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Low Mileage 1969 Camaro Z/28!


While I’d rather have it all original and not rusted out, this Camaro surely deserves being saved! It’s a Z/28 with the correct DZ 302 V8 after all! The seller claims the 45,556 miles are original and correct, but they only have the title to prove it. While I have my doubts about the mileage, anything is possible. The current paint scheme is nice, but I’d rather Daytona Yellow with white stripes. The seller has some spare parts for it that they are including in the auction. You can find their listing here on eBay in La Porte, Indiana with one bid at $20k. Given the lack of information and photos, the price seems high, but if it is a real Z/28 it might just be worth it. What do you think?


  1. Paul

    It is of my opinion that IF the mileage stated by the seller is truly accurate, that this car was ridden hard and put away wet. It also amazes me that the lack of documentation for claims made. Then on top of that, the very poor pics taken. Scammers beware, we are onto you.

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  2. doug

    Imagine that, 45,000 mile car full of damage and a VERY fuzzy picture of the trim tag.

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  3. piper62j

    Again… Buyer beware…

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  4. dirtyharry

    More like 145,000. Having looked at many others with low miles, this is a disaster. I assume the body has already been reworked at least once. The only color that GM offered was ‘garnet red’ and this is burgundy. One of the common scams I have encountered is shill bidding and then the listing is removed before the close date, if no real bidder steps up. This one got to 20k on two bids, which would make me think twice.

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    • W Olson

      Apparently you don’t know your facts. Code 67 burgundy was in fact a color. I owned one once.

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  5. Mark H

    Odd that it was repainted (original yellow) within its 1st 45,000 miles, and then in need of a repaint again. Must have spent most of its life sitting in a field. This car has been abused.

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  6. Bobby Member

    Mileage is rather irrelevant in my opinion. It needs a full restoration whether it has 45,000 or 245,000.

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    • Paul

      The mileage claim is relevant. If they are going to scam on that then what else are they not truthful about.

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  7. Dan

    Burgandy is an original factory color, owned one myself in 1972 with original paint…or some would call it maroon…

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    • Hans

      Correct. Code 67 if I’m not mistaken is burgundy. A few burgundy Z’s came with Red stripes instead of white – which is factory correct, but quite rare.

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    • dirtyharry

      I did see Burgundy as a Z28 color after all, apparently about 2.5% had this color. There are so many experts around and that makes the forum great.

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  8. Dan

    Google “1969 Camaro paint codes” and you will find all the original colors offered by Chevrolet.

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  9. Hans

    Will it appears to have an original DZ block (an expert would have to validate the stamping), it’s not original to the car as it’s an Oct date code. Best I can tell from the very poor trim tag pic, it’s a 05A build which means May of ’69. So the block stamp is either 7 months early or 5 months too late. That doesn’t work so non-original engine. That will hurt its potential as the car needs a full Resto.

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  10. David Montanbeau

    If ran hard, the engine would have gernated like the rest of the muscle cars.

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  11. Jay M

    I’m always surprised and somewhat leery when a 69 Z/28 comes up for sale.
    They built 20,302 Z/28’s in 69, and sometimes it seems like there are about 40,000 of them today.
    You could not restore this car and expect to make any money, but if you have always wanted one but can’t justify $50k+ for one in decent shape then, this could be a way to get one and slowly restore it yourself.
    *If it’s the real deal, and a real auction*
    I love these cars, but I would pass on this one. Think it looks rough now? Just wait until you strip it down…Pandora’s box for sure.

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  12. Vince Habel

    Many 69 non Z cars got emblems put on them.

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  13. victor sanchez

    I have a Garnet red with white stripes and white interior Z/28 that was a mess when I bought it. I spent around $65,000.00 restoring it and it was tough. ( I am a retired firefighter ) so I don’t make a boat load of money. I think this one looks to be in the condition as mine was and it is going to take a lot of work and money IF this is a real Z/28

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  14. Tyler

    I bought a 69 Z/28 in 1980 that had been parked 5 years earlier when the cam had gone down. It had less than 40k miles when parked, but being a Z/28, they had been hard miles. I sold the car in 1991 because I needed truck & it simply set in the garage. In the time I owned it, I didn’t even put 10k miles on it. The gentlemen I sold it too kept it about 5 years & sold it because he rarely drove it. No idea where the car is now. I currently own a 68 C10 pickup that my aunt bought new, it was used on the farm & has only 66k miles on it. But being a farm truck, those were hard miles hauling hay, manure, fence post, etc. From my own experience, it would not surprise me at all is the mileage claim is accurate.

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  15. Tyler

    BTW, I noticed someone sad the production number is 20,302. Has that changed recently? IIRC, the accepted production was 19,014 in 69, 7,199 in 68 & 602 in 67.

    Of course it seems like there are more now than were ever built to begin with…

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  16. victor sanchez

    I have to tell you guys when my wife first saw my prized Z/28 she saw it at a paint shop, she was really quiet until we got back to the truck when she told me that if she had seen it before I showed it to her she would have taken it to the junkyard. my car had 82000 miles and it was rough

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  17. David Montanbeau

    In 1980, my wife’s 10-year school reunion was coming up. It was held out in the country at a farm. I had a 67 Z like the one pictured. The car was very fast for its day at 11s in a 1/4. Down the street before the party, I uncapped the headers and she was behind the wheel power shifting at 7k on the tach when we went by the crowd. We then circled back and we were the talk of the party all night. That is my story with a great Z28. AND YA!! She could shift!!

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  18. John

    I had a silver one. Black stripes. I loved it. I wore it out. It was in better shape than this one. Mine was completely stock except for a Hurst shifter. In 1969, if you didn’t have a Hurst shifter you were a leper. It did not have power steering — I don’t think any of them did. It drove like it didn’t have power steering. But I loved it. I proposed to my wife in that car. She said no. We got married anyway. She continued to say no to most of my stupid ideas for 40 years. I loved her, and I kinda liked the Z28, too. Both are gone now. Life was good.

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    • Hans

      John – sounds like a nice Z you owned. And actually, in 1969, the Hurst shifter was factory stock!

      I currently have a ’69 RS Z28 that’s Silver with Black stripes and it has factory installed power steering as well.

      Nice story about proposing to your wife in the car. Sorry to hear she’s gone.

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    • David Montanbeau

      John, thanks for sharing, same here. Both are gone and we did have some wild cars together. Here is a 67 coupe that I dropped a built LT1 with turbo 400 that ran11.20s in 75. Life was and still good. GOOD TIMES!!!!

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  19. David Montanbeau

    Cool ad

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  20. Terry

    If you are going to claim low miles, and ask top dollar, learn how to properly clean the car up, and take good pictures. Too many folks trying to sell on cl, ebay, or where ever are too lazy to properly prep a car to sell.

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  21. G.P. Member

    I just looked at a 69 Camaro SS, 396-4 speed and a drop top. All factory and in nice drive away condition for 25,000. If it was next year when my house was paid for, it would be in my garage!

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    • Plresultsman

      Where is that car, GP?

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      • Poncho

        Yeah, really…I’m interested too.

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  22. Matt steele

    David that picture is of a 68..

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