Looking Nice: 1930 Chevy AD Universal

David FrankBy David Frank

The AD series Chevy introduced in 1930 had a few mechanical improvements over the previous AC model such as hydraulic shock absorbers, a few more horsepower, and the fuel gauge was moved to the dash. There’s nothing special about this Chevy listed on craigslist in West Richland, Washington but it’s a good example of just how little demand there is for prewar cars and how little they are worth. The seller purchased this Chevy from the estate of the former owner. It is completely original except that it was painted and reupholstered in the 1990s. It’s not a show car but it runs and drives very well. Up close, the paint likely shows wear and damage, but it looks nice from twenty feet.

The interior may not be period correct but it looks really nice.

This is the same 194 cubic inches overhead valve six-cylinder engine as the previous model, but horsepower was increased from 46 to 50.

It probably needs tires, but otherwise, this old car looks pretty nice from either end, ready to be driven and enjoyed. These are very driveable cars around town and very easy to work on. If you’ve never driven a car of this vintage you might be surprised how mich fun they are to drive. Hopefully, the new owner won’t cut it up for yet another hot rod.

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  1. Sam

    Very attractive car…like the steel wheels and Body by Fisher tags. Backseat looks comfy for a nap at the car show. Price seems a little strong. Hope someone buys, preserves and enjoys this one!

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Now that’s another parade car! I like it just as it is.

  3. rando

    Why would someone keep it stock outside and put that upholstery in it? Why not try for something more period? Or is that supposed to appear period? Looks hideous to me. But with the OHV 6, seems like a good candidate to make safe to drive and drive the crap out of it?

    • Mark S

      Why would you drive the crap out of it, sure hope you don’t buy it…….. 👎

  4. Terry J

    Terrific Chevy. If it is from Eastern Washington (the Estate) that is good – hot dry country. Might shrink the wood but not likely to be rotted out, and probably little or no rust to worry about. 🙂 Terry J

  5. ed p

    Seller is correct, this car is to nice to cut up. Red and black makes this car pop.

  6. Wayne

    Interior looks good to me.

  7. Glenn

    This car sold yesterday at a car show I emcee and help put on. It is officially an award winner and the new owner was excited.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks for letting us know, Glenn! I hope the new owner chimes in here to let us know how things are going!


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