Looks Like a GTO! 1972 Pontiac LeMans

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The Tempest/LeMans was Pontiac’s mid-size entry from 1964 to 1981. Its third generation was built between 1968 and 1972 and may have been the most popular especially since the GTO muscle car was a parallel offering on the LeMans during most of those years. This 1972 LeMans has all the looks of a GTO, including the front snout, which was also available on the LeMans Sport, which we suspect this auto may actually be. Located in Elyria, Ohio, this “Poncho” is a tip from Pat L. and is available here on craigslist for $25,000.

In advance of a redesign in 1973 that would lead to the new Colonnade styling, the ’72 LeMans was little changed from ‘71. This beauty is said to be wearing factory Carousel Red paint, but the seller doesn’t differentiate between the color chart and an original finish. We’re told there is no rust or damage to the body and the photos provided tend to bear that out. Since the panels are said to be original to the car, we surmise it’s never been in a major accident or had the corrosion blight to contend with.

Whether this automobile is a LeMans or LeMans Sport, it likely wouldn’t have had an engine in it that exceeded 400 cubic inches. Instead, a 1968 date-coded 428 V8 resides under the hood now, though no photos of the engine compartment are provided. We’re not told why a motor swap was made or when. It has a mild camshaft upgrade, which could imply horsepower in the 390 range.

At 68,000 miles, we assume the TH-400 automatic transmission is original. The interior looks nice and tidy, and the car presents quite well and could easily be mistaken for a GTO given the way the Pontiac is outfitted. We’re told a video is available upon request. This car comes across as another of the ones often found online that are better than the seller’s advertising would lead you to believe.

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  1. Steve R

    If the car is as nice in person as it looks to be in the ad it’s priced fairly. Pictures of the engine and PHS documentation would have been a welcome addition to the ad.

    Steve R

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  2. Mutt

    Simply gorgeous.
    RIP Pontiac.

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  3. Stan

    Lovely Lemans. Clean lines. Great cars.

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  4. Mike

    Sigh.. ad has been deleted, which usually means the vehicle has sold or the seller decided the price was too cheap.

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  5. Mike D

    Curious as to whether or not this car was originally white with a black vinyl top. I sold mine in 1979 to a young man not far from where this car is located. Great cars with nice styling.

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  6. Bob Mitchell

    A LeMans with a GTO logo in the grille

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  7. GTO MAN

    How could you show the front floors, full of dirt like that on the passenger side?

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    • Skylar Pond

      Because it was an average vehicle for the average every day working man. Because that’s what I am, and that’s who I care about. -Tommy boy

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  8. douglas hunt

    wow, that would be even better as a 4speed ……

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    Detroit Craigslist but in Elyria Ohio?

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    • Rixx56Member

      Closely located neighbors…

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    Wow, what a beautiful LeMans! Just gorgeous. And the price is actually reasonable! I’m partial to manual transmissions in any car I’m looking to buy, but I think I could forgive it in a Poncho as sweet as this one. I’d still be tempted to swap in a manny tranny once I got it home, though. The 428 only sweetens the deal as far as I’m concerned, and the fact that it’s NOT a GTO or GTO clone is an attraction for me. Yet another classic that makes me wish I had loads of extra cash to start my collection.

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  11. Lance

    Attractive styling. Cheerful red exterior. Big V-8. Automatic transmission which I personally prefer. Not cloned as a fake GTO…the LeMans Sport shared similar styling as pointed out in the article. Loved the Grand Prix but the shorter hood and wheelbase on the LeMans would be more maneuverable in city traffic and parking. It is not a matching numbers show car or as collectible as a SS396 or Camaro but is an awesome car for shows and weekend cruising.

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  12. Howie

    I like anything with a factory hood tach.

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  13. Jost

    I may be wrong as my old man memory is not as good as it used to be but I belive the LeMans Sport was available with the 455.
    This is a beautiful car and the 428 does no harm. Personally I would rather have one of these then a GTO as the Sport is pretty rare. Probably because most who wanted the performance engine went for the Goat , and secondly most survivor LeMan have probably be cloned into Goats. If someone more kowledgeable or has a better memory then me , please correct on that 455 option. It may have not been on the LeMans sport, but was on the LeMans T37.

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  14. Oliver

    I bought a used 67 GTO in 79 when I was a young man and put a 428 in it out of a 69 Grand Prix, those motors should have been used more,it had way more power than the 400 did and was also a lot more durable. For a while Royal Pontiac in Michigan did a conversion much like shelby or Baldwin Motion on new cars and tuned it to 425 HP if people wanted more than the ram air IV option offered.

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  15. Emel

    Better than a Goat. Great color you don’t see often.
    Lemans is nice !

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  16. pwtiger

    According to the Standard catalog of American cars, Engine”U’ a 455 with a two barrel and 8.2 compression was an option for LeMans

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    IMO, that scooped hood should only have been offered on the GTO.
    & the 21st century V6 Challengers should not get a hood with scoops either.

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  18. Howie

    The ad is gone now.

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  19. Bruce Johnson Bruce JohnsonStaff

    In 1971 & 1972, a LeMans buyer could select the T41 option which replaced the hood, fenders and front end with GTO parts including the endura front end. The T41 option was a mid year in 1971 for the LeMans Sport and the LeMans wagons. The T41 nose option was introduced about the same time as the discontinuation of the Judge option, and the discontinuation of the GTO convertible in 1971.

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  20. CCFisher

    @Russ, I agree that this car probably had a 350 or 400, but it’s interesting that Pontiac was very generous with the 455 in the LeMans. it was available across the board, and all coupes and convertibles could have the 455 HO.

    @Bruce – T41 included the GTO nose, but not the GTO emblem in the grille of this car. I suspect this car is a plain LeMans or LeMans Sport without the T41 option.

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  21. Ashtray

    This is a good looking care. I like the color and the graphics. This is a car that someone could actually drive and enjoy. Seems reasonably priced based on some of the other vehicles i see that is still sitting in the mud underneath a shed, or outdoors.
    Just my opinion!

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