Low Mileage Cummins: 1991 Dodge Ram 2500

If you were a betting man, it makes sense never to bet against the power of a Cummins diesel. It seems no matter the vintage, if it’s in anything approaching reasonable condition, bidders are going to jump all over it. This 1991 Dodge Power Ram has just 71,149 original miles and is described as being “bone stock” in addition to simply being in really nice condition for its age. The bidding has taken off, rising to $17,100 with no reserve and over two days left, demonstrating the power that a clean, stock Cummins-equipped Dodge pickup has in the marketplace. The question is, do buyers treat them as collectibles or workhorses? Find the Ram here on eBay and located in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Of course, just like the first owner, it’s entirely possible to buy a truck like this and never use it for anything more than driving into town with a modest load in the back, or grabbing a few hay bales off the field every now and again. You’d still get some utility out of it without ever putting its life in danger. The lack of miles for the year and overall clean cosmetic condition suggest that this Ram didn’t spend too many nights outdoors once it came home from the dealer, and was looked after carefully from that day after given the original wheel covers remain with the truck and the chrome trim seems downright perfect. The tailgate looks quite nice, too.

The Ram’s interior is clearly used, but overall, in very good condition for something that will eclipse 80,000 miles sooner or later. The cabin is nicely appointed with fake wood trim, power mirrors, windows, and locks, clean carpeting, a factory stereo, and a steering wheel that shows very little evidence of rough handling. The listing doesn’t specify whether the A/C still works, but I’d feel confident it did given the previous owners obviously didn’t shy away from keeping the Ram in excellent cosmetic condition. Speaking of which, the limited ornamentation it has all presents well, from the chrome grill to the factory badges to the fender flares.

Of course, a survivor-grade Ram of this generation will always be desirable, but throw in a low-mileage Cummins and it’s off to the races. The seller doesn’t elaborate on any service history, and while the condition speaks for itself, it’d still be helpful to get a sense for how often the Ram visited a Cummins-certified service center. The engine bay is nicely detailed with no signs of ill-conceived modifications, and the seller claims it runs and drives “…100 percent.” The competition is usually pretty fierce for these trucks, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the final crest past $20,000. Would you use it as intended or keep it as a Sunday driver?

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  1. AndyinMA

    Great looking truck, it’s really gonna bring the bacon

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  2. Vance

    These were very loud, I sold the 7.3 Ford TD and with older folks they couldn’t talk going down the highway. Now that could be good or bad depending on the relationship. Automatic transmissions and brakes were also a major problem with Dodge at this time. My first question would be how many times have you had your brakes redone? They knew i was speaking from knowledge. Transmission was the same thing, automatics couldn’t handle the torque. Great engines, but Dodge at this time was a Dodge, they rode rough, were loud, and hadn’t really become what Ford and Chevy already were. I buildt the seats for these trucks, its always nice to see a clean one such as this.

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    • Dennis

      I don’t agree with you on the Ford 7.3. I currently drive a 2002 F250 (manual trans) and drive it to and from Texas to Florida. Sure you can hear the engine but at highway speed it’s very tolerable. Love my 7.3!

    • scott

      Brakes are very inexpensive, and a disc rear conversion is under a $1,000

      As to the 7.3, speaking of 99-2003. I own 3 for our ranch. They all have 250k+, all have had one auto trans, (but The replacements were heavily built and expensive period with billet converters different pans shift kits coolers ect) all I’ve had the normal wear and tear but we don’t find them excessively loud at highway speeds. Easy to listen to the radio easily to carry a normal
      conversation . However it’s no Rolls-Royce silver Shadow LOL .

  3. CJinSD

    One of my college roommates bought one with that color combination but with a manual transmission. He was using it to haul loaded cattle trailers on his dairy farm, and it was better for that than anything else you could get at the time. He already had a Ford and Chevy, but went with a Dodge diesel for his new one. The only thing I remember less than favorably was those were still the days of single cab pickups, and there was no good solution to going on trips with more than one passenger.

  4. SebastianX1/9

    I’m not a truck guy but that’s a Hot Truck! Great colors and really looks the part – strong.

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  5. Casey j wiseman

    Sweet heart of a truck! the only thing it could use IMHO is a stick shift. Hopefully the killer dowl pin has been staked. Shame about the 5 gallon overhaul on the frame. (over spray is everywhere) I could see this going all the way to $25k. Does anybody know what the chrome buttons are ahead of the taillights?

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    • David G

      Those are tie downs for a slide in camper.

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    • BG in AK

      David G is correct in his answer. However, there is no structure there to support the camper turnbuckle which would be attached to this button.
      Usually, the custom carriage bolt (button) is secured to the bumper which can then handle the securing turnbuckle without potential damage to the body of the truck.

  6. Bill

    Well, it’s gone, but, I believe it’s another flipper, ad he has no real information about it. (I inquired) . Rattle can spray under the vehicles, dead giveaway. Seat looks like far more wear than 71k. Has camper buttons on the rear.

    So… another issue, on the older trucks, someone could swap in a different cluster….. 🤔

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  7. lbpa18

    Regarding the aft camper tie down, I wouldnt cinch anything to that stronger than a bungie cord. Even by the time this was made sheet metal had become thinner than what was used in, say the fifties. And the bumpers werent a lot stronger compared to days of old. But otherwise, these were and still are very good work vehicles. $20K isnt much for a virtually new truck compared to what newer trucks cost now.

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  8. Tort Member

    Bought a new 1992. Pretty much the same as this 1991. 3/4 ton, 4 wheel drive but opted to go with manual transmission. Had issues with rear axle seals letting grease seep into the brakes that dealer fixed. Fantastic truck that started in the coldest Michigan weather and pulling a loaded tandem trailer got 22 plus mpg. Baby it but still use it as a truck. Compared to what trucks costs now 20k is very fair.

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  9. Bob McK Member

    Zero bids. Listing ended.

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