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LS Swap Candidate? 1973 Chevrolet Camaro

I was on the fence with this find, it’s a pretty worn-out ’73 Chevrolet Camaro sports coupe with no, real remarkable features, oh, and did I mention that it’s brown…This Camaro has been through some changes and is now waiting for its next venture so let’s see what there is to see. This Chevy is located in San Marcos, Texas and is available, here on eBay for aBIN price of $3,800. Thanks to Larry D for this tip!

So, let’s divide this one into the good and the bad. As for the good, the seller states, ” The doors close with no effort they do not sag they close nice and easy, The trunk clicks shut“. The non-sagging doors are remarkable, I had a ’77 Camaro and by the two-year mark, it was a chore to slam the driver’s door shut. There is also a 2.5” exhaust system in place and a 3.73:1 rear gear set. The original AM/FM radio and the unaltered instrument panel are still in place while the windows roll up and down easily. Also, there are four wheels attached “that roll”. Uh, that’s about it.

Ok, now for the bad, there is no engine. The original motor was a 307 CI V8 that eked out a measly 115 net HP. As a matter of fact, ’73 was the end of the line for the 307 as it pretty well strangled itself with EGR valves, A.I.R. pumps, lean mixtures, a low compression ratio, reprofiled cams, reduced timing, and just a general loss of the zeal for motoring life. There’s no transmission either. There was ensconced under the hood at one point, a 350 CI V8,  but it’s gone and I’m not certain why its existence is worth a mention. The steering wheel is “sticky”, the steering column has been butchered via a Sawzall, rusty floors, rusty A-pillars, rust around the rear window, no rear window, rust in the cowl, rust in the trunk, missing window trim, and junky seats. Oh, and did mention that it’s the original #68 brown…

OK, so if we tally this up, I think we’re going to come up with a value of less than one. So, what to do? The rust is of concern but the price is not outsized. The seller exclaims, “NOT SELLING ANY PARTS PERIOD! ASKING WILL ONLY GET YOU BLOCKED PERIOD!” I’m not exactly sure how he would do that as the right question would be, what parts? It’s not that great an example to part out, especially considering that there were 96K ’73 Camaros assembled, and it’s really no different than the ’70-’72 model years, which posted total production numbers of over 300K copies. Parts just aren’t that hard to find and you can practically build a second-gen Camaro from a catalog. The seller suggests that this car is, “perfect for an LS swap“. Yeah, but so are a lot of other examples. I think I’d keep looking, how about you?


  1. Bmac777

    1973 The demise of the Chevrolet 307
    Did they play Taps or shoot off fireworks?

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  2. Steve R

    Spend more on a body with less rust.

    Steve R

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  3. Frank Farrell

    What a crappile. BTW, if you didn’t notice, he doesn’t accept Paypal. And FORGET ABOUT THE COIL! You know, that $18 part that you probably have 10 of in a box in your garage.

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  4. Anthony DAmico

    I’m sure the $3800 is what he’ll pay someone to take it off his hands,…right?

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    Everything on this site is an LS swap candidate from what I have read over the years.

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  6. Rob Norman

    leaning into a full “resto” someone will have to love this baby

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  7. Neil Achatz

    LS swap What a waste of time and nothing but a money pit. Much better of with a warranted GM crate motor

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  8. ACZ

    This thing has been on eBay multiple times with no sale. He’s got a few others, as well.

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  9. Tahir Khan

    Can you make it any clearer? Got it No Paypal PERIOD. And by the way, This is garbage PERIOD. Not worth the $3800 PERIOD. No Engine, No Trans, Interior is gutted, column is butchered PERIOD. Total Crap PERIOD!

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  10. AMCFAN

    The Gen II Camaro is just not that interesting. This body style was a money grab for GM. Why do anything for 12 years? Idiots will buy them had to be their motto. Just like the Corvette. Pump out commercials and ad print saying how new instead of changing tooling and actually making a new car.

    Have to hand it to Ford for the Mustang in 74. Although hated now. Ford did change for the times. It lead to the Fox platform and the Gen II had to be changed. Too late. The Camaro was no longer the king of the streets.

    These still pop up in my local boneyard which says people have better things going on with their life. For the same money or less you could buy one or something more interesting that actually runs.

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  11. martinsane

    I like the gen 2 Camaros had a 70 and 1/2 rs, so id tinker with this BUT, it would have to be free and delivered to make it remotely worthwhile.

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  12. Rob Norman

    too bad can’t leave a pic here , I could show you guys a 79 camero beauty
    I had restored

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  13. Rob Norman

    and BTW the crap hunk is reasonably worth 500

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  14. MitchRoss Member

    If you’re going to make a race car or a highly unoriginal street car, beter to start with one that is not worth restoring to original. BTW Road&Track listed the 1970-72 Camaro as one of the most beautiful cars of the 20th century.

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  15. Rob LAW Norman

    it’s that 2nd gen styling 70-81 I believe
    sort of a little Ferrari Europe, and I thought the long nose was a bit

    i think the need the tail fin to look right
    Leftovers around here are in bad shape it seems

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  16. Rob Norman

    ENOUGH FOLKS thought them awesome in the 60’s, and early 70’s, they tended to outsell the Mustang competition

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  17. Maverick

    I live in the rust belt.a car like this is not a builder. Toast.

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  18. mjf

    Hmmm slightly over priced by a lot ….

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