Lots of Interest: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

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Here at Barn Finds we sometimes see project cars that have been listed, and they have generated little interest among potential buyers. At other times we will see cars like this 1967 Firebird, where interest has been extraordinary. At the time of writing, 19 different individuals have submitted a total of 71 bids on the Firebird, as it seems that there are a few people who can see the potential that lies beneath that rather sad and faded exterior. If this is a car that grabs your interest, it is located in Cold Spring, New York, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

While there is some rust apparent on the Firebird that will require someone to wave their magic wand over it (or at least a magic welder), the car does appear to be generally quite solid. There is rust in many of the lower extremities of the car such as the lower quarter panels, fenders, and doors, as well as rust around the rear window. However, the seller does say that the floors and frame are all solid, and the supplied photos certainly don’t indicate any major problems, although there may be a couple of small spots in the front floor on the driver’s side.

The interior is going to require some attention, as there is a lot of stuff in there that is not well. At first glance, I thought that the rear seat was okay, but there are some indications there that things might not be too good under the cover, with some unusual bulging that suggests that the padding and webbing may have deteriorated. One item that has survived remarkably well is the dash pad. This is one interior component that you would normally expect to have cracked badly, especially given the state of the rest of the interior, but it actually doesn’t look that bad, with only one small crack visible.

Maybe the interest that this Firebird has generated is all to do with what’s going on under the hood. I have an aversion to seeing engines sitting with things laid open like this, but apparently, what lies beneath is quite good. The engine is a 350ci 4-bolt V8, which is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The engine has been fitted with a Summit Racing crank, TRW forged flat-top pistons, big valve Fuelie heads, a cam from Competition Cams, Headman headers, and a few other nice odds and ends. Obviously, from its current state, the engine doesn’t run, but it does spin freely. Get it running and the Firebird certainly shouldn’t lack for performance.

As project cars go, this one is going to need some work. If that engine is okay, and if the rust is as limited as it seems to be, then this is a car that has a heap of potential. While there has been significant interest and bidding on the Firebird, at the time of writing, bidding has only reached $1,951 in this No Reserve auction. If I were a betting man, then I would say that there might be a way to go yet on the bidding for this Firebird.

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  1. Redwagon

    ’67 would have a 326 not a 350. Engine not original. This one will require a lot of work. Despite what the advertisement says with rust this obvious I would expect rust at least in the floor and I would check the frame from the rear axle backwards.

    Still, for the current ~$1,900 and even a bit more it would be an ok deal.

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    • Rustowner

      Regardless of the cubic inches, it would have originally had a Pontiac motor in it, not a SBC, lol.

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  2. sir mike

    Lot’s of rust for the money…good luck to the rebuilder

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Guy said it had good bones, wonder what he’s talking about? Its rotten all over. However, if anyones interested its not far from me and I could send you some pics. I got 3500 for a 67 camaro that was worse off. Let me know if u need me to take a lookie. 845-635-3662, Charlie


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  4. 68custom

    Looks a tad rusty! Merry Christmas to those not offended!

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    • Barry L Klotz

      I believe this is a 67 for sure. There is no side marker lights on the front. The engine probably isn’t a Poncho, most likely a Chevy or Olds.

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  5. John

    When I lived on the east coast, this car would be referred to as a “rot-bomb”… Typical wet rust everywhere is only complimented by the fact that the engine is “open” to the same elements that are eating the body, frame, suspension, etc., etc,…This car would require more time & money to restore than it’s even close to being worth! RUN AWAY!!!

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  6. 4 barrel

    And the engine is open the elements. I would tear it down if I was to get it.

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  7. TomMember

    Sad truth is that this car, unless it is an original 400 car, will never be worth the money it will take to rebuild. Too much rust. It will need EVERYTHING. Even as a 400 car, it would require the correct date code motor to pull it off. VIN matching with the engine block did not start until 68 at GM.

    With that said, I see virtually no (ZERO) options except for power steering. The manual trans not an option unless upgraded. The TH400 Automatic was the optional upgrade or the Heavy Duty 4sp with the 400 engine. No power brakes. No trim options in or out. No AC.

    Interesting that it has a 400 bumper on the front. The 2 holes in the center of it are factory that held an Arrowhead that only the 400 model had.

    Hood Pins WERE a NEW CAR option in 67 BUT they are in the wrong location for a 67.

    I am trying to find some good news on this car and other than IF it might be an original 400 car, the manual trans and the red interior, the cool “maybes” end there. The engine in the car is, in my opinion, NOT a Pontiac motor. All Pontiac V8 engines were different than Chevy and much wider, bigger block. 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455 all shared the same block.

    If indeed not born as a 400 car, restored this car will really not bring much AND IF restored correctly will take $80K +/- for a car that will MAYBE be worth half that. Restore it to a 400 4 sp Clone OR a Resto Mod. Those will bring the best return. Last advice, start with a better car. This car is unfortunately, DONE.

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  8. Karl

    You know I could see it now, looking at the car, evaluate the rust levels, interior needs a LOT looking at the frame condition then pop the hood and see that! In my reality if it’s a 326 that equals new engine and if it’s a SBC that equals a complete rebuild AT BEST, won’t know for sure till you tear it down to inspect EVERYTHING? I would be quickly walking away!

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