Low Mileage Wreck: 1971 Jensen Interceptor

So, the seller with the seemingly world’s largest supply of wrecked Porsche 356s has released another vintage piece of damaged exotica from their secret lair of classics. This Jensen Interceptor definitely was on the receiving end of an undesired face lift, but the real intrigue here is the odometer reading: less than 10,000 miles and an interior that backs up that claim. Find the Interceptor here on eBay with an $11,000 Buy-It-Now. 

The Interceptor was last on the road in 1982, and I’d love to know if the seller simply scooped it up at an insurance auction and then socked it away until now. That seems to be their business model, but I don’t see many of their whole cars sell all that quickly; then again, they are clearly the patient type given how many 356s continue to sit idle on the racks. The body on the Interceptor looks straight down the sides, though those wheels are unbecoming and clearly just junkyard stock thrown on for moving around the yard.

Check out that backseat: this really does seem like the interior of a car that has done less than 20,000 original miles. The seating surfaces look unused, aside from the dust. The dashboard and front seats present similarly well, and while I’m fully aware of the wonkiness of old odometers, this may be the real-deal as it relates to the advertised low mileage. These Jensens can look positively ravaged when left to the elements, so I’m fairly confident in saying this is a preserved example with some unfortunate accident damage.

In 1971, you could opt for the Chrysler-sourced 440 with the 330 b.h.p. “Six Pack” option, but with less than 300 of those cars ever built, it’s not surprising to see the standard four-barrel here. Despite the surface rust and bad fluids still languishing in their reservoirs, these engines are fairly robust and still quite easy to find parts for. This seller is always worth a look when they have cars for sale, but their long game is far longer than most. Would you take a chance on repairing this Jensen?


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  1. eggsalad

    “Check out that backseat: this really does seem like the interior of a car that has done less than 20,000 original miles.”

    Is the condition of the back seat (especially on a grand touring coupe) indicative of a low-mileage car? How about the driver’s seat?

    I haven’t had a rear-seat passenger in any of my cars in 20 years or more. Does that make them low-mileage?

  2. johnfromct

    I’d say this price is optimistic as well as the mileage claim. The interior looks to have suffered dampness damage based on add ebay pics, and virtually every body panel and the sun roof have dents/ rust. In the engine bay , missing fluid cap doesn’t bode well for moisture either. This looks to need a complete top to bottom resto. $ doesn’t compute.

    • tatersalad

      A kid in CT just sold a really nice one on BAT. Are you that kid?

  3. Alan

    These were v well built for their time and heavy 4000lbs I remember months ago seen one with about 45K miles asking 42K!!!

  4. Ken Nelson Member

    Definitely good pics of the chassis, but those last few photos seem to show the LH main chassis tube is bent a bit in the direction of the impact on the side of the left front wheel – whereas the RH main tube appears straighter. Yet the front chassis horns look ok – just everything attached to the front no. 1 crossmember slid right a fair bit as would be expected. I’d worry more about straightening the LH main tube than anything else. Can’t say the interior decor excites me – looks very ordinary to say the least…and whatever designer upholstered the dash facia makes it look like a cheap bordello – sad.

  5. tugdoc

    Looking at the engine pic. reminded me of the time a neighbor came by and wanted to borrow my welder. He had a piece in his hand that needed mending. I looked at it and told him I had the part in my shop. I took it off the wall and handed it to him and it was a copy of said piece. He asked how I happen to have it, I showed him a second one and said that’s the training wheel bracket off my sons bike! Exact copy, I sure had fun with his Ram Tough Dodge after that!

  6. Steve R

    It’s a losing proposition at that price. How much will it cost for replacement parts, labor to install then paint the car, fix the mechanicals, brakes, cooling, AC, plus any unexpected issues that pop up. These don’t sell for a great deal of money. Someone would be better off buying a well sorted low mileage or restored car.

    Steve R

  7. ccrvtt

    Looking at the underside it appears from the flattened exhaust pipes and scuff marks on the frame that this car was lifted by a large fork truck, maybe more than once. Could explain some of the side damage.

    Even if someone waived the $11K asking price altogether and gave you this car it would cost far more than it’s worth to fix it. Agree with Steve R.

  8. Derek

    Looks more like a Jensen INTERCEPTED.

    • Classic Steel

      Lol! The quarter back was definitely sacked !

    • Chebby Staff

      Nice, ya beat me to it!

  9. Matt Member

    The last wrecked Interceptor y’all posted was from the same seller.

  10. Corn-fused

    Ok, I have a small complaint here. This is the second wreck listed for today on Barn Finds. Are we changing direction and becoming “Wrecked Finds”? If so, all we have to do is just go to the Junk/Salvage yards for that! Is there becoming fewer and fewer great finds that we are resorting to Salvage vehicles?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Are there car like this Jensen Interceptor sitting at your local pick-a-part?

  11. Coventrycat

    It looks a little too crusty for a 10k mile car.

  12. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    Don’t you just wonder how rare a Porsche is when you see this many sitting on the racks behind this Jenson. If I had bought one of the crusty wrecks I’ve seen on here for big bucks I’d be crying right now. As for the Jenson the nose looks like it got hit pretty hard but it is clear to me the front wheel got missed, and it looks to me like the frame and suspension are un damaged. This car is definitely repairable if it could be had for a low enough price. I’d say that you would need to get it for 3 to 4K to make it worth fixing, once pulled apart I think most of that sheet metal could be repaired but the right guy has to want to take it on.

  13. John

    That looks like a money pit. Check the third pic on eBay and wonder about those body wrinkles under the leading edge of the rear window. That doesn’t appear to bode well for its restoration, to me.

  14. Maestro1

    I agree with Steve R but if I had the room I’d still take it on. This is a keeper.

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