Low Mileage Blank Canvas: 1963 Dodge 330

Have you ever wanted to build up a classic car but you were torn on finding the “right” candidate? You didn’t want to modify a nicely optioned car, but you didn’t want a rust bucket either? Well this ’63 Dodge 330 looks like a great start to a possible project car with a claimed 40,000 miles, and its solid body. With very few features, this classic could be a restomod, or simply a modified classic of your choice. This solid starter has an opening bid of $4,500. Check it out here on ebay out of Manassas, Virginia.

Very simple with little in the way of options, this Dodge is like a blank canvas for a project of your choice. The current 275 cubic inch slant 6 is in great health and has no issues. Another item that makes this car a good choice for a project is that it is a factory 3 on the tree manual transmission car. Surprisingly the wiring in the engine bay is very tidy and well laid out. One peculiar item to take note of is that this Mopar appears to be sprayed with primer on the exterior, as well as in the engine bay. There is puddling near the body tag. Certainly strange, considering this car is claimed to be a 40,000 mile original. Looking at the door jambs and floors, it is clear that this Mopar was originally white.

Appearing mostly original with the exception of the red steering wheel, this 330 still doesn’t seem like a bad start to a build of your choice. The interior is remarkably original and nice, minus the ripped front bench, and missing carpet. Also all of the sound deadening has been removed, and the floors plugs have been removed likely for “rust proofing.” It would appear that someone has used rustoleum enamel based red to paint the floors after the deadening removal.

Wearing obvious spray paint, someone took the time to remove the body trim, but not the emblems. A four door may not be everyone’s flavor, but I still think this could be a cool project one way or another. Overall the body is straight and rust free, with a remarkably solid trunk. A paint job, or the current rattle can job would suffice, with an engine of your choice, and a few other items to compliment the build. The exterior of this Mopar is complete minus the exterior door trim, which the seller has in boxes ready to go with the car. Seemingly a great starter, what would you do to this solid Mopar?

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  1. Woodie Man

    Another rat rod aficionado

  2. Miguel

    Somebody has obviously gotten their hands into this one.

    The primer is meant to cover up what they don’t want you to see.

    If the car was originally white it is highly doubtful the paint was in such bad condition as to warrant primering everything on the car.

    Also where is the original steering wheel if this is a low mileage taken care of car?

    If I saw this car for sale, I would pass.

  3. Josh M

    This gets a nice dark blue respray and a Hemi crate all day.

  4. Sam

    I think it’s a decent car for $3,000. I remember my grandmother having one of these in white.

    There are some nice body lines where you could have an interesting 2 tone paint job. I can envision 4 bomber or padded bucket seats with a full length console.

    Sleeper rat rod or nice restmod…

  5. Hurn

    225, not 275

  6. Vince Habel

    Brian I think you mean 225.

  7. Johnrm

    Too bad it is a four door. There are plenty of examples of folks turning these into two doors.

  8. Joe Howell

    I remember one a neighbor had. It would never start in cold weather and my dad would help jump start them. I can still hear that distinctive Mopar starter sound.

    • Bruce Fischer

      Joe .My mom had a couple of Plymouths and dad later had a Duster{with the 6 cylinders} and in cold weather {back in N.J.} I still remember them trying to start them in the winter . It always sounded like I don’t want to. I don’t want to .I don’t want to.LOL. Bruce.

  9. King David

    My junior year of High School, my best friend had a white Dodge 330 4 door with a slant 6, 3 speed on the column. He got some “red” lacquer pain and decided to try painting his car. The finishe product was an UGLY flat red/orange color. He had the car about 2 months and the rear end seized up on him, he sold the car.

    That was in Everett Washington in 1976. Is this the same car?!?

  10. Blyndgesser

    I’d paint it black, like Spencer Tracy’s ride in It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Then head to Mexico with all the money.

    • C Carl

      Great movie to spot old cars, I even saw a couple C1 Vettes in that one.

      • Blyndgesser

        And an enormous collection of Mopars, including Milton Berle’s Imperial convertible and Sid Caesar’s Fury Wagon.

    • Moparman Member

      Spencer Tracy’s car was a 62 Dodge Dart. At the time, my first car (a black, 62 Dodge Dart 440) had been hit by a drunk driver, and I cringed when the cab ran into his car!! :-)

  11. David

    Cool to see this. When I was growing up my Mom had one of these. I have seen other US cars and while the body is identical to those for us in Canada, we had quite a different dash. Same 1963 year and same 330 model with the 225 slant 6. I have attached an image of what we had – to a kid for me this was a neat looking instrument panel. So was what we had only on Canadian made ’63 Dodge 330’s?

    • Miguel

      That is the 1963 Plymouth dash I have in my 1963 Fury.

      Mix and match is the name of the game.

  12. Morley

    I love the way the professional commenters try to establish the price. It is such an easy simple rule, the buyer never sets the price. If you can not afford it ,you just aren’t going to buy it The seller has all the control in this .
    Now the car in question, well it just has way too many doors at any price.

  13. Tim Pokorski

    Am I the only one that noticed the water puddle in the trunk pic’s that looks like a dead RAT ?? LOL,
    4500?? maybe 1500 as I’m sure there is a lot to be discovered under the fresh RATTLE can PERFUMING. :)

  14. Dave

    I picked up a one owner ’63 Savoy mordoor, 225, three on the tree, radio delete, lighter delete, mint interior, original vinyl floor covering still intact for under 2K back in 2014. Blue with a clean two tone blue interior. No body rot as one normally sees with these cars after setting but the lower fenders where pretty roached out from decades of dirt and moisture accumulation (from the layers of dust in the trunk it was obvious the owner lived on a dirt road). I recently scored an old poly 318 based Fury mordoor that is giving up it’s fenders while the rest will go into my ’63 Savoy wagon.

  15. CJ

    If you believe this car has only 40K miles, there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale! Look at the front seat, the primer in the engine bay….. Maybe displays 40K miles, but a turned over 140K miles……

  16. Mike

    I wonder what the pieces of wood are for.

    • moosie Craig

      Looks like home made crates for fender ETC. mouldings,

  17. Jim

    Can anyone say “426 wedge” and Ramchargers clone!

  18. C Carl

    I’d do a healthy small block, auto and Mexican blanket interior. Let the next guy dump a load of $$$ in it.

  19. Bruce Fischer

    I would paint it and drive the wheels off it.Bruce.

  20. Loco Mikado

    The wear on the brake and clutch pedals says 140,000 miles to me. One of the first things learned to look for over 55 years ago.

  21. mackey4cars

    i love old 4dr cars

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