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Low Mileage Tiny Italian: 1975 Fiat 128 Coupe

fiat 128 1

How many of us have an interest in small Italian cars? It’s okay, we like them too, this is one cool Fiat. This 128 has great looks considering it is from the era of big ugly bumpers and other safety concerns. Looking at this Fiat brings to mind Toyota Celicas of the same decade. This Fiat 128 SL is a low mileage, immaculate condition survivor. With just 18,000 miles and a long life span in storage, this 128 coupe appears as new. Find it here on craigslist out of Chicago, Illinois.

fiat 128 2

Fiat was not very well known or appreciated for their 1970-1980s offerings in America. But there were definitely some cool cars that Fiat trickled into America. The 128, 124 Spider, X 1/9, 850, Ritmo, etc. In fact, the 128 and the Fiat X 1/9 shared the same 1300cc engine. The 1970s offered some interesting, and some not so interesting cars. This little 128 has a great appearance with quad round headlights tucked into the grill with some not so large safety bumpers. The overall lines and shape of this 128 Coupe are pleasing as well. While maybe not our favorite color, this paint does look nice on this 128.

fiat 128 3

The 1970s did bring some very appealing dashboard, and interior layouts. This 128 has a very nice interior. The dash is a nicely shaped piece show casing the instruments and controls. The interior looks mint. The square piece of shag carpet makes it believable that this 128 has been stored for 20 years, or even longer. The seats look flawless as if they haven’t ever seen any occupants or any elements at all. The door panels look crisp and there appears to be no flaws of any kind within this 128 Coupe.

fiat 128 4

We can only imagine the smiles per gallon this little Fiat would give. It is a clean, low mileage survivor with little to no apparent flaws. We wonder if it has seen rain, or really even any dirt or debris of any kind. Photos of the engine would be appreciated, but looking at the overall condition of this car, we can only imagine that the engine bay and engine itself are mint. Would you bring home this tiny Italian?


  1. Dan h

    Oh man, those bumpers just gotta go!!

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    • Little Willie John

      So does the 20 year old camshaft belt.

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  2. grant

    So glad to know I’m not the only one who sees a resemblance with the first generation Celica. Thought so since I was a kid.

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  3. jimbosidecar

    Having owned a 124 Coupe back in the early 1970s, I have to slap myself any time I think about getting another Fiat. Only Tony doesn’t fix it well.

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    • Murray

      F.I.A.T = Fix It Again Tony I know had one, loved it, it betrayed my love often but I still lust after it…….

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  4. Fred W.

    My friend’s 124 Sport Coupe developed rust holes you could put your hand in in less than two years (we lived near the beach). On the flip side, he demonstrated how he could leave the roadway and drive on the median at 60mph and retain complete control – it was a blast to drive.

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  5. SSPBill

    I don’t think I have thought of it until now but a ride home in a 4-door Fiat 128 when I was maybe 9-10 years old went a long way for my fondness for sports cars. Compared to the American land cruisers my father had this where the complete opposite. All I recall was intake and exhaust noise, lots of shifting and the size made it fell fast ( for a 10 year old).

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  6. Eric Dashman

    I still have a box of shims and the Fiat valve tools for the 128s and 124s to do valve adjustments. Back in the early 80s I left my 1st career (psychologist) and didn’t know what I wanted to do next, I turned to my car Jones to make a living. As a shadetree, I was working on all sorts of foreign cars. In order to do a proper tuneup, valve adjustments were the order of the day. Fiats, Jags, and perhaps a few others used shims instead of adjusters. None of them were the same, and since I did work on a fair number of Fiats (including a 131??? station wagon and a 124 Sedan I bought for$75 with a blown piston and busted head…good story), I had to have the shims. The whole box cost about $100 with the 2 different tools. Still have them waiting for a good 124 Spyder (is there an oxymoron in there?) to land in my lap.

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  7. Bill

    I have been looking for a decent(ish) 128 near me for a couple years, though I prefer the sedan to the coupe. i had one in my first year at University. It was a great car. roomy enough for me and several friends, good in the snow, and cheap to run. I wish i still had it.

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  8. sparkster

    My girlfriend bought a new 1975 Fiat 128 sedan back in the day and that car spent so much time in shop for repairs covered under warrantee . Every time it would go into the shop they’d give her a Fiat loaner car. Then the loaner car would stop running and have to be towed back to the dealer At one point the dealer was waiting for a part form Italy and after three weeks my girlfriend had disabled two Fiats and wreaked another. The dealership manager told the shop to go out and take the part out of a new car just to get her car back to her asap. She got the car back and the next week the clutch went out. It was a blast to drive non the less.

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  9. joe

    My Abarth Guide (book) doesn’t list any Abarth modified 128’s so maybe the dreaded Abarth replica bunch will leave this nice original alone.

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  10. G 1

    Up here in the north, you couldn’t start a Fiat with 4 sticks of dynamite and a crow bar in the winter.

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  11. Rotag999

    A High School friend had a 128 what a pos

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  12. Mark

    I owned a Brava 124 coupe- same color, but RWD and a hoot to drive. I’ve probably owned a dozen fiats- 850 and 124 Spiders (even the turbo version), and X 1/9’s, and I was actually only stranded once when cruising down to Boston and the distributor rotor flew off the distributor shaft, taking out the cap. I coasted to a stop, noticed a foreign auto parts store up the street, and in 20 minutes was back on the road. Supremely disappointed with the direction they took with the Fiat reboot. It’s not just the silhouette that makes a Fiat a Fiat. The 128 pictured is a 1974 I believe, due to the rear pillar vents.

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  13. Jubjub

    This is great. How cool.

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  14. vernon russell

    I bought and owned a new Fiat 128 coupe in 1973. Still my most fondly remembered car EVER. Dark blue bodywork with dark red bucket style seats.It looked fantastic. Great to drive as well. I took it all over Europe. Sold it after 3 years for a 124 sport coupe. A dumb thing to do, inspite of the performance and snarly sound of the bigger car. How I wish I still had the 128 and my own youth to go with it!

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  15. Bob Ketrow

    I had a 74 128SL in primrose like the one pictured. Fun car to drive and great in the snow. Lots of mechanical issues (cam belt and bent valves) but a lot of great memories in it

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