely death; the dad was distraught, knew how much his son loved this car, the first one he saved up for and bought with his own money, so the dad kept the car as a shrine in memorium? My fiction story is no less plausible than the yarn spun in the ad.

  18. Fred W.

    Whoever originally came up with the story needs to start writing “car fiction”- a book full of similar stories everyone wishes were true. I’d be the first to buy the book, because they have quite an imagination.

    • Carl

      Or call the book “50 shades of BS automotive version”

  19. Dan

    Well, if you read the ad, this is admittedly the “story” of Midnight, not the “facts” about midnight. Also, the car comes with a box that supposedly has ALL of the paperwork associated with the car. Should clear things up quickly.

    • Chicaghost writer

      I’m curious to what this magical scroll of options is written on? Gold leaf papyrus? Even more curious, what does it say? Slightly optioned 240SX? The condition “seems pristine, but what’s with the MySpace style photography? I get so annoyed when someone puts a car up for sale at a healthy price, yet takes pictures in a moonlit rain storm. If you want big money, it’s best to show what that money is for. I’m a Nissan fan, but not a groupie.

  20. Murray S.

    OK. Pure and simple. I have a 1997 Mazda Miata M edition with 124 original miles. I am sure it is the lowest mileage 97 NA Miata M Edition in existence with all the documents and all of the factory stickers. This car is brand new every bit of it including the tires and wiper blades. It even has the factory original hard top. I’m not asking a rediculous $100K. First realistic $30k will get it and it is a brand new first edition Miata. Green with tan leather. 5 speed and loaded. Any takers.

    • michael streuly

      Nobody wants that POS.

  21. Jon

    Seems like a tall tail. I’m a Mustang guy myself but have to say I was pretty impressed by Nissan Crossing ( in Tokyo. At the time they had a truly original skyline GTX

  22. DrinkinGasoline

    I took your advice Andrew, and stopped reading. :)

  23. Pa Tina

    I want to see the door to the living room.

  24. matt grant

    that guy is smoking crack. the car is a 10 to 15M $ car all day long. yes, perhaps a low mileage piece, but hardly a collector car. i wish him luck getting even 1/5 of his asking. the market will determine it’s real value.

  25. Dixiedog

    Total BS. I spent 47 years in the auto industry working for a large American OEM in vehicle engineering. I was a design release engineer in body engineering. I participated in building many pre production (prototype)and show cars, all with experimental serial numbers (VIN). It doesn’t work the way this story is written. Not even at a Japanese company. Be careful if you have desires for this vehicle. It is a wonderful story but just a story, no truth here.

    • Miguel

      What doesn’t make sense to me, among other things, is why Nissan would make a special edition of a car that is not a new body style. The cars were already selling in the showrooms, so what did they have to gain by making this car?

  26. matt grant

    i was in the business on the local and corporate level. if the car were DESIRABLE as a new car, rare in numbers, and considered collectable, then it might be worth this amount. but this is a car that kids buy now and soup up. it’s about as collectable as a chevrolet cruze.

  27. kenzo

    Just read “The Drive” article from Martin Sparks link.
    Interesting to say the least.
    True – hmmmm?
    Lies – Hmmmmmmm?

  28. newfieldscarnut


  29. Todd Barrett

    What woman is going to let anyone store a car in their living room? Has the seller ever met a woman? How do you get a car into a living room? Take it apart like Radar Oreily?

  30. Joe Haska

    I Love the book idea, maybe you could throw in a few true ones and see if the reader could tell the difference. I was half way buying into this one ,until I started reading the comments. Then, I thought how dumb can I be!

  31. Mike W H


  32. Fritz T.


  33. Alford Pouse Member

    I’ll save what cash I have to buy my BF dream! #7 Bugatti Type 41 Royale! LOLOL

    • olddavid

      An Argentine company will make you a Bugatti that is absolutely true to the original for 10% of the real thing’s price. If I could just convince my wife we could live in the Bugatti…….

  34. Alex

    Much of this doesn’t quite line up. The mahogany case thing seems a little extensive for a base model S14. Plus, he HAS to have some paperwork somewhere. Like someone else here said, if he went through keeping the car so perfect, he must have the paperwork proving his claims if they are indeed true. And why would he change the wheels and put that badge on the trunk? I’m pretty sure Nissan didn’t do that.

  35. Jim

    hmmm the Craigslist ad was flagged and pulled down/removed …somethings fishy here !!!


    Once upon a time…

  37. William Dillon

    Should change the name to barn yarns.

  38. Ryan

    It’s a Nissan. Who would be so foolish to pay that kind of money for that kind of car. That’s the problem now with the car market. The 90s was the beginning of the the Throw Away Car market. That same market runs like a bad rash today with the cars that are made now. I guess it’s worth it to the person that pays for it. Keeping a car in the Living room. Please!

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