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Local Find: 1970 Volkswagen Beetle


Sometimes you find classics for sale in the most unusual places. I was driving by a used car lot today that specializes in late model foreign cars and spotted a little yellow classic on the back row. I turned around and went back and took some photos for you folks! It’s for sale in Raleigh, North Carolina and is listed here on the dealership website.



I actually think the asking price of $6,950 is a bit high for this Beetle, but remember, it’s a used car lot so you’re not going to pay what they’ve got it listed for anyway. I love the roof rack, and I know the wide whitewall tires don’t belong on a car of this vintage, but I think they’re pretty cool anyway. From this distances (and notably in the pictures on the dealer website) the car doesn’t look bad at all.


However, when I looked closely, I could see some rust around the edges of the panels in a few places. The yellow paint, while not original, does look like the original color that I could see underneath in spots. At this point I don’t think the rust is bad, and a good cleaning and waxing as well as indoor storage would probably keep it in check for a while.


There’s also some evidence here of an ill-fitting hood. There’s a few dings in the bottom of the front valence, but I don’t think this is collision-related, I just think someone had the hood off and didn’t remount it correctly.


Here’s a closeup of that great luggage rack. The wood strips are just begging to be refinished, aren’t they. I realize this is an attempt to make the car look older than it is, but considering how common Beetles are, it doesn’t bother me. I like the vibe given by the older features.


Inside, the seats and dash were in pretty good shape, although as you can see on the right, the window weatherstripping for  the side windows is shot. I really liked the EMPI floor mats as well; whether truly period or not, they were cool. And that’s what this classic is–cool without having to be perfect. What do you think? I’d drive it!


  1. Howard A Member

    Aw, c’mon. Has interest in Beetles waned that much? This is a great deal, just try and find one today. I’m not into VW’s that much, but they are a blast to drive, get’s smiles all day long, and they were good cars. You a want a bug, to actually drive, can’t go wrong here.

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  2. Mark S

    My first car was a 1967 bug it was a lot of fun to drive. My brother and I would take it out on country roads in the winter after a snow dump and go drift busting. We had discovered that the shape of the front would cut right through a fresh drift as long as your speed was up. The drift would hit the windshield and go right over the top. That little bug was a total blast to drive, I have lots of fond memories, nice find.

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  3. Fred W.

    I had two bugs, one a ’68 daily driver in high school and another ’63 that had been hit hard from the side. The ’68 was the one car that could be depended on to start any morning, no matter how cold. Never a moment’s trouble. The ’63 was so rough I could take it on muddy dirt rut roads with no worries about denting it on a tree. Had a blast with it.

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  4. Paddy McConnell

    I have been driving a white 1970 Beetle as my commute/town car for over two years and it’s one of the best parts of my day! My single port stock motor is not what you would call powerful (45-47 horsepower at this stage in its life) but definitely zippy! I have never had a problem keeping up with modern traffic and occasionally get it up to 65mph. It actually takes the twisty mountain roads better than most cars! I also have an original German roof rack that’s not just for decoration; I use it about once a week for bikes, boxes, kayaks, etc…

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  5. Jack Quintrall

    Over 50,000,000 of these were made, but few are seen on the road now! In 1985, I saw a new one in Ensenada, Mex. For sale for 1,000, 000 pesos ($8,000 US.) Not importable, despite dealer claims.

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    • Rich

      21,529,464 – a bit less than half what you suggest! Not a rare car, but actually hard to find in decent, original condition these days.

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  6. Graham Line

    Here in the Northwest, this would sell pretty easily between $6000-$7000. I’m looking for one with the rare roof-rack delete option . . .

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  7. Clark R. Farabaugh, USN, RET

    I own a really nice 1968, Silver Bug, and think its so special….Everyont that comes into my garage, asks me if its for sale, one lady even ask if I would let her drive it….They are really Special Cars. This one was bought in Germany,
    by a friend of mine, who is a Naval Capt…..

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  8. Steve Noren

    I bought a ’67 with a bad engine from a cousin in the late ’70’s for $450. Replace the engine with a crate one from Montgomery Ward. Drove it in all kinds of weather (mud roads were a blast)–even to Sioux Falls, SD, one bitter January when the streets had close to a foot of snowpack. It did great. I always knew when a semi was about to pass me on interstate without looking in the mirror, as the first wave of air would shove me to the right; then as the truck pulled even, the car would settle down, only to be pulled toward the trailer when the drive wheels passed me; then hard to the right as the trailer wheels and rear passed, then hard left as it tried to suck me in behind the rig. Had no problem going 75. Parked it when the engine started knocking. Sold it to a neighbor for dune buggy material. He told me he got into the engine and discovered it was totally missing the rear main bearing. I don’t recall how many miles I put on that motor, but it was long past the warranty when it gave up.

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  9. American_Badaz

    I have a clean, silver 69 model myself.

    Nothing else drives quite like a vintage VW!

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  10. Tman

    My first car was a 1970 Beetle. Green and rust (Detroit Suburbs 1976). I learned to drive clutch in a parking lot moments before driving it home. Repaired the rust with angle irons on the rockers and fiberglass over the holes behind the doors…painted it Orange with about 20 cans of spray paint. Nothing could stop it, Michigan cold and deep snow were always fun! I miss that car. but it dissolved to the point that I finally sold it for $700 in 1978, $100 more than I bought it for . . . still running like a champ but the floors were gone.

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